MoBikes “Forbidden” from Shenzhen Bay Park and Port

ShekouDaily   |   February 9, 2018

Shekou News recently reported that MoBike will use a combination of Internet of Things (IoT), big data and artificial intelligence to formally launch an “electronic fence” in Shenzhen during the Spring Festival in order to guide bicycle users to the proper use of and orderly parking of their bicycles.

The first batch of “forbidden zones,” to be set up during the Spring Festival, include Shenzhen Bay Park, Shenzhen Bay Port and other areas. These forbidden zones will be marked in grey in the MoBike APP. Users who park and lock a Mobike in these grey areas, will immediately receive an automated message reminder to persuade them to move their bike to an area marked “P” (demarcating parking spaces recommended by MoBike).

The electronic fences creating the forbidden zones are currently in the trial phase in Shenzhen. In the future, when users illegal park the bicycles, they will not only receive message reminders, but credit points will also be deducted from their account. For users whose credit scores are below a certain standard, the cost of riding will increase, or they may be prevented from renting the bicycles. In addition, if users take the initiative to park in the recommended parking area, that is, the recommended parking spots marked “P” on the map, they can be rewarded with credits added to their account, cycling coupons and more.

Reference: “神器”上线!春节假期,摩拜禁停深圳湾公园