Shenzhen May Lift Ban on Motorcycles in the City

ShekouDaily   |   October 17, 2018

Shenzhen may finally lift the more than 10-year ban on motorcycles in the city!

Shekou News recently reported that the Shenzhen Municipal Traffic Police Bureau is looking at the management models of Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and other cities to investigate and demonstrate new measures for strengthening motorcycle management; and may possibly lift the existing ban on motorcycles.

The current ban is still in effect while the city considers three directions; which came as a result of feedback and suggestions from relevant administrative departments, the relevant industries, citizens, NPC deputies, and CPPCC members.

Direction One

The management measures for the ban on motorcycles would be completely abolished. Motorcycles restrictions would be released and motorcycles would be allowed to pass through the city freely.

Direction Two

The ban and control measures on motorcycles would continue to prohibit motorcycle traffic.

Direction Three

Motorcycle management measures would be strengthened in a fashion similar to other cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong; in order to strictly control the bidding, vehicle licensing, and personnel examinations. While strictly adhering to the regulations, severe penalties on illegal driving behaviors would also be imposed.

The current ban is still in effect while the city considers three directions

The traffic police department responded by saying that the opinions on the first direction will not be adopted; however, they can support the other two. The Shekou News article concluded by saying that it is foreseeable that Shenzhen’s decade-plus ban on motorcycles is expected to be lifted; albeit with a higher threshold for entry.

The traffic police department said that all sectors of the society are welcome to make suggestions; which can by made by telephone at: 0755-82778342, fax: 83198145, email: [email protected] and other methods to the city traffic police.

Relevant legal provisions

According to Article 39 of the Road Traffic Safety Law, the traffic administrative department of the public security organ may, according to the specific conditions of roads and traffic flows, take measures such as diversion, restricted access, and prohibition of passage of motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians. In the case of large-scale mass activities, large-scale construction, etc., it is necessary to take measures to restrict traffic, or make decisions directly related to the public’s road traffic activities, and should make an announcement to the public in advance.

SOURCE: 不再禁摩?深圳拟参考香港等城市出台摩托车管理新措施