Photo Showcase: Shenzhen’s New Western Binhai Promenade (From Sea World to Shenzhen Bay Sports Park)

ShekouDaily   |   June 22, 2017

After nearly two years of intense construction, the 6.6km Western Binhai Promenade, from Sea World to the Shenzhen Bay Sports Park is about to open to the public. China Merchants Shekou has recently shared these great photos.

Pictures of the Parks

There are six recommended scenic areas along the newly constructed coastal promenade.

1. Modern Design

Newly designed corridors

2. Flower Garden

The coastline boasts many beautiful flower species: 蓝花楹、红花玉蕊、中华无忧树、假苹婆、朴树、水蒲桃、银海枣、龙船花树、仪花、腊肠树等

3. Steel Lighthouse

Incorporates Shekou’s industrial roots into the park’s design.

4. Stunning Natural Views of the Mountain, Sea, and Sky

Enjoy the comfortable sea breeze, under the sunny blue sky and Shenzhen’s puffy white clouds

5. The park boasts three trails for running, riding, sightseeing

A great place to enjoy the view of the mountains of Hong Kong. 

6. Sea World, Culture and Arts Center

Situated near Nu Wa Park opposite Sea World, the Culture and Arts Center, which is set to open later this year, is the starting point of this new Western Binhai Promenade. The length of the entire Binhai promenade is 15km.

Shenzhen Western Binhai Promenade

Construction began in October 2015 and cost about 1.4 billion yuan. The new promendade is expected to open to the public on July 1st of this year set to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the mainland.