Make-Up Afternoon Tea at the Wyndham Grand

The Wyndham Grand is a prestigious hotel in the heart of Shenzhen, which has an established reputation for innovation and quality. Located in Futian Central Business District (CBD) and right next to Gangxia metro station on line 1, the Wyndham Grand is ideally situated near the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Centre. It provides a relaxed business environment just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of Shenzhen city.

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To celebrate the arrival of the warmer weather, the Wyndham Grand’s very own pastry chef has created an exquisite and exclusive afternoon tea. Designed especially with the ladies in mind, the Make-Up Afternoon Tea is ideal for sharing with that special someone – whether they are your significant other, your first date or your best friend.

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The presentation alone is enough to take your breath away. A large ebony make-up box, complete with a mirror and three layers of drawers, is the centrepiece of the set. This is complimented by an eye shadow set, face powder and bronzer – all of which are not only edible but delicious! To complete the afternoon tea is your choice of coffee, the monthly special sakura drink or unlimited black or green tea. Fresh flowers decorate the ‘make-up’, all of which is handmade in the Wyndham Grand’s kitchen.

If you prefer to start with something savoury try one of the four pieces of fresh sushi from the bottom drawer of the set, made with imported tuna, Norwegian salmon and red and green crab roe. For those of us with a sweet tooth the decision of where to start is almost impossible. Made with such delicacy and precision, it all looks too good to eat. Fresh seasonal fruit accompanies the sushi in the bottom drawer, while the middle drawer contains two mini fruit scones and two mango mousses in the shape of pretty pigs to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Pig. The top drawer is filled with French-style macarons in five different flavours: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, matcha and mango.

The key feature of the presentation is undoubtedly the top section of the box: two ‘lipsticks’ made of strawberry chocolate, which even twist up and down like real lipstick; a pot of ‘bronzer’ tiramisu dessert decorated with a fresh flower; a bowl of homemade traditional Chinese sweet herbal drink with rose petals; and a high-heeled shoe made of strawberry chocolate and filled with fresh blueberries and strawberries. On the side, the ‘face powder’ is a delightful cheesecake and the ‘eye shadow’ is actually different flavoured chocolate – white, dark, strawberry and lemon; even the eye shadow brush is made of chocolate! Finally an ornate teapot with matching cups completes the Make-Up Afternoon Tea.

Part of the attraction – alongside the 235 well-appointed rooms – is the excellent selection of dining options available without even stepping foot outside the hotel. The Grand Kitchen on the third floor has an excellent buffet of Chinese and Western foods, whilst Nadagogo Japanese restaurant, also on the third floor, is the latest addition to the Wyndham Grand’s dining experiences and has already become extremely popular.  A more local taste can be found at the Grand Wok restaurant on the fifth floor, which features the best of Cantonese and Chaozhou cuisines. For an entirely different setting, the Vintage Lobby Lounge is your first port of call. Situated on the first floor, it is the only hotel lobby lounge in Shenzhen to have an outdoor garden and thus makes the ideal venue to take full advantage of the beautiful spring weather.

Such a special treat as the Make-Up Afternoon Tea needs to be ordered at least one day in advance as each item is made fresh daily by the Wyndham Grand’s pastry chef. At the amazing price of RMB268++ for two people, make sure you reserve your place for the limited time it is available – from 1st April until 30th June 2019.

Address: Wyndham Grand Hotel, 2009 Caitian Road, Futian, Shenzhen


Tel: +86 755 8299 8888

Tailor-made Perfection


Something that is often associated with China – and with Shenzhen in particular – is tailor-made clothes. Many people visit Shenzhen from Hong Kong and further afield specifically to get top quality and reasonably priced clothes made to fit. One of the best tailors to be found in Shenzhen is Calvin’s Tailor Shop.

Situated in Commercial City, Luohu, on the 5th floor, Calvin’s is easy to find as it’s not far from the escalators. Here Calvin will greet you in English or Chinese, depending on your preferred language. This sets him apart from many other tailors in Luohu as he will understand everything anyone, whether Chinese or foreign, would want.

Calvin comes from a family of tailors going back three generations. Originally from Shanghai, he has worked as a tailor for 25 years and has had the same shop in Commercial City since 1999. He will guarantee anything he makes for you; however, his clothes are made to such detail that customers rarely – if ever – need a second fitting.

Sewing handmade clothes.

You have different options when choosing how your clothes will be made. You can either bring an item of clothing you want copied or a picture of the item of clothing you want and Calvin will reproduce it. Alternatively, if you’re not sure exactly what style you want Calvin can make items based on designs he has in store. He understands which styles and fabrics will suit which body types and skin colours and is an expert at recommending the perfect cut.

What sets Calvin apart from the numerous tailors you can find in Shenzhen is not just the outstanding service and attention to detail. Calvin also provides personal service to travellers: he will visit you in your hotel to take your measurements and show you a selection of fabric to choose from, and then your handmade clothing will be delivered to your hotel 24 hours later. Perfect if you are making a whistle-stop visit to Shenzhen, and amazing considering the usual turnaround time is one week. Don’t despair if you live elsewhere, or if you don’t have the time to wait in Shenzhen for 24 hours, as Calvin can arrange to have your clothes delivered anywhere in the world purely for the cost of the delivery.

Calvin’s business has grown since he first started fixing hems and sewing buttons when he was only 17. He now has 18 reliable staff working for him, many of whom have been working for him for over 20 years. This means you don’t need to worry that Calvin will be too busy to give you personal service, and you can expect the same professional service and standard no matter how many items you want made.

Men’s suits and shirts are Calvin’s favourite things to make as this is what he started with all those years ago. Men’s shirts usually cost around RMB 200 and suits vary in price depending on the quality of the fabric, ranging from RMB 750 up to RMB 2,500 for imported fabric from Italy or England. Ladies’ suits are also a specialty of Calvin’s with prices from RMB 650 to RMB 1,200. Calvin can also personalise your clothes by embroidering your name or initials on the cuffs of your shirts or inside the jacket to add that extra touch.

Whether you want a high-end suit or a one-off outfit for a special occasion, Calvin’s Tailor Shop is the ideal place to get perfectly-fitting quality clothes at a reasonable price.

Business Hours: Open 7 days a week 10am-8.30pm

Place Name: Calvin’s Tailor Shop

Place Address: No.5049 5/F,Luohu Commercial City Shenzhen (Luohu metro station, exit C) 深圳罗湖商业城5楼5049号 罗湖地铁站C出口

Phone/WhatsApp/WeChat: +8613682435489





The Art Of Making A Suit By Tailor Tom Bespoke

When we picture a man in a suit, we see James Bond in his black tuxedo in Goldfinger or Don Draper sporting a grey suit during a sales pitch in Mad Men. You can be quite sure that neither man bought their suits off the rack or some tailor who gave them a business card on the street.

They wear the kind of suits that are made by Tailor Tom Bespoke. Having learned his craft over six years working as a pattern maker for prestigious New York custom tailors, Michael Andrews Bespoke, Tom started his own tailors a little over two years ago.

Tailor Tom Bespoke prides themselves on being a traditional tailor that offer 100% custom and handmade suits. Every step of the process is tailored to the customer’s requirements from taking the measurements, preparing the basted fit, allowing for any adjustments, to the final finished suit.

A fine suit begins with the fabric. While tailors in Luohu source the cheapest local material for their suits, Tailor Tom offers only the finest wool, silk, cotton, linen and mohair from Italy and England. Adorning the shelves of his tailor shop are books of fabric from such renowned names as Marzoni, Ariston, and Caccioppoli.

When tailoring a suit, there are countless facets and circumstances to consider. What occasion is the suit for? What time of year will it be? If it is a wedding, is it being held indoors or outside? Will the suit be used on the one occasion or regularly? As you listen to Tom roll off a list of questions he will ask his client, it becomes clear that he is a man who sees things from every angle and plans for every eventuality.

His encyclopedic knowledge is displayed when asked to advice on some hypothetical clients. For shorter gentleman, he normally suggests to wear a one button jacket to create an impression that they are taller. Clients who have a little extra weight should stay away from checkered patterns and look for striped designs that give an altogether leaner appearance. When he is working with his Chinese customers, he warns them against using brown material as it is unsuitable against their skin tone. For weddings, he recommends the groom to wear a navy suit to complement the bride’s white dress.

Tom will ask these questions during the first meeting with the client. After an appointment is booked, Tom will talk with them about not only what suit they want, but also about themselves. He takes the measurements and together they will check the fabric. Around two weeks later there will be the basted fitting. If the fitting goes smoothly then the suit can be put into production and be ready within the hour. If some small adjustments are required then a further fitting can be scheduled.

For those planning to wear a suit for a wedding, Tom also offers free of charge to change the lapels of the jacket afterwards so that the suit can be worn on more than one occasion. After all, it would be a shame to wear such a suit only once.

No tailored suit is truly complete, however, without a pair of handmade shoes to go along with it. As Tom shows a choice pair of brogues, it’s clear that just as much careful craftsmanship goes into the shoes as does the suits.

Whether you are planning on being dressed like James Bond at a wedding or wish to turn up to the office looking like Don Draper, Tailor Tom Bespoke will help you tailor your next suit to the occasion and your personality.

Every piece of clothing is handmade by the tailor, including the passion of the tailor for the advanced customization industry, and the temperature of the fingertips.

Address: RM 1201, International Mayors Communication Center, No.55, Shizhou Road, Nanshan District (深圳市南山区石洲中路55号国际市长交流中心1201。白石洲地铁站C出口)



Tel: +86 18898731186

Wechat: 18898731186