Ladies! Health Checkup Promo @Vista

Now Shenzhen   |   March 29, 2022

Ladies Health Checkup Promo!

Every March Vista-SK International Medical Center prepares a series of womens wellness checkup promotions for varying women's health needs. This year due to the pandemic roller-coaster ride in Shenzhen we are happy to announce that the Ladies health checkup promotion has been extended until 30th April!

Check out the details of the four ladies packages below:

If the packages above don't suit your wellness screening needs, please contact us for more information on general wellness checkups, STD screening, pre-pregnancy checks, and prenatal packages... or any other health-related services!

Doctor Aisha Khan
General Practitioner
Vista Family Medicine Department

Dr. Khan is a passionate doctor who has built her career in a variety of roles in the healthcare industry, both as a general practitioner and a medical health officer. She has many years of working experience with both hospitals in China and in Mauritius. She has also had clinical engagements in Germany and been associated as a general practitioner with a telemedicine service provider in California, USA. Apart from general medicine and family practice, she also has rich experience in internal medicine, gynecology & obstetrics, pediatrics and other major medical departments.

Dr. Aisha Khan's multilingual skills help her to communicate effectively and connect well with all patients in an international setting. This high level of patient connection along with knowing the importance of humility helps Dr. Khan to make her patients feel at ease, being assured of understanding and support. It has always been her practice to provide her professional opinion along with educating the patient about his/her health and to give patients multiple care options whenever possible, thereby providing increased patient satisfaction and the best healthcare. She is highly appreciated by her directors, consultants, colleagues and mostly importantly by her patients.

Dr. Aisha Khan now works with Vista-SK as a general practitioner. She is fluent in English, French, Chinese, German, Urdu, Hindi & Creole.