Hairdressers who can cut foreigners hair

Now Shenzhen   |   August 31, 2021


I’ve been living in Shenzhen for the last six years and getting a decent haircut is STILL impossible. I go with Chinese friends to hairdressers who give them a perfect coiffure and I come out looking like I’ve got a haystack on my head! Seems like my hair is just too thick for them to deal with (not thick individual strands, but masses of fine hair) and they can’t figure out how to thin it or to style hair that has even the slightest wave. I found a really good hairdresser in Nanshan during my second year here and went to him for ages but (stupidly) didn’t get his personal mobile number. Went home on holiday, came back and the salon had closed. Aaaaaargh!!!!!

So, anybody know a good hairdresser? Anywhere in Shenzhen? Anybody know a good hairdresser that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg in Hong Kong?

I just want a classic bob – the same as I see on thousands of girls here and the same as I can get very easily at home. Nothing complicated.

Do you have typical thick, slightly wavy European hair? Are YOU happy with your haircuts here? Can you please share your good fortune with others and make your hairdresser rich?

By the way, if you are new here do NOT get your hair coloured or permed in Shenzhen. They use exceedingly harsh chemicals and they take so long to apply them that the hair where they start is completely burned before they have even finished putting it on the last strand. Great if you like the Phyllis Diller look, not much cop otherwise.