This Mid-Autumn, Gift the Gift of Sam’s

Now Shenzhen   |   August 18, 2022

Holidays and Festivals are some of the most important parts of life in China, but it’s not always easy to know how to celebrate or what kind of gifts to get. With Mid-Autumn Festival right around the corner, Sam’s Club is here to save the day and help you find the perfect mooncake set to gift your friends and family.
These aren’t just any mooncakes, Sam’s Club is offering premium gift boxes at a great price, allowing you to be a hero gift-giver this holiday season with ease.

So what kind of gift boxes are available? See below for all the details.

Member’s Mark Fragrans Mooncake 585g (65g*9)

“Wow these were great. I’m not usually a fan of the duck egg flavor but they were super fragrant and fresh and had a surprisingly natural finish. I also love the little moonlight effect inside the box. Made it a really fun gift.”

– Chris

Member’s Mark Assorted Mooncake 585g (65g*9)

“The combination of oat milk, walnut milk and soy milk was light and sweet while still being really fresh. I know mooncakes can sometimes really ruin a diet but these use probiotics instead of sugar and they use healthy plant protein so they were the perfect option.”

– Bruna

Member’s Mark Durian Ice Skin Mooncake 600g (60g*10)

“Love durian so I loved these. Over half of each mooncake was made up of durian and they had such a silky-smooth finish I savored every moment of them.”

– Eddy

Member’s Mark Colorful Snowy Mooncake 60g*8

“Each of the three flavors seemed better than the last. They were really soft and sweet but still had an almost silky touch. My personal favorite flavor was the brown sugar cheese but they were all great honestly.”

– Laura

So there you have it! It’s never been easier to give an incredible mooncake set to friends or family this Mid-Autumn Festival. And if you’re interested in checking out more of all the great stuff Sam’s Club has to offer, come check out the first Sam’s Club in China at our Shenzhen Futian Club, which has recently been upgraded and remodeled for an absolute premium shopping experience that you have to see to believe. See you there!