Tell Us What You Think and Earn 500 rmb!

ShekouDaily   |   July 23, 2019

Aside from fast-paced highrises and buzzing tech districts, Shenzhen also harbors valuable mangroves and local plant and animal species.

If you wish to foster a more intimate relationship with Shenzhen’s wildlife, we want to hear your ideas and will reward you with 500 rmb for your thoughts. 

Help us design Shenzhen’s next best eco-tourism experience!

We are seeking Shenzhen residents to participate in a research interview, through which we will uncover your expectations in engaging with Shenzhen’s wilder side.

We are looking for

Participants: Anyone who has lived in Shenzhen for at least three months; whether you are recent college graduates, parents, indigenous Shenzheners, or foreigners.

Interview schedule: July 24th – August 2nd, those accepted will be scheduled for an hour-long online interview (via Wechat, video call, or Zoom).

How to sign up

If you wish to participate in this research interview, please scan the QR code in the posters above or click here to sign up.

The form can be filled either in Chinese or English


If accepted, you will be invited for an online interview call (see above), and will receive a 500 cash reward!


Any data you provide in this study will be kept confidential and only used for research. 

主办方 / Organisers