Notice to Foreign Citizens Applying for Residence Permit for Employees and Their Family Members in China

Lindsey Liang   |   August 30, 2021

Bellowed info is from the government website:

I. Application Requirements

(i)Foreigners employed, serve in Shenzhen and their spouses, parents and minor children;

(ii)Foreigners come to Shenzhen for commercial performances and their spouses, parents and minor children;

(iii)Resident foreign correspondent and their spouses, parents and minor children;

(iv)Foreign high-level talents and investors include :

1.Senior advisor invited (employed) by state institutions of provincial (ministerial) level and high-tech, high-level management people implementing the scientific and technological cooperation project, key project agreement, talent exchange project of state-level and province (ministerial) level signed between central or local government and foreign institutions;

2.People who have made great or outstanding contributions to the State or society and people who implement inter-government free assistant agreement;

  1. Academic, science and technology leaders and people with associate professor, assistant research fellow title or above or academic, science and technology leaders enjoying equal treatment hired by key higher education universities hired by scientific and research institutions of state-level and provincial (ministerial) level;
  2. Chinese with foreign nationality obtaining internationally important science award and other excellent, important Chinese with foreign nationality;

5.People having investment over 3 million U.S. dollars in Shenzhen and management team member and professional technicians dispatched to China by foreign enterprises or other economical organizations meeting above-stated requirements;

  1. Spouse and minor children of people listed in above-state subject 1 to 5.

II. Application Process

Applicants can go in person to the entry and exit certificate hall of the Bureau for application, the application submitted by the Unit of Employment via submitting the official letter of the Unit is also allowed. For those apply for the Residence Permit in Shenzhen for the first time, they must go for application in person. For the application submitted by acting agent, the accepting unit can request to have face-to-face interview with the applicant when it’s necessary, and make necessary inquiry to applicants.

III. Application Materials

(i)Submit completely filled VISA AND RESIDENCE PERMIT APPLICATION FORM with recent, half-length, blue background, bareheaded, full-faced 2-inch color photo with official seal of the Unit; (Form can be obtained in the Division of Exit-entry Administration and download via logging onto Website of Division of Exit-entry Administration)

(ii)Submit valid Receipt of China Visa Photograph for Foreigners in Guangdong Province

(iii)Submit valid international travel certificates, including Diplomatic Passport, Service Passport, Passport for Public Affairs, ordinary passport, and etc;

(iv)Submit the copy of latest entry visa;

(v)Submit Registration Form of Temporary Accommodation for Visitors issued by police station of the temporary residence in Shenzhen or Registration Form of Temporary Accommodation for Visitors issued by hotels already having connected network with the public security institutions;(Need not submit for application for extension of residence permit, replacement and with no change in residence address)

(vi)Foreigners at the age of 18 or above must submit the Health Examination Certificate issued by Shenzhen Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Department;(Need not submit for application for extension of residence permit and replacement)

(vii)Those apply for the Residence Permit for the first time must submit the Notice of Application for Residence Permit issued by the Division of Exit-entry Administration of the local Public Security Bureau Branch in the place of Employment and the record of interviewing; (Need not submit accompanying family members and persons aged under 18)

(viii)Other certification documents related to subject of application:

  1. People employed, serve in Shenzhen or for commercial performances:

(1) Alien Employment Permit or Foreign Expert Certificate or Work Permit for Foreign Personnel Engaged in the Offshore Petroleum Operations in the P.R.C. or approval letter of performance issued by Ministry (Bureau) of Culture;

(2)If the place of employment is the representative office of foreign enterprises, Foreign countries (regions) representative office work permit needs to be submitted;

(3)Company business license, organization code certificate;

(4)For high-level talents, level I official letter issued by authorized unit must be submitted;

(5)For the change of passport number resulted from the renewing and replacement of passport, the passport number recorded on the Alien Employment Permit or Foreign Expert Certificate also need to be changed into the new passport number;

(6)When the place of employment changes, it shall be filed in the Division of Exit-entry Administration of the local Public Security Bureau Branch in the place of Employment and stamped with the official seal of the Branch Bureau.

  1. Resident Correspondents:

Submit the correspondent card or official letter issued by the Information Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of province, autonomous region and municipality directly under the Central Government

  1. Investors:

Ratification for Establishment of Foreign-invested Enterprises, business license, organization code certificate and other relevant certification documents.

  1. Spouses, parents and minor children of above-stated persons apply for Residence Permit:

(1)Certification for Relative Relationship: Spouse shall submit marriage relationship certification; parents shall submit certification for relative relationship; foreign children shall submit Birth Certificate;

(2)Passport, visa (residence permit) of person at work and Alien Employment Permit or other employment certificates;

(ix) Foreigners aged under eighteen must submit their birth certificate and passports of parents; those whose parents are both Chinese nationals or one of whose parents is a Chinese national must submit the copies of the certificate evidencing parents permanently reside abroad, and need to submit the original document for verification if necessary;
(x)Those who hold Residence Permit issued outside of Shenzhen and need to apply for the extension must go through the move-in procedure in the Division of Exit-entry Administration of the local Public Security Bureau Branch in the place of Employment;

(xi)Those who apply for replacement of Residence Permit due to loss of passport must submitConfirmation of Reporting the Loss of Passport when losing the passport within China; If losing the passport outside ofChina, the Certificate of Loss issued by local police department and official letter issued by the Work Unit must be submitted;

(xii)Other relevant certification documents that the public security institutions consider it necessary to submit;

(xiii)For the above-stated materials, if with no special instructions, the original documents need to be reviewed, and submit the copies;

IV. Accepting Authority

Division of Exit-entry Administration of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau (No.4016,Jiefang Road, Luohu District)

V. Timeline for Closing of Handling

Five working days from the next day of the day of acceptance. (Investigation time of the public security institutions shall not be counted into the time for closing of handling)