Topway Cable TV Fee check your bank account 

David Ho   |   July 5, 2015

For a couple years I have been a cord cutter in Shenzhen. The other day I was looking at one of my bank account statements and found the entry 有线电视 (yǒuxiàn diànshì) which translates to cable television. Topway Cable company is the cable provider for most of Shenzhen. Around two years ago I was subscribed to a premium cable package that included CNN and HBO. These packages you pay ahead of time for the whole year over 1000RMB at a time. The cable company would usually call me to confirm I want to renew and the last time they called I said that I did not want to renew. However it turns out there is this monthly fee of 28RMB that was not canceled. For two full years I have been paying this fee automatically.

the cable charge i noticed on my bank account

the cable charge i noticed on my bank account

After noticing this on my bank account I went to the Topway cable service center in Tianwei Garden (天威花园). The woman at the counter was nice enough to cancel the fee and then file a complaint with a manager to see if I could get some money back for the 2 years I was paying without watching television.  Will have to see if they call me back about this if they do I will update this article.

Topway cable. TV service center

Service Center of Topway Cable