4 Podcast listens about the Shenzhen’s Startup Scene

David Ho   |   June 16, 2018

We have curated a four podcast episodes below around the startup scene in Shenzhen, China. Check out and listen to these choice episodes to learn about what companies and personalities are hot in the startup ecosystem.

Shenzhen Superstars book on Asia Tech Podcast

Asia Tech Podcast has an interview with the writer of the book Shenzhen Superstars. Get some audio insight and stories about the startup scene in Shenzhen from hardware hacking on Huaqiangbei to software startups in Nanshan High-Tech park.

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Johan Nylander also on China Business Cast

China Business Cast also has an interview with the author of the Shenzhen Superstars book where you can get additional insights from the previous interview including details on The Greater Bay as Johan’s next book project.

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Shenzhen Innovation with Benjamin Joffe at HAX

Original from Technode and Chinatechtalk.

Shenzhen is know for its innovation in the hacking hardware scene and the startups around it. Technode interviews Benjamin Joffe from Hax. One key take away is that many of the startups that were targeting the B2C consumer space are now pivoting to target the commercial sector. If you can build a robot to do a task the ROI is easy to calculate.

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What the Shenzhen startup scene is like with Greg Curtin

skyscrapers near a pond of Shenzhen in China, a landscape with red and canary pillars

Greg Curtin talks about the Shenzhen startup scene from 15 years of international experience and understanding of how tech firms launch products through the PR firm he works for in the immigrant and innovation capital of China.

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Audio is a great way to catchup with what is going on in Shenzhen and learn about all the new business opportunities in the young city that is not about manufacturing anymore but is now about innovation.

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