A Heart For China Donation Support

In the past days we gathered 18790.66 rmb, so almost 19000 rmb. We already bought supplies for more than 14000 rmb for Wendi Hospital, Suizhou Central Hospital, Hubei Province and we hope we can buy more with donations done for Hubei and a hospital in Shenzhen. Please support! 在过去的这些天,“爱在中国”已收到来自社会爱心人士捐赠的“ 18790.66 元”,将近19000.00元善款。我们已经购买了一些物资捐给湖北省随州市中心医院文帝院区、 随州中心医院,支出超过 14000 元。 我们希望能有更多的善款,给我们湖北、深圳的医院更多的支持! […]