They’re Building a Burning Man Pyramid in Shenzhen, China (Volunteers Needed)

ShekouDaily   |   July 31, 2017

Late Sunday night we heard of an interesting project taking place just on the other side of Nanshan mountain. Shekou resident Casey James is currently working with a team of people to build a Burning Man pyramid right here in Shenzhen.

“My company is called Eco Built Systems. We manufacture pyramids, domes and aquaponic systems. We have this massive art project. Building this 111 foot (34 meter) pyramid. Our contribution to Burning Man is gifting this pyramid. This year it will be largest installation of a themed camp at Burning Man, the largest art festival in the world,” Casey tells me during a phone interview.

The pyramid is expected to provide an indoor venue for festival attendees to hold talks, ritual performances, dances and other events. Burning Man is expecting over 65,000 attendees this year and will be held at Black Rock City, Nevada at the end of August.

It hasn’t been easy putting this together and they’re running out of time to get this finished and shipped to the festival in time. “I’ve been designing and working on the pyramid for many many years. We’re at the tail end of the project right now so we need as much help as possible.”

“We’re currently putting the triangular aluminum panels. We need people here to help us glue and screw. No experience necessary. We’re all hands on deck at the moment and looking for anyone that can come help.”

If you’re eco-minded and would like to help in this first of its kind project for Shekou, call 15959135291 or scan the WeChat QR Code in this flyer. They will also be holding an art party August 5th and 6th from 10am to 10pm. “People can come and make art, eat vegetarian food, paint, and plant seeds,” Casey tells me. 

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