“Women” Caught Targeting Foreigners in WeChat Investment Fraud

ShekouDaily   |   November 12, 2019

If you’re a man using WeChat, you’ve most likely already had experiences with random women trying to add you as a friend. But get ready for a shocker… many of these “women” aren’t women at all.

Shenzhen Big Things recently reported on a bust that took place this last October, when the Shenzhen Longgang Police received a tip of potential fraudulent activity.

Police went to investigate a company called “Southern Interactive Technology” and found a bunch of young men in an office with counters covered with nearly a hundred mobile phones, and computer screens displaying bitcoin transactions.

Apparently, international business was declining for the company so they decided to find another way to make money from foreign “clients”. After checking the mobile phones, police found that many of the “clients” were from Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and as far as Brazil, New Zealand, and Australia.

The “women” couldn’t speak any foreign languages, but instead relied on translation devices and books that tell them what kind of words or phrases to use to reel in their prey.

How did they do it? First, they downloaded photos of beautiful young girls to use as their avatars; then they pack their moments with photos of luxury items, travel, food, some inspirational short sentences, etc. They then started adding friends. They used a variety of methods for this step; including people nearby functions, purchasing the phone number of foreigners, and other software that allowed them to get the contacts of their targets. They even used software that allowed them to change their GPS location so they can find people nearby in other areas. Once the contacts were added, they started chatting.

While chatting with their victims, they send some photos of their life from time to time to increase the sense of realism and trust. If the other party is a foreigner, they would say that they want to travel to their country and look forward to meeting.

Then, after they feel their man is ready, they slowly start presenting their investment products. They’ll say they are keen on investing in securities, stocks, futures, and overseas high-yield competitive sports lottery and underground gambling websites. They may claim to have insider information and working connections, but at the same time reminding you that the investment is risky, so to start with a small amount… and it grows from there. They continue until the victim insists on withdrawing his funds; at which point, the “woman” dissappears.

If their potential victims insist from the beginning that they won’t invest, they just get deleted and the “women” move on to other targets. 

More than 90 young men, most under the age of 20, were found to be caught up in this scheme busted in Shenzhen, so… if you recently lost communication with your online girlfriend, this may be why. Happy Singles Day!

Source: 网聊“美女”竟是抠脚大汉?深圳这群人靠陪聊把“业务”带出国门