What is the regulations about scooters?

Now Shenzhen   |   August 31, 2021

Posted by Yeo Ah Suei

Recently there has been HIG ho-ha about scooters.
The police are going around confiscating scooters but everyone is free to walk down the streets to buy one without restrictions!  They claim that only the bicycles are allowed.
It is legal to sell scooters but not legal to ride it!  How is that the sellers are not penalised for selling illegal products? Yet, only the buyers are punished. 
Most of the time no one knows where to get any information at all! Even with access to the government websites, not all information are updated. Should you call the office, one either gets an unfriendly reply or told to refer to the website. 
Don’t even think of asking around among people you know, becasue you will get 10 answers out of 10 people!!!
Please help us (the foreigners) to understand the local regulations so that we can live and work here in a peaceful mind/