What advantages does Endless Enterprise offer in business service consulting?

Endless Enterprise has many years of consulting experience in business services such as visas, licenses, taxes, and bank account services in China and other countries.

We are professional, boast a good reputation, and offer high security. We provide you with a one-stop business services solution including the initial setup of a company, application for permissions, website design, accounting, visas, and even business contracts. We can help you to improve your efficiency and success rate.


Endless Enterprise prides itself on the professionalism of its business service consulting and management team. We are closely familiar with all domestic and foreign laws, regulations, and departmental policies, have a deep understanding of the difficulties and risks of all business activities, and we can provide the most reliable, most cost-effective, and lowest risk solutions for clients.

In addition to the above, our branch company is committed to providing services in areas such as international trade, such as import and export permits, logistics, OEM introductions, and supply chain management.

Experienced, Reliable, and Legal

Endless Enterprise has many years of business consulting experience both domestically and abroad, has dealt with various kinds of Chinese and foreign visas, licenses, account numbers, taxes, and other difficult issues, and we are familiar with the process and requirements of government departments.

We have provided many large companies with long-term outsourcing services for their business needs such as various licenses, permits, visas, and life assistance for foreigners. We use our wealth of experience and professional knowledge, strictly in accordance with the laws and regulations, to ensure that your application is legal and successful.

It’s not easy doing business in China. From business registration to visa issues and taxes, navigating the regulatory and legal hurdles can be challenging to say the least. Coming to China and getting the right visa can be confusing and strenuous. Knowing what kind of visa to get and what documentation you will need for the right visa is a challenge in any country. 

With China’s rapid economic growth, the Chinese government is making new and improved policy changes. These changes and adjustments are evolving just as fast as the country grows. Just like any country going through this kind of growth and rapid expansion, keeping up on the immigration policies can be time-consuming and can make even the safest traveler feel overwhelmed. Even the most resourceful expats living in China or those seeking the exciting possibilities of coming to China can attest to this fact.

Getting help with the right visa is extremely important in a fast-paced country like China. That being said, here at Endless Enterprise, we have compiled a list of different types of visas and what each category means and how it is meant to be used.

Let us help you with the nuances of dealing with procedures in China and Hong Kong, so that you can focus on what’s most important to you.

“Endless Enterprise. Where the possibilities are endless”

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