Same-Day Grocery Delivery All Day with NO Minimum Order

ShekouDaily   |   December 2, 2018

Walmart has recently announced that it is testing out a new service called ‘Walmart To Go’ in Shenzhen. This new service provides same-day grocery delivery of nearly 8,000 types of products ordered via WeChat; including fresh groceries, snacks, condiments, baby items, and personal care products.

The deliveries are fulfilled by Dada JD-Daojia, the crowdsourced online grocery delivery service partly owned by e-commerce giant Walmart and JD have invest $500 million in this new platform to compete with Alibaba who is already offering this service.


Here in Shekou, for example, you can already purchase a variety of groceries using an app from Alibaba’s Hema Store located in the 1979 building in Shui wan, and have them delivered within 30 minutes. There’s no minimum order and they deliver anytime within their business hours of 9am to 10pm Sunday through Thursday or 9am to 10:30pm Friday & Saturday.

So far we’ve found a great selection of imported steaks, lobsters and other products at great prices. The fast delivery though is the biggest advantage; a lifesaver when you’re getting ready to cook and realize you’re missing something.

Unfortunately, you must have an AliPay account to use Alibaba’s Hema service so Walmart To Go’s new service will bring a new level of convenience to those more accustomed to using WeChat. Scan the QR Code below to give Alibaba’s Hema App a try. They already have stores throughout Shenzhen.

Walmart To Go’s service unfortunately, is only currently available to those living within two kilometers of its new Xiangmihu store in Shenzhen but there are plans to launch of another high-tech delivery-oriented supermarket in the city in April.