The past 30 years in Shenzhen

channer   |   September 1, 2021

Here are some pictures about 30 years ago in Shenzhen, you can see the change between 30 years in Shenzhen is huge. Shenzhen was a small fishing village 30 years ago but now, it became one of the top cities in China.

Shenzhen Train Station in 1980
ShenNan road in 1982
the view of Luohu in 1981
the view of Luohu in 1982
Shekou, Shenzhen in 1982
Luohu in 1983
OCT in 1983
Luohu port in 1985
Shen’Nan road in 1987
HuaWei is founded in 1988
In 1990, Mobile phone showed up in Shenzhen.
Yantian, Shenzhen in 1992
Shenzhen in 1993
Window of the world, the very first mini park started business in 1994
Shenzhen Diwang building was finished in 1995.