Recap of Now Shenzhen Launch Party

Now Shenzhen   |   December 28, 2021

And that’s a wrap! To announce the launch of our new website interface, to celebrate the end of the year, and to reinvigorate ourselves and community we serve, we held a Relaunch party in Shekou this past weekend. As outlined in our "passing of the torch" blog post, the business has changed hands and has been undergoing substantial improvements under the watchful eyes of David and Mike.

Here’s a brief recap of the festivities:

Check-in Booth, Gifts, and Signature Board

Guests attending first came to our registration booth where they would register (duh!) but also grab:

  • NowShenzhen Magnets
  • NowShenzhen Stickers
  • Chocolate gold coin with your very own custom fortune on it
  • Signing our signature board

Check out some of the images here:


    Here’s a peek at the sizzle reel we showcased all throughout the event playing on all the TV screens in the Terrace bar and restaurant.

    Drinks and Networking

    We had a great group of people attend from various business backgrounds all over the world. It was a pleasure to meet people with fond memories of using the site to find apartments, jobs and events as well as those new to our platform.

    Some attendees opted for a VIP ticket granting them access to our exclusive VIP area and free-flow of a selection of beverages throughout the evening. Other attendees simply enjoyed a 10% discount on any food or drink - allowing everyone to join in regardless of their budget.

    Our VIP area worked out nicely facilitating networking throughout the evening. Through the laughs and handshakes lots of valuable connections were made.

    Welcoming Online Event

    We hosted a concurrent online event via zoom, allowing those who wanted to take part in the event from abroad to do so. A big issue we hear repeatedly is the desire from many in our community to return to Shenzhen and other places in China but not being able to do so due to various travel restrictions due to Covid. In this way we allowed fans and supporters to still take part in the festivities!

    Welcome Speech and Raffle

    The main spectacle for the evening was when David and Mike, the new owners of, got on stage with their special guest co-host for the evening - Janly - from Shenzhen Media Group.

    Keeping things succinct, David and Mike thanked everyone for coming and shared their excitement over the new site and its future. The main task was for the attendees to have a look at the site and post their content (apartments, jobs, events, etc) to further enhance the benefits that can be enjoyed by the entire Shenzhen community through our iconic website.

    After the intro speech, it was RAFFLE TIME! And boy did we have a lot to raffle off! With a big box full of names and emails, we gave out thousands in gifts and vouchers for hotels, food delivery, services, and more in this great city of Shenzhen. On top of that, we also were able to include those who couldn’t be there - entering survey submitters that were not physically present into the raffle as well!

    To read more on the raffles, check our blog post about them here.

    All In All - A Great Success!

    We here at had an amazing time re-launching the oldest and most authoritative English Language Shenzhen resource site to the community. We made many new connections and re-engaged with old ones.

    And… Thanks to our Raffle Sponsors!

    A Big Thanks to our Raffle Sponsors for the evening:

    Enjoy the holiday and new year - and we look forward to serving you in 2022!