Should you work at Shenzhen Yaohua Experimental School?

Now Shenzhen   |   September 2, 2021

You probably won’t get your idententy stolen or be in any physical danger but Yaohua Experimental School will definitely scam you. The biggest scam is that they call themselves a school. Here are a few things they will do to you:

You will not be paid the contractual amount.
You will be paid by day worked instead of salary amount.
You will not always be paid on time.
You will not receive insurance.
You will not have a single sick day.
You have a high chance of being fined.
You will not be able to teach in an supportive learning environment.
You will be forced to work 6-7+ workweeks outside of government holidays
They may or may not help you find housing.
They will not provide a curriculum or resources.

You’ll have to put up with Josh Garduno and the rest of the administration

Please see the following links for reviews about the school:…