RINGY – Free Instant Interpretation Provided by Locals on WeChat

Swan Huang   |   September 2, 2021

Having difficulty with Chinese menus and non-English-speaking waiters?

Feel insecure when taking a taxi?

Need to talk with an agent to make sure they totally understand your requests?

Need Chinese language help in performing simple day to day tasks?

Contact RINGY and let them help you.

RINGY is a group of local Chinese volunteers that are fluent in English. They donate their time and effort to help expats and travelers with communication problems caused by language barriers. RINGY provides access to instant free interpretation through WeChat messages or over the phone when necessary. In-person interpreters are also available in certain cities to assist with daily tasks, though an appointment in advance is required.

The founder of RINGY, Swan, is a local Chinese entrepreneur who used to manage an expat gym in Shenzhen, where she frequently provided interpretation for gym members and her expat friends. She noticed that language barriers in China had become such an issue that many foreigners had given up their favorite hobbies and joys in life. Coincidentally, her friend and fellow entrepreneur Sarah in Shanghai also noticed the same phenomenon. After a night of catching up with old friends in Shanghai, they both started to think about the same question: Why don’t we gather around a group of people like us to help expats in China together?

It’s been a few month since RINGY’S first launch. In the past months, the platform has received positive feedback from people all over the world. More and more interpreters who share the same values are joining the team. With their joint efforts, RINGY has managed to help with cases such as:

Talking to Ayi

Ordering food

Reading product labels and packaging

Helping with online shopping process

Getting help from RINGY is quick and simple.

  1. Long-press the QR code below, extract/ scan qr code and follow.

(or search WeChat official account:ringyringy)

Send RINGYa WeChat message.

Tell them what you need to translate.

4.A local Chinese interpreter will be responding instantly.

Start using Ringy and get instant interpretation in one second!