New Hiking Trail to Nanshan Mountain

Shekou people rejoice!  A new trail has opened on the much loved and well hiked Nanshan mountain.  One of the great things about Shenzhen is the numerous and varied hikes on offer to both to avid hiker, or the humble beginner.  Nanshan mountain is a very popular and well hiked mountain due to its casual difficulty, nice views and convenient location. From early morning till late at night, you will never be alone when you are on this mountain. Nanshan mountain is only about 330 meters in height, so, if you are on the mountain, you will encounter people of all ages, such as the elderly, young parents carrying their new born babies, and even toddlers who are climbing the mountain using hands and feet.


On a clear day the views on offer here are quite fantastic, you can see the panoramic vista of Shekou below you, and can see far off into the ocean too. There are several vantage points, which each provide excellent views, so its up to you how many of them you want to see.  This is also an excellent night time hike, as the city below you twinkles in the night sky. The trail is not so well lit at night but there will always be a ton of people hiking so safety is not a problem, just follow the crowd. The trail is paved in stairs so it’s easy to follow and impossible to get lost.

New Trail

Recently a new trail to this mountain has opened up.   Experienced hikers of this mountain will tell you its been there for over 2 years, however up until now its not been open to the public.  I regret to say this is NOT a new trail to the top of the mountain, but actually a trail that links to the BASE of the mountain at which you start the hike.  This will only benefit those that live in the Chiwan/Shekou Port area as it can connect directly and will save some time.  If you are coming from others parts of Shenzhen then this new trail will not really be convenient for you to use.  It starts from near the Shan Hai Yun community and ends just near Nanshan mountain park.  Its around 440 meters and has a rest stop and some decent views.  There is an abundance of flora and fauna along the way and it’s a feast for the eyes.   This path is open 7 AM until 6 PM every day.

Shan Hai Yun Community.
Go right beside this electrical equipment and the wall.
Follow this alleyway to the trail.


Hike difficulty 2.5/5.  Not very high and it’s all stairs.

Bring 2 liters of water with you just to be safe.  There will be someone at the top to buy water from but it will be more expensive.  Same for snacks, bring your own.

From Seaworld Metro station exit A,  walk forward and turn right, follow the road forward until you see the sign for Nanshan Mountain Park.

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Getting To Know Shenzhen

Shenzhen is in the top ten cities for international tourism on the Euromonitor top 100 city destinations ranking list staying at #9. It is a new and energetic city which soon became travelers’ best-in-class embodiment of their values and interests. Economic, political environment, public transportation and etc. have been intensively improved over the past few years.

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Hiking weekend getaways in Hong Kong

Group hiking in Hong Kong a way to relax and mingle
Successful hike to the Hong Kong beach people jumping

When you have exhausted your list of things to do in Shenzhen and finally get to take off time from work for a long-overdue weekend getaway, you’ll want to savor every last minute of it by hiking. For nature lovers living in Shenzhen, there is always a choice for a bit of travel — Hong Kong, and you can do it with a group of people who share the same interest. Hiking in Hong Kong is is the best way to get outdoors and socialize with people of all nationalities.

Multinational hiking group

Hong Kong, located right next to Shenzhen, is endowed with bright sunshine, soft beaches, limpid seawater and hot weather all the year round. It enjoys a long and winding coastline, which gives birth to dozens of bays and beaches. Sheltered by mountains with hiking trails, many of them are unruffled and free from strong wind.

Sai Wan Beach view from a hike

Oswaldo Loor from Ecuador got an invitation of hiking in Hong Kong from Ye Wenhao last May, who was organizing hiking trips at that time. Interested in the trip though, Loor at the end still wanted to go to a beach in Hong Kong with his Latin friends.

Women on a Hong Kong hike

Ye told Loor that he could organize a trip to the beach if more than 28 people joined, which was enough for renting a whole bus. That said, Loor started to promote the beach trip and successfully got 56 people to join it.

The beach they went to is Sai Wan Beach, which has been described as one of the best scenic spots in Sai Kung East or even Hong Kong. The beach features white sand and clear blue waters, which is attributable to its relative inaccessibility.

Beach view while hiking in Hong Kong

“The first time we went to Sai Wan Beach was so much fun. We jumped the cliff, bathed in the ocean and all. The people were really happy. We were a mixed crowd of Chinese and expats. They really enjoyed it and thanked us for organizing the trip” said Loor, who was so happy and decided to organize more trips with Ye.

Up to now, they have organized about ten trips, including trips to Sai Wan Beach in Sai Kung Peninsula, MacLehose Trail Section 1 & 2, Suicide Cliff at the south of Kowloon Peak, and Sunset Peak. Loor said they organize at least two trips every month, mostly on the weekend. Every time, around 28 people join the trip.

Cow on a group hike

During the trip, you can not only enjoy the stunning natural scenery and burn some calories sweating out, but also meet new friends from different countries, talking, dancing, swimming, jumping and camping out.

hiking trail in hong kong

All people are welcome to join their Hong Kong trips, which cost only a bit of money but return tons of fun, a great recharge of energy and an ignition of passion for life.

Take a step forward to hike

If you are interested to know more about their hiking trips add Oswaldo on WeChat, his user is: osloor and join also their hiking WeChat group with around 400 members.

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