Orienting a Nanny or Babysitter: What to Teach Your Ayi

Harry Fozzard   |   October 8, 2021

Nowadays, the standard of living has risen really high that it is not enough to have one regular job, especially if you have a family. In Shenzhen, more and more jobs are becoming available, thanks to the booming industries and tourism in the city. Some people, especially those with families, even hold two jobs just to survive in the high cost of living today. Parents may find multiple jobs beneficial, but not if both husband and wife are working. This is the right time to hire an “ayi”, or a nanny or babysitter, to look after your children while you and your spouse are at work.

It is important to find someone you could trust since you will be leaving your kids with them. This is why before you actually start entrusting your kids, take time in orienting a nanny or a babysitter. First, bring them with you on your child’s medical check-up to familiarize them with the clinic and its location. Teach them what to do in case they would need to bring the child to the clinic and both parents are not home. Provide the nanny with the clinic’s telephone number as well.

Inform the nanny that they should not have any vices like smoking and alcoholic drinking. The influence of these vices would greatly affect their job and interaction with the child. The smoke of a cigarette would be hazardous to your child as it may worsen cough and asthma. They should not be allowed to accept visitors as well. This may distract them from their main purpose, which is to watch your child.

Inform the nanny or babysitter to help around the house if they could. You can not expect a babysitter to be capable of handling household chores if you really want them to focus on your child. You can ask them to wash the dishes or probably clean a little when the child is asleep or watching television.

Sit down with the babysitter or nanny and discuss limits when it comes to your children’s activities. If necessary, take note of each one. You cannot expect the nanny to remember everything you say all at once. Inform them about which time of the day they should allow the child to watch television or play with the computer and how long they will be allowed. Inform them about what time bedtime is as well as meal times.

Post a list of emergency telephone numbers near the telephone so that the nanny would be able to know the number to call in cases of emergency. Show them where the first aid kit is. It is important for nannies and babysitters to know how to apply first aid. If they do not, they can take training courses at the International SOS. They should also be taught about escape plans and fire drills in your house.

Photo By Junl Chan.