Where can I eat the best burger in Shenzhen?

Now Shenzhen   |   September 1, 2021

Which restaurant in Shenzhen serves the best cheese burger in Shenzhen? Is there anyone that has been on a burger quest to find Shenzhen’s best burger? If you have taken the time to sample the all beef patties in town please comment below to let the community know. I know that McCawley’s has run a burger challenge. Please suggest some alternatives to Burger King. Is there any place that grinds their own patties? In Hong Kong it is easy to find great burgers and milkshakes. Which side of town should we look for the best burger, in Shekou? Or does Futian have the best burger? Are there any new or soon to open burger joints, have there been any competitions for best burger that you could draw some niformation from? Write your burger preferences below…