NEW: How to Register Your Dog in Shenzhen Via WeChat

ShekouDaily   |   January 31, 2018

Back in July of 2017, a city wide campaign was seen pushing dog owners to register their furry loved ones. One document that made its way around the web stated that the Shenzhen City Urban Management Administration Law Enforcement Supervision Department would be checking dogs for various violations which could result in fine or even confiscation. Of course, this scared the bejesus out of dog owners and there was a rush to register their dogs to ensure compliance.

The city of Shenzhen requires that all dogs living with you as pets be vaccinated at least once a year for rabies and that their place of residence be registered. All-in-all, it’s not a difficult process. 

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Apparently, there’s been such a growing demand for dog registration in the city that the Shenzhen Urban Management Administration decided to officially launch an online “Dog Service Platform” this last Monday. If you’d like to give it a spin, you can do so by following the Official WeChat public account named “美丽深圳” (mei li shen zhen).

Once you’ve found and opened the Official WeChat account, click the green “Follow” button the the “优优服务” menu option, followed by the “养犬服务” option to enter into the platform.

The first button allows you to upload your dog’s information and submit it for approval. Unfortunately, in step 2 of this process, we noticed that the platform requires that the dog’s owner have a Chinese ID Card or a passport from Hong Kong or Macau. Considering this makes the application process via this platform unusable for expats owning and wanting to register their dogs (at least for now), we won’t bother to translate those screens for you; However, we did find one useful feature, even for expats, that we’d like to point out.

The second button on the main menu takes you to a very useful interactive map of the various dog service points near you to help you with the vaccinations or other steps in the process.

Although this new platform doesn’t work for expats at the moment, you are still required to register any dogs living with you. For details on how to do so, see: 

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