New International World-Class Hospital Coming this Spring

ShekouDaily   |   December 3, 2019

The Shenzhen Municipal Commission of Health recently announced that a non-profit general hospital, the Shenzhen Hezheng Hospital, is coming to Nanshan in the Spring of 2020!

The hospital, in cooperation with Massachusetts General Hospital, Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital, and the University of Southern California Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, combines the world’s top medical resources to build a high-end interntional hospital with up to 1,200 beds.

5H Standard

Premium international medical services

The Shenzhen Hezheng Hospital will be located at No. 16 Xililongyuan Road, in Nanshan District. Wang Jianjun, President of Hezheng Hospital and Dean of Hezheng Cancer Center, and chief physician, graduated from Peking Union Medical College, studied at the Medical Center of the University of Pittsburgh Medical School, and the Department of Biology of Carnegie Mellon University.

▲Wang Jianjun, president of Hezheng Hospital and director of Hezheng Cancer Center.

Wang Jianjun told reporters that Shenzhen Hezheng Hospital will follow international medical standards and management concepts, will focus on oncology, geriatrics, and rehabilitation care, and is committed to creating a multi-format business model of “prevention-treatment-rehabilitation-care” full closed-loop medical services Hospital complex.

Shenzhen Hezheng Hospital is committed to providing patients with 5H standards for international patients, and to create a high-level diagnosis and treatment service system. The five Hs refer to:

  • Hospital: international medical service,
  • Hotel: Hotel-style service,
  • Home: Home-like care,
  • Horticulture: Garden-like environment, and
  • High-tech.
▲Cozy children’s room.

5 Big Features

Create a first class international hospital template

In August of this year, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council announced it would be supporting Shenzhen to build a pioneering demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics. In response, Shenzhen Hezheng Hospital will create 5 major operating characteristics, and provide an international hospital model for the pilot.

1. Integrate international cutting-edge medical resources.

Shenzhen Hezheng Hospital has reached a multi-year agreement with Massachusetts General Hospital and Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital. Experts from these two American hospitals will provide Shenzhen Hezheng Hospital with in-depth guidance and consultation on hospital design, clinical project development, treatment procedures, and patient experience planning.

2. International talent system.

The hospital has established a strong team of experts, and has vigorously introduced more than 100 leading talents, high-level talents and medical doctors to form a strong medical team led by well-known experts at home and abroad, middle-level technical backbones and outstanding young doctors. Medical services provide personnel protection.

3. Intelligent cutting-edge equipment, accurate diagnosis and treatment advantages.

The hospital will have 23 advanced operating rooms (6 I-level and 17 III-level), including digital composite operating rooms and robotic operating rooms, and has introduced advanced advanced diagnostic equipment from Europe, the United States and Japan; including the world’s leading large-scale medical equipment.

4. Whole process of distinguished service.

Comprehensively establish a new type of medical-customer relationship of equality, courtesy and respect, and provide humanized services to patients. Provide an elegant family-style ward, and strive to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for patients and 24/7 meticulous care and family-like care.

5. Park-like healthy environment, internal and external physical and mental care.

The hospital is close to the 15,000 acres of the Tanglang Mountain Country Park. The beautiful natural environment will not only provide patients with a comfortable medical experience, but will also enhance their physical and mental energy.

▲Park-like healthy environment。

6 Departments

01. Heart center

The Cardiac Center will consist of a Cardiology Department, Cardiac Surgery Department, and Auxiliary Department. It will be jointly established by Shenzhen Hezheng Hospital and the well-known domestic third-class heart disease hospital Wuhan Asian Cardiac Hospital. Professor Tao Liang will be the director of the Heart Center.

02. Maternity center

The obstetrics and gynecology center will include obstetrics and gynecology, and reproductive medicine.  The center has built a strong team of experts, personalized gynecological examinations and minimally invasive surgical treatments, and a family-style fertility management service system; respecting patients’ autonomy, advocating patients to participate in disease treatment, and jointly determining treatment plans; along with a full range of obstetric follow-up services, including pregnancy preparation, delivery to delivery, postpartum rehabilitation and breastfeeding guidance.

03. Pediatric center

The Pediatric Center will provide high-standard outpatient and inpatient medical services for children and adolescents to 18 years old. It will open a neonatal intensive care unit and a pediatric intensive care unit, equipped with advanced equipment and an experienced medical care team. The consultation room and children’s activity area are specially designed for children to effectively reduce children’s fear of seeing a doctor.

04. Integrated Medical Center

The center will uphold the “holistic approach”, “integrated approach”, and “medical approach” of integrated medicine, starting from the patient as a whole, integrating multi-disciplinary advanced medical knowledge and clinical practice experience, integrating social, environmental and psychological factors to build a more comprehensive, systematic and scientific medical service system for comprehensive management of diseases, so that patients can enjoy the entire process of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation medical services in one department and one bed.

05. Cancer Center

Hezheng Hospital Cancer Center has established long-term strategic cooperation with many well-known hospitals around the world. It is to be fully integrated with international standards in areas such as diagnosis and treatment technology, consultation procedures and service concepts. It focuses on multidisciplinary consultation models and precision medical treatment, and mainly targets various malignant tumors. Individualized comprehensive treatment based on chemotherapy, targeted therapy, minimally invasive interventional therapy, hyperthermia, and integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, providing patients with internationally advanced personalized and precise tumor diagnosis and treatment services.

06. Rehabilitation Center 

Hezheng Hospital Rehabilitation Center will introduce the world’s leading multi-professional integration model of rehabilitation, rehabilitation diagnosis and treatment technology and rehabilitation nursing concept. Authoritative experts, professional rehabilitation therapists, and intimate nursing team provide tailor-made rehabilitation treatment programs to help patients reduce injuries. 

Multi-professional teams providing personalized care, rehabilitation teams composed of doctors, rehabilitation therapists, rehabilitation nurses, caregivers, psychological consultants, nutritionists and rehabilitation consultants, and in line with international standards.

Source: 好消息!明年南山又多一家高水平大型综合医院