‘World’s Saddest Polar Bear’ Exhibited in Guangzhou

ShekouDaily   |   August 3, 2016

When you feel like complaining about the heat, at least be thankful you’re not Pizza.

This poor polar bar, named Pizza, is being exhibited in a shopping center in Guangzhou. Some have found this atrocious and news is spreading quickly online. Netizens have started referring to him as the “world’s saddest polar bear”.

The park’s deputy manager, Li Chengtang, responded to complaints saying that it’s hard to judge the appropriateness of the living space since China doesn’t have regulations about such things… In addition, the theme park spends tens of thousands of yuan on Pizza’s food, and provides the bear with advanced medical care, Li added.

Sun Quanhui, a senior scientific advisor at World Animal Protection, worries that “frequent contact with human beings can adversely affect the bear’s mental health, immunity and life span.” Zhang Xiaohai, executive secretary of the Ta Foundation, a Beijing-based animal protection organization, believes that such exhibitions are inhumane, and that is wrong for visitors to support them.