Guide to QiXi – What It Is and How to Celebrate It Tonight

ShekouDaily   |   August 16, 2018

Friday, August 17 is Qixi (七夕), the seventh day of the seventh month in the Chinese lunar calendar, commonly known as Chinese Valentine’s Day. Where legend has it a pair of star-crossed lovers are reunited for one night only.

The basic tale of this now traditional festival is of the forbidden romance between a weaver girl, Zhinü (织女), and a cowherd, Niulang (牛郎).

The most beautiful girl  

Zhinü (织女) was said to be the youngest of seven daughters of the queen of Heaven. With her sisters, she worked hard to weave beautiful clouds and rainbows in the sky.

Poor man who wanted a wife

Niulang was a poor orphan cowherd who lived with an old cow:his only friend and companion. The magical cow kindly told him of a way to find a beautiful wife.

Love at first sight

Under the direction of the cow, Niulang went to the riverside at an evening where the seven fairies slipped out of their heavenly palace to bathe. Niulang hid in the tall grass and waited for the goddesses. When they had taken off their robes and gone into the pond, Niulang went and stole Zhinu’s clothes. This scared the other goddesses who ran away and left Zhinu alone. Niulang returned to give her clothes back.

The two fell in love at first sight and were soon married. Niulang and Zhinu lived happily for many years, and they were blessed with twins a son whom they called Brother Gold and a daughter called Sister Jade.

In pursuit of The Jade Emperor

Unfortunately, The Jade Emperor, Zhinü’s Father did not consider the lowly cowherd a suitable match and conspired to break them apart. He ordered the Empress to fetch Zhinü back to heaven (and her monotonous weaving tasks), leaving a distraught Niulang as a single father in the mortal realm.

Find a way to be together

Hoping to make everything better, Niulang’s magical talking cow offers to sacrifice himself so that Niulang can don its hide, thereby transporting him and their children to heaven. When The Jade Emperor got wind of the plot, he banished Zhinü to the eastern star Vega and Niulang to the western star Altair, and created the Milky Way to separate them for eternity.

Surrounded by stars

Niulang and his children could only weep bitterly. Moved by their sorrow, The Jade Emperor turned them into stars and allowed them to meet once each year via a bridge made from magpies. So every year on the seventh night of the seventh moon, all the magpies of the world flock to the heavens and form a bridge so that the couple can spend the night together.

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Celebrating is easy, just wait for the magpies to come and lead the way to your true love. If the magpies don’t show up, or you’re tired of waiting, check out some of these great options below.

Chinese Valentines Day with Pig-in-the-Box

Celebrate Chinese Valentines Day at George and Dragon with their famous Pig-in-the-Box pig roast! August 17 at 6:30pm, they’ll serve you a wonderful buffet with potato salad, mac & cheese, gravy, garden salad, corn-on-the-cob, and fried mushrooms & onions. All this for 128 RMB only! For more information, or for table reservations, contact them at 15987949007 (mobile and WeChat) or [email protected] Click here for more info.

Celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day Friday & Saturday at X-TA-SEA!

Come celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day at X-TA-SEA this Friday August 17th and Saturday August 18th! Couples enjoy buy-1-get-1-free on all food items on both Friday & Saturday! Plus on Friday, the band will play you your favorite love songs (upon request)! First Floor Inside the Minghua Cruise Ship. 755 2686 7649 or 136 8954 1605. Click here for more info.

Chinese Valentine’s Party @ Terrace – Dinner & Live Music

Come Celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day at Terrace. Enjoy their recommended Valentine’s Thai menu / Western Menu in their loving environment. Enjoy pink champagne Moet Chandon Binv Rose Champagne for only 1314RMB (Chinese means “Be Together Forever”)(Original price is 1388RMB) A free rose bouquet will be prepared together! Click here for more info and complete menu. 2682 9105

Free Wine & Rose On Chinese Valentine’s Day at Kafe Kitchen

Do you want a special Chinese Valentine’s Day celebration, but don’t feel like going out? Then order in from Kafe Kitchen and get a FREE Bottle of Red Wine and a Red Rose! From 8am to 10pm today, all delivery orders over 100 RMB enjoy a FREE Bottle of Wine AND A RED ROSE! 1st floor of ShunFa Building at Gongye 1 Road (opposite the Haitao Hotel). To order, call or WeChat Clio at 15112417147 or Click here to view the full Kafe Kitchen Menu!


Chinese Valentine’s Day Mask Party at Jolly Roger Bar

Whether you’re single or a couple, come to JR bar to spend your special Chinese Valentine’s Day from 8:00 pm – 2:00 am. They’ll have gifts for everybody, single people can get second drink half price, every couple that spends over 200 RMB can have one free delicious Tiramisu Cocktail, and every girl who comes to the party will have one Red Rose. and yes… everyone gets a sexy mask to wear! Click here for more info. L1, No. 105 Gateway one shopping mall (Across Xinghua Road from the Sea World McDonalds) 17722601098

For an up-to-date list of all events and activities on Chinese Valentine’s Day this Friday, click here.