PC Build of the Week: Green Means Go

ShekouDaily   |   April 27, 2018

Green Means Go!

As this is the first build we will host in MyEinn’s new series of PC Builds of the Week, we will focus on an absolute beast. Built from the ground up to dominate rendering software the likes of Solid Works and CAD, this Intel powered beast not only looks sick with its two huge Green LED fans and fully glass case, but it also runs away from the competition with specs that will make your inner nerd tingle.

Intel’s latest and greatest i7-8700K is the first to use the newest FCLGA 1151 socket. The new i7-8700K clocks in at a 3.7Ghz base speed with its Over-clocked speed bordering on a precognition 4.7Ghz. Adding in the 6 cores and 12 threads you can know it can handle anything you throw in its path.*

Nvidia’s workstation P4000 with its Pascal™ GPU architecture is build from the ground up for renderings and CAD. With its 1792 CUDA Parallel-Processing Cores and 8GB of GDDR5 Memory it can handle a monstrous 5.3 Tera FLOPS. That’s a mind blowing 1,104,166,666.66% faster than the computer used to guide the American Space Shuttle**. So trust us, this thing can make all your cat memes and food pictures render in 4K splendor.

All the power in the world means nothing with out a good amount of Memory. This beast has maxed out with 64 Gb of DDR4 3000Mhz RAM. That’s right, 64GB of RAM! Looking for perspective? That’s over 2000% more RAM than your Iphone X!

Packing it all together with an epic looking case with it’s cool green glow (also good for a night light), the new owner will certainly get a ton of renderings done if she can stop playing Pubg in 4K. Looking for a build of your own? Check out MyEinn, the only foreigner run computer store in China!

Green Means Go components:

GPU:  Nvidia QUADRO™ P4000


CPU:  Intel i7 8700K

RAM: KLVV Bolt™ 3000Mhz 16GB x 4

HDD: WD 4TB x 2

SSD: KingSpec M.2 Nvme 512GB

PSU: CoolerMaster 600W

Chassis: IcePC w/ MyEinn RGB LED controller

MyEinn’s Builds of the Week focuses on the hottest and newest tech coming out of the the worlds most dynamic tech center, Shenzhen. As we take a look at the leading edge of the tech space in Shenzhen everyweek we can sometimes get lost. If we haven’t posted in a few weeks please look for us, as it’s possible we’ve accidentally uploaded ourselves to the GRID. Got an idea or a product? Send in your idea at [email protected]

* Intel didn’t want to make things too easy for us, so it has used the same LGA 1151 socket nomenclature as its previous 3 generations of CPUs but with an added twist. Starting with it’s 8th gen, all new CPUs will require a 300 level or higher motherboard bios! Before upgrading your CPU check your motherboard to check its compatibility. Or just ask the friendly staff at MyEinn for help!

** https://history.nasa.gov/computers/Ch4-3.html