WeChat’s Cool New Emoji Features Comes with a Big Change

ShekouDaily   |   September 29, 2018

If you like using emojis (aka emoticons), you are probably going to love that latest update to WeChat. Content providers though, may have something new to worry about.

Version 6.7.3 allows users to take short videos to create their own emojis! It’s really easy to use, just click your emoji icon as usual, and you’ll see a new icon that looks like this: After clicking that, just follow the steps and create away.

The quality isn’t the greatest, but it seems to work fine. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any easy way to save the emojis created for use outside of WeChat.

Image Source: 微信重磅更新!五大改动,快看看你最喜欢哪一项

Aside from the above feature, another change comes with this version of WeChat as well. This one maybe not as exciting for content providers. When you click on the “Subscriptions” section of WeChat in your Contacts List, you see a new “Frequently Viewed” section at the top. According a recent article published by Technode, “WeChat updates add pressure to subscription account content creators,” this section contains the most popular content subscription accounts that you follow and will notify you of any updates in these accounts.

That seems pretty cool so far. The concerning part; however, is that WeChat articles for accounts that aren’t featured for you, will now appear differently. The featured ones will have the same large image you’re used to, while the others, will have only the smaller side images. This will likely make it tougher for struggling content creators to get their content viewed.

Here’s a screenshot of what my subscription page looked like this morning. I follow more than 20 accounts; however, only two appeared at the top this morning. According to WeChat, up to 12 accounts will appear there. I’ve tried opening articles in other accounts but so far, only the two appear.

NOTE: This screenshot was slightly altered to shorten it by removing unnecessary articles from the view. No other changes were made.

Source: 微信重磅更新!五大改动,快看看你最喜欢哪一项