Vanke Center by Steven Holl

Monica Zhou   |   October 8, 2021 has an article named “Vanke Center by Steven Holl”.

While in Shenzhen (深圳) last week, MovingCities – along with Ole Bouman [director NAi] – paid a visit to Steven Holl’s Vanke Center. We were there last December to attend the opening of the “URBANISMS Steven Holl + Li Hu: 4 Projects in China“-exhibit. This time around no images of models and masses, instead, snapshots from the inside.

A lot been written about the Horizontal Skyscraper, pieces oftentimes centered around the fact that the building is as long as the Empire State Building is tall. For an interesting overview of all of Steven Holl’s buildings in China “Getting the Lay of the Land” [Architectural Record, Jan’10] is a must-read, while “Green, not Grand” [China Daily, Dec’09] brings the project in relation to the wave of LEED-accredited architectures that is engulfing China.