To get Chinese visa from HK, Shenzhen immigration and Shenzhen PSB

Tina Dee   |   August 31, 2021

To come to China, most foreigners will choose to get Chinese visa from local Chinese embassy or consulate first. For some countries, this step seems a little complicated or takes longer time. And they heard about their friends talking about easier ways to get visa. For example, to fly to HK first and then get Chinese visa in HK, then come to the mainland of China.

So let’s talk about these ways to get Chinese visa.

A.To get Chinese visa in HONG KONG SAR.

Most countries can just go to HK with passport and stay there for 30 days or 60 days, some even 180 days.Does it mean that all those countries can get Chinese visa from HK SAR and then come to the mainland? Not necessarily.For those who never got Chinese visa before, if they apply in HK, they can try to get 2 entrys tourist visa, can stay 30 days each time. Some countries can get in 2 working days, 16 countries from west Europe need to wait 4 working days in HK to get the visa.

For some other countries including South Africa,Morocoo and Malasyia, applicants from these countries cannot do their first Chinese visa in HK, must from their own countries. So friends from these countries no need even try HK way to do

their first Chinese visa.

Some might ask, I already got my visa from Hong Kong SAR, I can try to get a new visa again and again? Does it have times limit?

Yes, HK SAR gives short-term visas most of the time except that you are HK citizens at the same time. If you stay in China for a long time, several months or several years with tourist or business visa, it’s not likely that you can get visa in HK, if you get lucky, 30 days at most, maybe 14 or 15 days only. Or they just refuse to give any visa at all. But if you were with work visa in China, then most of the time you can get 30 days tourist visa from HK after your work visa expires.

B.To get Chinese visa in Shenzhen Immigration

Some expats surely heard about the news that Shenzhen Luohu and Huanggang border can do M or S2 visa for foreigners. It’s true. But M visa or S2 visa has 30 days at most. And foreigners must collect the visa from the immigration office and then come to Shenzhen directly. They cannot get back to HK and take flights in HK to other cities in mainland. And not everyone can get approved, it’s 50/50.

C.To get visa extension in Shenzhen PSB (Public Security Bureau)

Foreigners come to Shenzhen with Chinese visa they got from their countries or Hong Kong, and then find place to stay in Shenzhen, can they do visa extension through Shenzhen PSB?

Yes, some can,and some cannot.First, we need to check what is the visa type, L or M, or other kinds. If it’s L, also means tourist visa, you need to register your living address in local police station, then go to Shenzhen PSB office to get extension, applicants from some countries might need to show deposit proof that they are able to stay in China financially, normally it’s 100 USD per day,
if it’s 30 days, then 3,000 USD, and need to be frozen for 10 working days. If it’s M, also known as business visa, then need your Chinese partner company or factory help you with extension with company documents at the same time. Normally extension of 30 days at most also.

For furthur inquiries about Chinese visa application or extension, welcome to write to me for more details. Enjoy your stay in China!