Hi-Vision Clinic

Now Shenzhen   |   March 28, 2023

About us:

Welcome to Hi-Vision Clinic. Visit us for:  

❌Getting completely FREE FROM GLASSES & contact lenses!

we only offer painless procedures.

❌NOTHING to be afraid of: our personal English/Russian speaking manager will be with you all the time cheering you up and explaining the process.

we have ZERO negative cases in more than 10 years

You can continue with most of the SPORT activities from the next dday after the procedure, and we shall encourage you to “work” MORE with your “new” EYES just in 2 hours after the operation

we shall correct (remove) your myopia/astigmatism FOREVER.

Meet our Chief:

One of the world leadig doctors Mrs Liang Qiong will personally

  • Make the resulting test for the most pecise prescription,
  • Conduct the operation,
  • Run the post-operational test for you on the next day after your operation with us.

Our Equipment:

We have totally updated our equipment lately and use WaveLight EX500 eximer laser system, so now we offer NEXT GENERATION operations – fully customized and unique for YOU. The WaveLight EX500 laser technology is the most advanced to date.

The biggest advantage over previous LASIK treatments is the ability for the surgeon to create a “map” of the patient’s eyes, capturing so their Unique features. In this way, a personalized treatment in each patient, obtaining better results in your vision, just compare before and after:

Our main features WaveLight EX500 Excimer Laser are:

  • Provides consistency.
  • Safe and reliable results.
  • Accuracy and precision.
  • Various treatment options.
  • For simpe cases laser treatment for each eye just takes less than 2 seconds!

Our Prices:

We offer 4 types of the most advanced operations available in the world for you to choose from:

  1. Wavefront-guided femto LASIK (WFO)
    basic price: 16,800 yuan only for both eyes (after discount: RMB 14,800 yuan*).
    Suitable for patients with no astigmatism (or very low degree of it) or with limited economic conditions.
  2. Custom Q Wavefront-guided femto LASIK-Q (Custom-Q)
    basic price: RMB 19,800 yuan for both eyes (after discount: RMB17,800 yuan**).
    Suitable for people with no astigmatism or regular astigmatism and high night vision requirements.
  3. Personalized Wavefront-guided femto LASIK (PWGO)
    basic price: RMB 22,800 yuan for both eyes (after discount: RMB 20,800 yuan**).
    Suitable for patients with irregular corneal astigmatism and for those who need high-definition super vision.
  4. Clear Q-Eye Spring
    basic price: RMB 23,800 yuan for both eyes (after discount: RMB 21,800 yuan**).
    Especially recommended for patients over 40 years old. 
    The best option for a new generation of technology. 
    Suitable for patients with symptoms of insufficient regulation, customized according to functional age, or cases when myopia is accompanied by astigmatism and presbyopia. 

* Your operation is basic when:

  • Myopia+astigmatism are less than 8D;
  • astigmatism itself is less than 1D
  • and cornea is normal (not thinner than 0.535mm).

If you exceed the basic operation limits we have a transparent price-list

Apart from that, we shall also prescribe you a set of eye-drops for RMB237.

There are no other costs.

**discounted price validity: April 2023 or until further notice

Welcome to visit us. Complete vision check is just RMB300 and that is deductible from the operation cost too

It takes approximately 2 hours.

Here’s how we organize everything usually:

⚠️PLEASE discontinue to wear the contact lenses a week (at least 3 days) prior to your visit to us.

Day1 (⚠️usually on Wednesday or Saturday):

  • arrival to Haikou city (Hainan province capital city),
  • complete vision examination (takes about 2 hours, usually we make appointments for international patients for 2PM).
  • later the same day, usually at about 5PM: an operation (fast and painless).

Patients then spend a night at a hotel (we could recommend some nearby choices).

Day2 (⚠️usually on Thursday or Sunday):

  • post-operational examination (usually at 11:30AM, takes about 1 hour).
  • You can fly home on the same day (please choose flights with departure time after 2-3pm).

Are there things you can’t do after an operation?

We have almost no post-operation limitations, moreover, we shall encourage you to read and “work” with your eyes more

Only 2 things: please refrain from swimming (including sauna) for 1 month and from contact martial arts for the same amount of time. You can work out starting from the second day. But we also ask you not to use cosmetics in the eye area for at least 1 week.

Contact for international patients:

For English or Russian service please contact your future personal manager Constantine: