How to Use Uber And Get A Free Ride?

Monica Zhou   |   August 29, 2021

Uber is an on-demand car service that allows you to request private drivers through applications for iPhone and Android devices. The service utilizes dispatch software to send the nearest driver to your location. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is some sort of shared ride or cab service – Uber will send you a taxi-style car. The service provides a no-cash-payment solution that charges your ride directly to the credit card on file with your account. This article will walk you through the process of using Uber to request a car.

Visit the Uber website:

Uber is a company that allows you to reserve a personal driver in any of the cities that Uber operates in. These drivers do not work specifically for Uber, but pay a percentage to Uber so that they get listed.

Click the Sign Up link. You will be asked to create an account. Uber will need your name, mobile number, email, language, and billing information. You need a valid credit card to use the Uber service.

1. Download the app. The Uber app is available for free from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and the BlackBerry App World. Install the app to your device and then open it.

2. Sign in. Once you’ve downloaded the Uber app, you will need to sign in the first time that you run it. Log in with the username and password that you signed up with.

3. Choose your vehicle type. There are up to five types of vehicle services for Uber, depending on the city you are in. Use the slider at the bottom of the app to set your vehicle preference.

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