Orthodontic Aligners! Best Technology To Align Your Teeth

What is Orthodontic Aligners?什么是正畸校准器? Orthodontic Aligners is a clear aligners system consisting of a series of transparent, plastic trays used to adjust teeth. They are clear alternatives to fixed clear braces for adults and teens. 正畸校准器是由一系列透明的校准器系统组成,由一系列透明的塑料托盘组成,用来调整牙齿。对于成人和青少年来说,它们是固定的透明的牙套的明显替代品。 Benefits of Orthodontic Aligners正畸校准器的好处 Compared to conventional braces, Orthodontic Aligners provides:与传统牙套相比,正畸校准器提供: A more comfortable treatment : clear aligners are removable […]