Jing-A Brewing Co. Launches Special Women’s Day Beer – Half the Sky

Now Shenzhen   |   February 28, 2023

In March 2023, Jing-A Brewing Co. will launch “Half the Sky”, a limited edition International Women’s Day brew created by a women-led team. The beer pays tribute to female practitioners in the craft beer industry, while also encouraging conversations around topics of gender equality and stereotypes by opening with the question “what kind of beer do women drink?”.

From campaign creation to brewing to marketing, the Half the Sky Women’s Day Project was driven entirely by female employees from all of Jing-A different departments. The brew they created is a Red IPA made with coffee beans from Yunnan and white thorn berries from Gansu. The result is a multi-layered taste experience combining toffee, floral, citrus and berry flavours and aromas.  

Coinciding the release of Half the Sky, Jing-A is also releasing a special Women’s Day illustrated poster depicting a group of women looking directly at the viewer with their hands raised in solidarity. The audience is invited to discuss and interpret the meaning of the women’s facial expressions and hand gestures for themselves.

Jing-A is cooperating with charity foundation EGRC (Educating Girls of Rural China) and will donate 5RMB from every pint of Half the Sky sold to their mission – providing education opportunities to girls in impoverished areas of China. It is worth mentioning that the coffee and white thorn fruit used in the beer were selected from Yunnan and Gansu respectively, as these are two of the primary funding regions of EGRC.

On March 8th, Half the Sky will be made available at all Jing-A Taprooms, as well as over 100 partner bars and restaurants across the country. Through this project, Jing-A stands in solidarity with women and hopes in can inspire conversations about an important topic over a great pint.

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