Ticket-Less Travel on Guangzhou-Shenzhen Train Just Launched!

ShekouDaily   |   December 2, 2019

Yesterday, Sunday, December 1st, a new payment method for riding the Guangzhou-Shenzhen line intercity train officially opened. This new method allows passengers to ride the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Intercity Train without needing to purchase tickets in advance. Now, you can scan and ride the train just like you do the subway. 

According to the Passenger Transport Department of the Guangzhou Railway Group, the Guangzhou-Shenzhen intercity line has a daily average of 85 pairs of trains, sending 106,000 passengers.

In order to handle increasing passenger flow and improve passenger travel comfort, the railway department and WeChat payment team have come up with a solution. 

From December 1st, a new WeChat mini-program payment service was launched at all stations on the Guangzhou-Shenzhen intercity line. The new system is estimated to effectively save more than 15 minutes per passenger on average.

A spokesperson for the railway said that the newly launched WeChat payment system is based on verified real-name information, plus face recognition verification, to ensure that passengers are buying tickets themselves.

Let’s Learn How to Use It!

1. Registration

❶ Search via WeChat or scan the code offline, enter the small program “广深城际通” (icon pictured above), click “立即开通” (Open Now), and authorize the mobile phone number to allow use.

❷ Click “开通免密支付” (Enable Automatic Payments), then click “同意授权” (Agree & Authorize) then click “返回” (Back).

NOTE: The bank account linked to your WeChat Pay must be under your name and ID or you won’t be able to proceed.

2. Authentication

❶ Enter the “身份验证” (Authentication) interface, enter the WeChat payment password, to confirm.

❷ Click “微信实名验证” (WeChat Real Name Verification), confirm the real name information, and click “同意授权” (Agree to Authorize).

❸ Enter the “人脸识别信息确认” (Face Recognition Information Confirmation) interface, click “下一步” (Next) after agreeing to the agreement, keep your posture unchanged, and perform the facial scan.

3. Scan & Ride

❶ Open the WeChat mini-program “扫码乘车” (Scan and Ride) on your mobile phone, point the ride code at the gate, then you can swipe the code to enter the station. Passengers should wait for their trip and seat information to be displayed on the mini-program before boarding.

❷ After arriving at the station, use the code to exit the station again. The system will automatically deduct the fare according to the itinerary.

Source: 像乘地铁一样easy!今起微信扫码乘广深城际