Shenzhen Lobsters: Meet Shenzhen’s Top Volleyball Team

Shenzhen Lobsters are a group of amateur volleyball players that hail from all over the world and gather twice a week to play in Shenzhen. We are organized into two groups based on ability and experience. We have practice in the QSI gym and sometimes at other courts in Shekou. Those who attend on Wednesday are both men and women and play at an intermediate level. On Sundays, those who attend are mostly men, who play at a higher, more advanced level.

Don’t feel intimidated by the different skill levels. We only split the players to make sure everyone has the most fun possible. What matters most is the team spirit and sense of community. The Lobsters are a cultural melting pot of volleyball players living and working in Shenzhen. We have players from Italy, USA, Russia, Thailand, France, Philippines, Spain, Brazil, Germany, and of course, China. The Lobsters can be summed up by our motto, “Playing sports and making new friends”.

The Lobsters were founded in 2014 by a group of expats and, in particular, Clement Coletto. Clement took care of the intermediate group and he was very supportive and helpful to everyone in the team. Without Clement, the Lobsters would not have existed.

Although there is no amateur volleyball league in Shenzhen as of yet, we have a large network of local teams that we regularly play friendlies with and take part in tournaments in Shenzhen, Foshan, and Guangzhou. We also attend the annual beach volleyball tournament in Dameisha every July. The team like to socialize and hang out too. We usually organize a dinner once a month to Baia restaurant in Seaworld and sometimes go for a quick snack or drink after training on Wednesdays.

For more information, contact us through our Facebook page, where we will be happy to answer any questions and add you to our WeChat group.

Shekou Hash House Harriers – A drinking club with a running problem

We are the Shekou kennel of the Hash House Harriers (SH3), a worldwide ‘Drinking Club with a running problem’.  SH3 was founded in 1984 thus we’ll have our 35 years anniversary this year.

We meet every Saturday 12:45 at the Snake Pit Seaworld, our bus departs 13:30 for a trail run or walk in the mountains near Shenzhen.  Our runs are between 7-11 km long and occasionally up to 700m of combined ascent. The walk is shorter compared to the run trail, typically about half of it.


The trail to follow is marked with flour or chalk and there are ‘false’ trails, one will have to find the right trail or even better stay with the pack.  This is based on the paper chase game ‘Hare and Hounds’ and pretty much followed by all hash kennels around the world.

On average we have 35 ‘Hasher’ every Saturday sometimes up 80. We tend to come back to Shekou between 18:30 and 20:00 pending traffic condition. To pay for buses, water, soda and most importantly beer we charge our hashers 30/60/80 RMB kids/girls/guys per run. We are not exactly a family hash but we are family friendly with some ‘adult’ language as it is common in all hash kennels. Some hasher bring there dogs along, just we can’t guarantee that dogs are allowed on all parts of the trail since we sometimes run through parks. After we are back arrange for dinner somewhere in Shekou, cost for that is extra.



Place Address: Shekou Sea World, District C, Shop 117  (Seaworld subway station exit A) 蛇口海上世界C区117号铺

The Story of SIAFL: Shenzhen’s Top Football League For Foreigners

Football is an important part of many foreigners lives and that doesn’t change for them when they move to cities like Shenzhen. Luckily, for those who want to continue to enjoy their passion, there is the Shenzhen International Amateur Football League (known as SIAFL for short). 

With the new season starting on Monday April 8th, Shenzhen Party thought it was the perfect time to sit down with the league’s chairman, Johan Liden, to discuss the story of SIAFL.

Tigers take on Dragons back in SIAFL 2016

Shenzhen Party (SZP­): What is the history of SIAFL? How did it all start?

Johan Liden (JL): A group of smart Shenzhen based football enthusiasts decided to organize an expats league in 2012. The group was already involved in several teams and communities around Shenzhen and came together to create a serious league around a common set of rules.

Nick Thompson was the driving force and was chairman from the first season in 2013 all the way to 2017. Nick still contributes significantly to SIAFL as part of SIAFL’s executive committee with myself and Ryan Tang. From the guys that were involved already from the beginning, Tansel Oender is still a major contributor with Inter Shenzhen, Kim Lee of Lunatics, and Pedro Pinto as manager of Tigers F.C.

Devils, SIAFL 2018

SZP: What is your own personal history with the league? How did you first become involved as a player? How did your role grow from there?

JL: I came in contact with SIAFL sometime midseason 2015 when I had made friends with the guys in Tigers F.C. and started playing football with them. Then I met Nick Thompson, the SIAFL founder and chairman at that time, and we connected from day one. From there, I helped Nick out with the league in 2016 and 2017 as much as I could.

When Nick announced at the conclusion of the 2017 season that he would be busy in 2018 with work and travel and wanted to step down, the managers of the teams in SIAFL appointed myself and Ryan Tang, manager of Lions F.C., to take over the reins, so to speak. Ryan and I developed a plan for 2018 that was later confirmed at a team managers’ meeting and I took over as chairman before the 2018 season started.

Dragons, SIAFL 2018

SZP: Is there much diversity in the league in terms of ethnicity and nationality?

JL: Yes. Very much so. We have 10 teams now in SIAFL and more than 285 players played in the league at different times during the last season. Last year, players from 52 countries represented SIAFL teams. Football is truly global and SIAFL definitely proves that football can unite people from all over the world.

Los Turcos, SIAFL 2018

SZP: How would you describe the competitiveness of the league? What is the balance between players going to have a good time and teams looking to win?

JL: I am proud to say that SIAFL 2018 displayed an almost perfect mix of competitiveness and community features, and we are excited to see that continue in the new season.

And for sure, it gets heated sometimes, that comes with the level of competitiveness. The top teams in SIAFL are very, very good for amateur football level. There are a lot of football coaches in Shenzhen and most of them play for SIAFL teams. We have several ex-professional players in SIAFL as well as guys that just like to come down once a week to try to win a game with their friends. So, diversity is there too.

Last season, Shenzhen Tigers F.C. were the SIAFL 2018 Champions after winning their last game against East Side 5-1. When title rival Inter Shenzhen lost to a strong Dragons side by 2-5, the Tigers secured the title 3 points clear at the top of the table.

With the league season completed, we played two knockout competitions, the Cup and the Plate. The top teams played the Cup and the team’s placed on lower league positions played the Plate. This gave teams that didn’t get good enough results during the full season – and therefore are out of contention of winning the league – to still have the opportunity to win a trophy at the end of the season. In 2018, Inter Shenzhen ran out victorious against Tigers in the Cup, while East Side beat Dragons in the Plate.

Tigers, SIAFL 2018

SZP: Currently there are no Chinese teams in the league. Are there any plans for that change?

JL: We are looking into that. We had one Chinese team under consideration for joining SIAFL in 2018. In the end that didn’t happen. Let’s see in future. The possibility of expanding our community and league by building a bridge to the Chinese football community in Shenzhen is something that we are very keen on exploring.

Lions, SIAFL 2018

SZP: Does SIAFL arrange events on the social side of things too?

JL: We have an opening party and a closing party every season. Last year we hosted an additional, separate party to celebrate the completion of the league season and the league champion. The party started at the pitches during the games for the fans and continued after the games at our SIAFL head sponsor Xpats Bar & Grill at Central Walk in Futian.

Last year, the season-ending party was hosted on the night when we had the Cup and Plate finals. All of this is possible thanks to the tremendous support that SIAFL receives from Xpats Bar & Grill and the owner Phenix.

Wolves (wearing green) battle for victory in SIAFL 2018

SZP: What are the future plans for SIAFL?

JL: Major changes or additions to league format and rules are decided at team managers’ meetings between seasons. We have been discussing to have a first and second division to be able to offer even more focus on competitiveness for the top division and yet offer a second division with more focus on community and having a laugh.

The format and rules of SIAFL were very smartly stipulated from the beginning and have carefully been updated and amended for six years so they work well under the specific circumstances of running an expats amateur football league in the city of Shenzhen. In short, we want to improve and add features but will do so carefully.

Pests, SIAFL 2016

SZP: What do you think makes SIAFL such an important part of the expat community in Shenzhen?

JL: First, football is the best sport ever invented in human history. Football unites and is global. Second, the structure of SIAFL is very smartly designed.

Those two factors are a great foundation. But at the end of the day, the people in SIAFL must be my answer. There were some very special and awesome people that not only founded SIAFL in the right way, they also took care of SIAFL and constantly improved our league over the years. These special guys are still a huge part of SIAFL. And of course, fantastic people attract more fantastic people. The people in SIAFL are a crazy (the good type of crazy!) and an amazing group that I am very proud to be part of.

The Tigers celebrate winning SIAFL 2018

SZP: If someone wishes to join a team in the league, what is the best way to get in touch?

JL: is a good start. Register a profile there and you get access to contacting managers of the SIAFL teams.

Another way is just to come down to our games. We play most Mondays from April to December with a summer break in July and August. You find all info on our website. I also think that there is great chance to meet SIAFL people all around the city that can bring you to a football session. Any interested football fans out there can also send me a message so that I can help out pointing them in the right direction.

If I may, here at the end of this interview, I want to take the chance to express my deepest appreciation and thanks to our league head sponsor Xpats Bar & Grill and owner Phenix, and to Nick Thompson, Ryan Tang, Dmitry Antonov, and Cindy Liu for their fundamental support to SIAFL and of course to all the teams, managers, players, and fans. Together we all make it all happen.

Shenzhen Celts Gaelic Football Club – The Finest GAA & Social Club in South China!

Shenzhen Celts Gaelic Football Club – The Finest GAA & Social Club in South China!


Formed in 2004, the Shenzhen Celts have been a mainstay of the Asian Gaelic Football scene, competing in and winning many Chinese and Asian competitions. The club has both a Men’s and Women’s team, who regularly compete against our South China neighbors in Hong Kong. We are a friendly and diverse bunch that welcomes all comers, regardless of age, ability, or experience. Hon the Celts!


Outside of our dedication to the game we all love, the Celts also have a social side with events being held around the city on a regular basis. These events range from seasonal brunches to casual weekend beers, so feel free to come along and join us at any of them! Irish culture is an important part of the club, and so St. Patrick’s Day is always a bit special.


As Guangdong’s premier Gaelic Football club, we aim to create an atmosphere that promotes open-mindedness, fitness, fun, respect, and commitment. Our doors are open to all regardless of age, gender, experience, or fitness levels. If you’re interested then we hope to see you down at the pitch with us on a Friday evening soon!

Contact Details

WeChat: danlyons2905


Training Time: Fridays, 20:30

Training Location: Yunding School, Fumin, Huanggang Park, Genting Seventh Street, Futian District, Shenzhen (深圳市福田区深圳云顶学校黄冈公园第七街)

Color Snow: A Place To Ski & Snowboard Plus More

It’s not much fun being in Shenzhen if you love to ski or snowboard. After all, we are unlikely to ever get frost, let alone some snow. A new indoor venue that has opened in Nanshan, however, offers snow sports enthusiasts a much needed place to go.

Before getting carried away, we should clarify this is no Alps or Aspen, but there is a mid-sized indoor dry ski slope as well as 3D alpine ski simulators, with expert instructors available. There are only four 3D simulators of their kind in the whole of China and are used to train the national ski team. Meanwhile, the indoor ski slope is made of a high-tech composite that allows for the tilt angle and speed of the slope to be adjusted.

It’s a safe environment available all-year round for novices to learn the basics before they go out on the slopes or for seasoned skiers to get the rust off those skies before they hit the snow again.

Color Snow also has a small trampoline park too, with one-on-one teachers and group classes available, as well as rock-climbing walls for the young wannabe Alex Honnold out there.

This gem of an indoor sports complex is hidden away in an industrial park, located a little away from Daxin metro station. If you plan to check it out, it’s recommended to take a taxi or drive.

Address: 顽雪ColorSnow滑雪基地(北环大道10020)

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 13:30 to 21:30; Saturday to Sunday, 09:30 to 21:30

Tel: +86 2199 2199

Official WeChat Account: 顽雪世界

FlowLife: Time to Go Flowboarding at New Indoor Center

Want to try something new this weekend? Fancy a break from the same old routine? Then Shenzhen Party might have found the place for you. FlowLife flowboarding center in Chiwan.

Located in PW Sport Town – one of the most interesting new areas of Shenzhen – FlowLife is arguably the most eye-catching of the cool places that have opened there.

The center has an open lobby, warm-up and warm-down rooms, as well as modern changing rooms. But it’s in the flowboarding area where everything is happening; machines blast out waves constantly as seasoned pros perfect their skills alongside newbies learning the ropes with coaches. The area is well-heated and the sound system pounds with EDM to get the surfers pumped up. It really is a very, very cool atmosphere.

FlowLife offers 90-minute sessions. They start with a 20-minute warm-up and lesson, followed by 60 minutes of flowboarding with one of the coaches, and wrapped up with a 10-minute warm-down session.

I’m not going to lie. I was expecting it all to be pricey after seeing the place, but one session only costs RMB268. You can also purchase VIP cards. Top up RMB3,000 and get RMB500 extra, add RMB5,000 and get an additional RMB1,500, or go all out and top up RMB10,000 and receive a further RMB5,000.

It’s also great for parties or team building, and they have a function room upstairs with catering available on request.

So, what you waiting for? It’s time to catch some waves at FlowLife.

Address: Building A, PW Sport Town, Haiwan Road,  Zhaoshang Street, Shekou 深圳市南山区招商街道蛇口海湾路湄南河体育小镇A栋

Tel: 0755-86628876

WeChat: FlowLife拓极滑板冲浪

Ticketing Link: Click here

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 13:00-20:00, Saturday-Sunday 10:00-21:00

ICC Badminton Club – Shenzhen: A Sports Team On The Rise

ICC Badminton Club – Shenzhen was founded in 2016 as part of the ICC Sports Club under the management of Indian Curry Café Restaurant. Since then, the club has participated in all major badminton tournaments happening in and around Shenzhen. The ICC Chunks and ICC Devils are two different men’s doubles team representing ICC Badminton Club in all major tournaments. The club runs in close connection with the ICC Chunks Cricket Club, one of Shenzhen’s top cricket teams, also established in the same year. 

The club took part in the Shenzhen Badminton League 1 in 2017. It was a tough first year, but the team learned from their mistakes. The players worked on their approach and with support from Indian Curry Café, the team has been going from strength to strength since.

In 2018 in the Shenzhen Badminton League 2, the club contested as two separate teams, ICC Chunks & ICC Devils. Both teams showed great team spirit and their true potential, winning the championship and finishing as runners up respectively. In January 2019, the club added one more title to their collection by winning the badminton championship organized by Guangzhou GMC. 

Behind the success story of the club are a number of passionate people. John, the Manager of ICC Sports Club, is at the heart of everything the club does. Chris Michael, the captain of the ICC Cricket Club, tours with the badminton teams as well as helping prepare and motivate them for their tournaments. Of course, there are the players too. Nixon Antony (NIXI) and Labeeb Muhammed (LABI) represent the ICC Chunks, while Prayag Praveen (RAY) and Collin Raymond (COLLIN) represent the ICC Devils. Not forgetting Aadi, who played for the ICC Chunks during the 2018 season.  

Indian Curry Café is famous for their authentic Indian taste, particularly in South China, and especially in Shenzhen. Now, they are adding more flavors to their name through sports.

For more information, call John on 13424313585 or add him on WeChat at “JohnPriyanka0755”.  

Place Address: 

Century plaza hotel, 3rd floor, chunfeng rd, luohu, SZ(near renmin south station, C exit 9line)

Place Phone: 


Shenzhen Games: The Largest Video Game and Console Retailer in South China

Get the latest releases

Shenzhen Games offers the latest in video games, accessories, and consoles like Playstation 4, Playstation VR, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, both new and second hand.

Sell or trade your old games and consoles 

At Shenzhen Games, we will buy the old games and consoles you no longer want or you can trade them for new ones. Whichever you prefer, we will handle the shipping and costs.

Region-free consoles

We understand how important it is to have a region-free console. That’s why we only sell region-free US or Hong Kong consoles, rather than region-locked Chinese consoles.

Free delivery that is fast and secure

Shenzhen Games offers free delivery on regular orders of consoles and games and we pride ourselves on making sure you receive your orders as soon as possible. Deliveries are sent via SF Express and will arrive the next day or the day after, depending on where you live.

All deliveries are secure and we will give you your tracking number so you can track your order via the SF Express website and see exactly where your order is, when it will arrive, and the mobile number of the courier in case you need to get in contact.

One-year warranty

All consoles and accessories, whether new or second hand, come with a one year warranty.

A company you can trust

Shenzhen Games have been active for four years now. During which time, we have sold hundreds of consoles and thousands of games. For that, we would like to share our gratitude with all our friends across China for supporting Shenzhen Games and thank you for choosing us as your number one games and console provider.

Contact us today

For more information, please add us on WeChat at “shenzhengames”.

Place Address:


Place Phone:


Top 5 Places To Play Basketball In Shenzhen

Before we begin, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Patrick Regulier, known as 帕克教练 in China and I am the creator of the Basketball for kids academy. I’m originally from Paris, France and I have been working as a basketball coach in China for the past 10 years. I’ve also been hosting basketball camps and running kids academies for over five years and playing on courts all over Shenzhen for more than a decade.

There are thousands of courts all over this city, but I will do my best to narrow down my favorites to just five. I have had to leave out a few places I love, but here are my absolute top 5 places to play basketball in Shenzhen.

  1. Nanshan Lianhua Basketball Court

Lianhua is an American streetball-style court. The venue is covered in cool street art and hip-hop music blasts out the speakers. It offers 8 full courts and boasts a VIP court with a wooden floor, and it’s just an 8 minute walk from Nanshan subway station, so there’s no excuse to not check it out if you are in the area.

Address:  Shenzhen Ave, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 广东省深圳市南山区南山大

Opening Hours: 08:00 – 24:00


  • Individual ticket: RMB25 (Unlimited Time)
  • Half court: RMB200 (Per Hour)
  • Full court: RMB400 (Per Hour)
  • VIP half court: RMB250 (Per Hour)
  • VIP full court: RMB500 (Per Hour)
  1. Sweet Lake Resort

Sweet Lake Resort is one of my personal favorite spots in the city. The place has three basketball parks, so if you get bored with one you can always just switch to another. It’s perfect for the kind of player who really likes to compete and test himself and it’s just a 3 minute work from Xiangmi subway station too.

Address: Futian Sports Park, 3030 Fuqiang Rd, Futian District, Shenzhen  广东省深圳市福田区福强路3030号福田体育公园  

Sweet Lake Resort Park 1: PW (国际篮球场)

The atmosphere is always buzzing here with music playing and NBA games live or replayed on the big screen and it has three full courts and one half court.

Address: Sweet Lake Resort Park, Xiangmihu Food City, Xiangmi South 1st St, Futian District, Shenzhen 百灵鸟香蜜湖篮球福田区香蜜湖美食广车驾照

Opening Hours: 10:00 to 22:00


  • Individual ticket: RMB10 (Unlimited Time)
  • Full court: RMB300 (Per Hour)

Sweet Lake Resort Park 2: Xiangmihu Basketball Park (百灵鸟香蜜湖篮球公园)

It has 6 full courts, but what makes these courts special is that they are surrounded by trees. The foliage offers a lot of cover, making those hot and sunny Shenzhen days easier to bear.

Address: Sweet Lake Resort Park, Xiangmihu Food City, Xiangmi South 1st St, Futian District, Shenzhen百灵鸟香蜜湖篮球福田区香蜜湖美食广车驾照

Opening Hours: 09:00 – 22:00 (Weekends), 16:00 – 22:00 (Weekdays)


  • Individual ticket: RMB15 (Unlimited Time)
  • Half court: RMB150 (Per Hour)
  • Full court: RMB300 (Per Hour)

Sweet Lake Resort Park 3: Q Park (香蜜湖篮球场)

This is the court where I always get pushed to play the best I can. The players here are really competitive and they play as though their lives depend on it. I love that attitude and competitiveness.

Address: 5th Floor, Outlets Car Square, No. 8, Minkang Rd, Baoan District, Shenzhen龙华新区民治8仓奥特莱斯汽车广场5楼楼

Opening Hours: 09:00 – 22:00


  • Individual ticket: RMB10 (Unlimited Time)
  • Half court: RMB140 (Per Hour)
  • Full court: RMB250 (Per Hour
  1. Shenzhen Bay Basketball Court

The Shenzhen Bay basketball complex is one of the most beautiful set of courts to play in the city. Located near the Olympiad stadium in Nanshan, this place has 8 courts and is within walking distance of Exit H at Houhai subway station.

Address: Shenzhen Bay Sports Center Stadium, 3001 Binhai Ave, Futian, Shenzhen 深圳湾篮球场南山区深圳湾体育场外部天行达

Opening Hours: 09:00 – 22:00 (Weekends), 16:00 – 22:00 (Weekdays)


  • Individual ticket: RMB10 (Unlimited Time)
  • Full court: RMB300 (Per Hour)

4. Chegongmiao Basketball Court 

Chegongmiao Basketball Court has a very nice collection of eight courts where you are more likely to find foreigners hanging out and playing. Go down at the right time and you might be able to join in with a 1 vs 1 tournament. Head out from Chegongmiao subway station at Exit C to find this gem.

Address: 20 meters to the left of Crown Sports Center, Tairan 9th Road, Futian District (福田区泰然九路皇冠体育中心左 20)

Opening Hours: Opening Hours: 09:00 – 22:00 (Weekends), 16:00 – 22:00 (Weekdays)


  • Individual ticket: RMB10 (Unlimited Time)
  • Full court: RMB300 (Per Hour)
  1. Upper Merlin V5 Basketball Court  (上梅林V5篮球场)

While Shenzhen has no shortage of outdoor basketball courts, it’s a lot harder to come by indoor places to play. I’ve included Upper Merlin V5 because it boasts two awesome indoor full courts. What’s even better is that you are able to get an individual ticket too, so you can find a pickup game if it’s raining one day. That being said, it’s not particularly close to any subway station, so bear that in mind.

Address: Meilin V5 basketball court, Shangmeilin subway station, the top floor of the 3rd floor of Tongda Automobile Plaza, Futian District, Shenzhen 梅林V5篮球场 福田区上梅林地铁站通大汽车广场3楼楼

Opening Hours: Opening Hours: 09:00 – 22:00 (Weekends), 16:00 – 22:00 (Weekdays)


  • Individual ticket: RMB10 (Unlimited Time)
  • Full court: RMB200 (Per Hour)

First DownYouth American Football Academy

First DownYouth American Football Academy is the latest Football Academy to open in Shenzhen. After seeing the growth of American Football in China over the past few years, two longtime Shenzhen expats founded First Down in the summer of 2018.

First Down opened wanting to provide a safe and fun football experience for kids in the community. The head coaches are USA Football certified Tackle and Flag Football coaches with over 25 years of combined experience. Using this knowledge, they have been able to create the only authentic American Football experience in Shenzhen. This is not just about learning how to play a sport, but a cultural experience too.

The core values and principles of Football go far and beyond the playing field. Sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline, life skills, humility, perseverance, camaraderie and respect are just a few of the things young athletes will learn about when playing and learning about this sport.

American Football is an extremely team oriented sport. Every person on a team is as important as the next. If one teammate fails to do their job, the entire team will fail. There is an old adage that applies to football, “You are only as strong as your weakest link”. This is what makes this sport unique. It provides a platform for children to learn how to communicate and work together to achieve a common goal through sports. If a team works together they can achieve anything, the sky is the limit!

For now, practices are held in the Shekou area but there will be expansions to other areas in the future. Boys and girls from 3 years old to 13 years old are welcome to attend and every child is encouraged to attend a free trial class before signing up. 7 years and under will be playing non-contact flag football while 8 and older will play tackle football.

Contact Ben for more information:


Learn Ultimate Frisbee with the SZUPA

The Shenzhen Ultimate Players Association (SZUPA) is a club of like-minded Expat and Chinese players that enjoy the sport Ultimate Frisbee. Our goal is to spread the word about our sport and popularize it in Shenzhen and in China. Since 2008, through tireless effort, we’ve worked to bring Ultimate Frisbee to the attention of people in the city through organizing tournaments, dinner events, beach trips, and free demos to teach new players. Our events have been featured online, on TV, and in newspapers and magazines such as Shenzhen Daily and That’s PRD.

What is Ultimate Frisbee?

Ultimate Frisbee is a popular team sport played in many high schools and colleges in the US. First created in 1968 in New Jersey, the sport has spread all over the world.

It is a non-contact co-ed sport played on a field similar to an American Football or Rugby field. Two 7-player teams start on opposite sides of the field. The game starts by one team throwing the disc to the opposing team and running to the other side of the field to defend them. The receiving team will have one person catch the disc or go pick it up where it’s landed and from that point on, any person who is holding the disc can no longer run until after they’ve passed the disc.

The disc can be passed forward or backward in any direction but when passing, a thrower must keep his left leg planted in the ground and can pivot on his foot like in basketball. The person holding the disc now will be defended by one person and have 10 seconds to pass the disc to another player on his team. The way to score is to move the disc by passing to players on your team up the field and catch the disc in an end zone. The team with the most points at the end of play wins.

I’m just a beginner. Is that OK?

Our club has players of all levels and we are very welcoming to anyone that wants to give it a shot. We know it can be a little scary to jump into something completely new.

This club was started with only about five people that were also relatively new to the sport. We played and practiced together and as our group grew, we improved. We’re always getting new and experienced players to join and we’re always helping each other to get better and have a good time.

Is it all just practicing?

While we do practice part of the time, we always have playing time at every training, which is referred to as ‘Pickup’. We’ll split into teams and compete against each other for at least an hour after training.

When and where do we play?

On Tuesdays, we usually play at the Yunding field at Shuiwei in Futian.This is usually our League night. Leagues can run from 4-12 weeks and are seasonal. Between leagues, we sometimes meet to play at other fields depending on how many people are available.

Fridays are our Training night at the Weixin field at Keyuan in Nanshan.We split into two-three groups, and each group is taught based on their level. In the last hour of the night, we form teams and scrimmage against each other.

On Sundays, we meet near Happy Valley amusement park for Pickup. This is where we just split into teams and scrimmage each other. We don’t even keep score usually.

Additionally, we host tournaments like the Shenzhen Beach Hat and have scrimmages with teams from nearby cities.

Shenzhen Beach Hat 2017 Highlights Video 

What do I need to bring?

A dark-colored shirt and a white shirt: To split people into teams each week, we need everyone to bring both a dark-colored shirt and a white shirt.We also sell our reversible club jersey, which is used for our weekly activities, tournaments and league. If you would like to purchase one, please contact Jeff on WeChat at ‘SZultimate’.

Cleats (football shoes with plastic spikes): Cleats provide you with the ability to stop exactly when you want to and change direction quickly. The spikes need to be plastic as metal spikes are not allowed due to safety concerns. Sneakers are allowed, but when it rains it can be very slippery. If you choose to wear sneakers, you do so at your own risk and the SZUPA is not responsible for any related injury.

Frisbee: We can lend you a disc if you don’t have one, but we suggest you purchase one through Jeff. This way the club’s supply of discs last longer and you can also practice and have fun throwing a disc on your own time.

Also consider bringing a water bottle, mosquito spray, and sunblock.

Are there social activities too?

Absolutely! All work and no play makes for a boring time. After League games and training nights, we usually go for beer and food at a local sponsor’s bar, where we typicallyhave an exclusive deal for us. We also organize special events like beach trips, movie nights, board game nights, beer pong, flip cup, potluck dinners and picnics, and all kinds of fun stuff.These events are open to the public as well as we always want people to enjoy, support, and maybe even join the club.

How do I join?

Most activities run by the SZUPA are organized through WeChat. To join our group, add ‘SZultimate’ and Jeff will add you to the chat. You should also add ‘SZUPA’ to follow our official account.

Messages are generally sent out in our WeChat group 2-3 days before weekly activities. Special events are usually promoted 1-2 weeks beforehand while our bigger special events 1-2 months in advance.

Check out our website for directions and up to date info on current activities run by the SZUPA.

We hope to see you soon!


Gretzky to Visit Shenzhen

Wayne Gretzky, Canadian icon and one of the greatest hockey players of all time, will be visiting Shenzhen this September. Reports indicate that “The Great One” will be visiting in his capacity as global ambassador for the Beijing based Kunlun Red Star hockey club

Photo: Yahoo Sports

Photo: Xinhuanet 

Earlier this week we learned that Gretzky has been named global ambassador for the Kunlun Red Star. The Red Star are China’s are the only team in the Eurasian KHL (Kontinental Hockey League) widely considered to be the second strongest hockey league in the world.

The appointment appears to be part of a wider push by the hockey club to raise the profile of the sport in China. There are also plans to open 20-30 Gretzky hockey schools in China over the next several years, eventually training 20,000 young players across the country. Players in Shenzhen can look forward a high level hockey school for youth age 8-17 which is reported to be opened by the end of September.

While Gretzky’s specific itinerary has yet to be made public, it is likely that his visit to Shenzhen is meant to coincide with the opening of the school. The NHL China Games Exhibition matchup between the Calgary Flames and the Boston Bruins will be taking place in Shenzhen on September 15th but is unclear if Gretzky will be involved.  

Tickets for the game are on now on sale, and can be purchased by scanning the QR code below. 

Hockey in the PRD

In preparation for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, there has been a concerted effort by the central government to raise the profile of winter sports among the Chinese people. Chief among them is Canada’s beloved sport of ice hockey.

The idea of ice hockey thriving in the tropical heat of Shenzhen may seem unlikely but there is an enthusiastic hockey community growing quickly in the city. More and more hockey training programs are popping up and more kids are getting involved.

One such Shenzhen based program is DL Hockey. Founded by North Vancouver native Doug Lynch, the organization has witnessed first hand the recent growing interest in hockey. General Manager Ben Stadey explains: 

“Our company has been in Shenzhen since October 2016. We have seen some exciting changes in Shenzhen in this small period of time. The number of children registering to play hockey has grown and we are very proud to be part of the growth of this incredible game.” 

Photo: DL Hockey

DL Hockey recently worked with Calgary Flames Assistant Coach and NHL icon Martin Gélinas to hold a hockey camp in Shenzhen. 

Photo: DL Hockey

As is true with any industry that the Chinese government gets behind, the growth of hockey in China has created new business opportunities. According to market consultancy, Analysis, the total revenue generated from sponsorship, broadcasting and fan spending on winter sports events is expected to reach 160 billion yuan (US$26 billion) by 2025.

“As ice hockey grows in China and the Chinese government continues to make health and wellness a national priority many corporate partners are working with us as part of their government relations and community engagement strategy.” Says DL Hockey founder Doug Lynch “Many businesses looking to grow their visibility in market can tap into local partnerships with programs like DL Hockey that are engaging Chinese families and educating kids on the importance of nutrition, sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership.”

While it is exciting for Canadians to see their beloved game getting some attention in China, it is important to remember that the sport is still very much in its infancy. According to the International Ice Hockey Federation’s 2017 Survey of Players, China has just over 1100 registered players. While IIHF data only counts nationally registered players and may not include those participating in private or recreational programs, the game still has a long way to go. Lynch is committed to playing his part in developing a new generation of Chinese hockey players. 

Photo: DL Hockey

“For us, building a sustainable presence in China is all about working with smart, friendly people, from corporate partners and coaches to parents, local rinks and schools. We’re lucky to have a network like CanCham who can help us spread the word and meet more folks.”

DL Hockey is now a wholly owned subsidiary of ProSmart Sports Inc.  

CanCham PRD address and contact information:

Chinese Name:


Place Address:


Place Phone:

+86 15521441940

Celebrating An Expat Institution For Women In Shenzhen

For many expats, what makes or breaks a move to a new country is the community they meet there. One cannot underestimate the importance of having a friend to go to the bar for a drink or to grab a coffee during the day. It can make a world of difference if you know some people you can ask for help or advice, be it finding where to buy the food they like from back home or to take them to the hospital after an accident.


If someone is fortunate enough to find this sense of community when they move to a strange new place, then they are more likely to stay longer and start to feel like they have a found a home away from home. It’s that same sense of community that the Shenzhen Women’s International Club (SWIC) has been providing to the ladies of our city for over 30 years.


We sat down with President Yvette Taylor and Programs Chair Christyne Holmes for a coffee and a chat to find out more about what SWIC is about and what it offers to the expat women in the local community.


“It started in 1986. It was just a few ladies who met in somebody’s lounge in Jingshan. Two years ago we did quite a few big events to celebrate the 30 years. There are no original members left, but we do have some photos,” explained Yvette.

Christyne had heard about what it was like back when SWIC started. “At that time, in the Shekou area, there were a lot of oil and gas companies, so my guess would be that it came out of that. There were a lot of expat ladies, or expat families, that were living here, and they don’t really know how to communicate locally. They didn’t speak Chinese. They had just moved here. That time, wasn’t like it is now.”


SWIC has come on leaps and bounds since it was first formed, but it fundamentally represents the same values. Their mission statement can be found in their leaflets, but Christyne sums it up well during our chat.


“I think our goal with SWIC is to offer the gals support. These women are the anchors for their husbands and kids and they feel like they are running around, taking care of and solving all the problems. Grocery shopping alone can be a challenge in a new country where you don’t speak the language. Any additional special needs can make acclimation and adjustment even more difficult. I like to think of it as a soft place to land. You can come here and ask whatever questions. You can vent. You can get rejuvenated. Then we put you back out there.”


“We recently had an event and some of the new ladies were really struggling. If you’ve never been to Asia before, it is a culture shock. So we are there for them if they want someone to chat to,” added Yvette.

The group has grown tremendously over the years, which is reflected in the original name of Shekou Women’s International Club being changed to the Shenzhen Women’s International Club it is today. The amount and variety of activities now held offer members something interesting to do every day during the week.


“Every Tuesday morning 9:30 to 11:30 we have a coffee morning. It’s usually at the Hilton, except for the third Tuesday of every month where we go to the Marco Polo in Futian. At our Hilton coffee we generally have over 50 ladies, on some occasions more than 70. The Marco Polo coffee is popular with a lot of our members that live in Futian and have kids, but we also get a lot from Shekou. Generally, there are 50 ladies there.


There’s also a book club, which meets once a month on a Tuesday evening. Most of the books are, some fiction, some non-fiction, but right now we are reading one about a Chinese wife and American husband bringing up their son in Shanghai,” explained Yvette.


Mothers with young children form a significant percentage of the members in SWIC and they are well taken care of.


“So we have a large Mom’s and Tot’s group. That is a lot of support for those with preschool kids. Every week they make play dates. It’s every Wednesday or Thursday and it’s someone different every week. It alternates between different apartments. They had a big Easter party recently and you wouldn’t believe how many people were there. It was crazy,” recalled Christyne.


Yet that represents just a small fraction of the work SWIC puts in to arrange activities for their members. Christyne gave a breakdown of what happens in a typical week.


“Monday they have the hiking group. Tuesday we have the coffee. Wednesday they play tennis. Thursdays they usually do another hike. Monday and Wednesday they do archery. Friday we do mahjong. And then we sprinkle in other activities along the way. A couple of weeks ago we made dumplings in my house. We had 15 or 16 gals who came to my house for that. At the weekend we are going to the Opium War Museum.”


The women of SWIC also enjoy their parties and members can be sure to have a few large events to be arranged each year.

“We had our farewell lunch on the 22nd of May. It was a chance to say farewell for the summer and to those who were leaving Shenzhen. That was at the Westin. We had the ballroom there for a late morning lunch with a wonderful buffet and sparkling wine. 90 Ladies attended,” said Yvette.


“Then in September, we will have our welcome breakfast. A way for everyone to get back into the groove,” added Christyne.


Even putting the weekly activities and the great parties aside for one moment, SWIC is worth joining for the great discounts members can enjoy at more than 50 restaurants, bars, shops, spas, and other businesses you are sure to come into contact with during your time in Shenzhen.


“This is worth the cost of the membership alone. Because if you go to McCawley’s and get 5% off then it adds up over time. It adds up pretty quickly,” explained Christyne.


Charity work forms an important part of the work that SWIC does, so those who want to give back to the local community can find a platform to do so at the club. Yvette went into detail about the assistance they provide.

“We support three local charities; Captivating, Promised Land, and Sunshine Academy. We budget at the start of each year and we set out an amount for each charity. That can either be given to them at the end of the year or if they want to use it throughout the year. What we’ve also done this year are three coffees where – they usually cost 50RMB – the members have it free, but then we have a charity bucket. So we’ve raised 3 or 4,000RMB each charity coffee just by doing that.”


SWIC boasts a large membership, but it’s not one that is dominated by any one clique. As is stated as part of their mission statement, ‘there is no typical SWIC member. We are women of all ages, with or without children, working or not working for money, seasoned or first-time expats’.


“We have over 250 members at the moment. There can be up to thirty different nationalities on a bus during a trip,” explained Yvette.


When asked about the makeup of those 250 members, Christyne is keen to express the diversity. “I would say American is probably the largest nationality and then maybe French. Our mahjong group just cracks me up. We have women from Belgium, France, Korea, Japan, America, New Zealand, and Australia.”

“It’s amazing that everyone gets on so well. I don’t know anyone that is cross with one another. In 250 people, I don’t know if there is any bad blood or poor relations. Which is pretty amazing when everybody is from different walks of life,” she added.


Perhaps the best possible note to finish on is to simply leave you with a quote from the SWIC mission statement, which sums up all the good work the women at the club are doing.


‘The purpose of Shenzhen Women’s International Club is to promote social and cultural exchange between the women of the expatriate community in Shekou and throughout Shenzhen. This is done through meetings and activities in the spirit of mutual understanding and friendship.

SWIC provides a focus for social and cultural activities for members and is of particular value to newcomers by serving as a means to meet other expats, find resources, and share tips and information about living in this city.


We are a club run solely by volunteers. To give back to our host country, we continually support local charities through donations, promotion, and active participation.’


To become a member of SWIC, applicants must hold a foreign passport or be a spouse of a foreign passport holder. Membership costs RMB350 per year, with the year beginning in August.


For more information or to inquire about joining SWIC, you can visit their official website or check out their Facebook page. Feel free to send an email to








Essential Guide To Shenzhen’s Combat Gyms

Written by John Graham

If you are looking for somewhere to keep fit in Shenzhen, then there is no shortage of gyms. Every shopping mall and most main streets are usually home to at least one place you can work out. For those looking for a combat gym in particular, however, it can be a lot harder to find somewhere to meet your needs. We spoke to John Graham to get the lowdown on the best spots to hit when in search of a combat gym.


John Graham is well-known throughout not only Shenzhen but China for running White Collar Fight Night; an innovative new sporting and social event that allows CEOs, business executives, and other white-collar professionals to show off their boxing prowess while at the same time putting on a wildly entertaining show and raising money for local charities. Participants are given three months to train so that they can put their best foot forward on the night. For more info, check out the official White Collar Fight Night website.


So, who better to show us around Shenzhen’s combat gyms than John?


I’ve had my share of experience of combat gyms in the city. I’ve lived in Shenzhen for a number of years, been in the fitness industry and also the fight night industry. So here’s my take on all the combat gym options in Shenzhen and my top five locations.


Of course, you have your big, commercial gyms like Total Fitness, Dream, Physical Club, and TeraWelnness. These are good for their classes, plate-loaded machines, dumbbell selection, and usually have nice equipment and bathrooms.


On top of that, you have your more functional fitness based gyms like the Crossfit boxes. For more specific fight and functional training, you have the combat gyms.


Invincible is owned and run by Woody Poiter, a pro himself with a lifetime of experience in just about every kind of fight practice. At the gym, Woody has put together a coaching team of active pros such as Milos, Andre, and Tiago. All guys with incredible records to their name and the titles to match.

There are three locations in Shenzhen; one near Chegongmiao subway station in Futian, another in the bustling tech area of Hi-Tech Park, and also in Shekou. Across the gyms, they run training for BJJ, Kickboxing, MMA, and Boxing classes.


If you want proof that Invincible delivers results then you should know that the gym has contributed the most fighters to the White Collar Fight Night as well as the most winners at the event.


The price is slightly higher than some places, but it’s worth it if you want serious pro training, high-quality gear, and be part of a dedicated and passionate community.


Next up is 901. Located in Shekou, this gym actually focuses more on functional workouts, but it’s still a great spot for combat training. In the center of the gym is a ring and the whole place just has a great atmosphere. Once in there, you will soon find yourself on the bags or inviting your friends into the ring for a sparring session.


Jack and his team there are very passionate about fitness and just staying active. Even by just watching their classes, both group and private, you can see they are very motivating.


The third stop on the guide is MoTai. This gym has a great location. Situated near OCT Loft, MoTai is a rooftop gym with a truly beautiful white ring in the center. It’s a great venue to run small, in-club events at.


As a combat gym, they focus more on Thai Boxing. So, step into the ring with their pro coaches, put on your shin protection and practice your rocking with some elbows and knees for what makes a great workout.


For those living in the north-west of the city, Bao’an has a fantastic combat gym called Qi Meng Zhe. I’ve yet to visit this spot in person, but I’ve been in communication with the guys there. It’s run by an ex-pro coach and they’ve got a very nice large space with a great combat atmosphere.


Last, but not least, is Green Gloves. Now, this gym is very impressive. The equipment is all state-of-the-art and the décor is all white. It definitely focuses on a more executive clientele with it being located right near the Tencent headquarters. The pro coach, Tiger, gives a fantastic empowering workout before you have to get back to the office.



Combat Gym Addresses


  • Shekou (Tel: 136-8262-6616) – 302, 3rd floor, G&G Community, no.9 Liyuan Rd, Zhaoshang Jiedao, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 南山区招商街道荔园路9号G&G创意社区三楼302号
  • Chegongmiao (Tel: 134-1856-7251) – 202, 2nd floor, building 5, An Hua Gong Ye Qu (Industrial District), no.18 Tairan 8th Street, Chegongmiao, Shenzhen 深圳市车公庙泰然八路安华工业区5栋二层202号
  • Hi-Tech Park (Tel: 186-6589-9469) – Fusion Fitness Combat Zone, T6L2-3, MixC World, Shennan boulevard no.9668, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 深圳市南山区万象天地T6L2-3号

Bullseye Camp 901

  • Shekou (Tel: 131-68214221) – 2nd floor of Wanjiafu supermarket, 59-67 Airong road, Nanshan Shekou 蛇口愛榕路园景园名苑小区裙楼二层(东湾小学对面)万佳福超市二楼
  • Hi-tech Park (Tel: 13802285329) – Shenzhen High-Tech Industrial Park, Gaoxin South 7th Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 901 企业健康馆(科技园)广东省深圳市南山区科技园


Place Address: (Tel: 138-23644791) – 601, Building A, Jianqiao Cultural and Creative Park, Jinxiu North Street, Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 深圳市南山区华侨城锦绣北街建侨文化创意园A栋601

Qi Ming Zhe

Place Address: (Tel: 175-20454317) – Qi Ming Zhe Fight Club, Duobaoli Market, Jian’an 1st Road, Bao’an District, Shenzhen 深圳市宝安区建安一路多宝利市场启蒙者搏击俱乐部

Green Gloves

Place Address: (Tel: 0755-86008520) – 8/F, Building 8, Block 2A, Software Industry Base, Haitian 1st Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 深圳软件产业基地2A栋8楼

Unlimited World Cup BBQ & Beer at the Wyndham Grand

The Wyndham Grand is a well-known international 5-star hotel. Open in Futian CBD, since January 2015, the Wyndham Grand never ceases to impress, and this summer is no exception. To celebrate the FIFA 2018 World Cup beginning on 14th June, the Wyndham Grand is hosting a summer barbeque buffet with free-flow craft beer for the bargain price of RMB188 per person.Wyndham GrandWorld Cup BBQ

Situated in the picturesque outdoor garden of Vintage Bar on the ground floor, the barbeque buffet offer will begin on 13th June and run until 15th July when the World Cup ends. Matches will be shown live on televisions in the only outdoor hotel garden in Shenzhen. What better way to enjoy the game than with unlimited glasses of ice-cold craft beer and a never-ending plate of tasty barbeque food?World Cup Combo at the Wyndham Grand

As well as free-flow craft beer or soft drinks, there is a delightful range of barbeque foods cooked fresh to order. Shrimp, squid, oyster and Japanese mackerel are the seafood delicacies you can sample, along with a variety of beef, lamb, chicken and pork barbeque dishes, all seasoned deliciously. If vegetables are more your style, try the barbeque corn-on-the-cob or roasted garlic eggplant. All of these dishes will be cooked as you order them to ensure the freshness of the food and that they are prepared to your requirements.

Before and between the matches there will be the opportunity to play games and win prizes. For every match you can predict who you think will win and each entry will have the chance to win a voucher for RMB500 that can be spent in any of the Wyndham Grand’s bars or restaurants. Whoever predicts the winner of the final will be in with a chance to win RMB3000 voucher plus free-flow beer at Vintage Bar until the end of 2018! A fantastic prize, by any standard. In addition, there will be smaller prizes on offer for customers who score a goal in the Wyndham Grand mini-goal.

Vintage Bar outdoor garden

Director of Food and Beverage from the Wyndham Grand, Shenzhen, Roy Huang has worked in the hospitality industry for more than 15 years and joined this hotel about 2 years ago. He shared with us his aim is to have the best outdoor bar in Futian CBD, and he understands that the key element is staff. To that end, all new staff have at least two whole day’s training in the first month before they are assigned to the appropriate position to provide quality service. All employees also have training once a month to ensure the highest standards are maintained. This process is obviously working as there has been an excellent retention of staff since opening.Roy Huang, DFB

The Vintage Bar and attached open-air garden is a stylish setting, suitable for any event. The Wyndham Grand is in an ideal location in central Futian, easy to get to by metro (Gangxia station) or by taxi. A warm welcome will greet you as you enter the foyer and on your left you will see the distinctive sign of Vintage Bar. A list of match dates and times will be on display in the entrance to the bar, so you can keep track of who is playing when. Due to the time difference between here and Russia, some of the matches will be on well past midnight; however, Vintage Bar – and the barbeque – will stay open until the last match finishes each night.World Cup BBQ

Whether you enjoy football (or soccer, as some people call it) or not, the Wyndham Grand World Cup Combo offer is one not to be missed. Bring your friends, play some games, win some prizes, and enjoy 5-star food and drink in an exclusive setting, all at the same time and for the great price of RMB188+10%+6% per person. . What more could you ask for?

For reservations or enquiries call 0755 82998888 ext.8550.

Address: 2009 Caitian Road, Futian CBD, Shenzhen.

Rugby vs American Football

They’re both called ‘olive ball’ here in China. But what are the differences between rugby and American football? 


Most people will point out that American football players are covered in armor whereas rugby players simply wear a mouthpiece. Both are full contact sports which require intense ball carrying and tackling but there are many differences that make each sport quite unique. 


First off, rugby is older and American football evolved from rugby’s core. So basics like tackling and scoring are similar. American football terms such as touchdown and field goal came directly from rugby in the 19th Century.


Here are the key differences:

Rugby is played by 15 per side. That’s 30 players on the pitch with only one referee. Players stay on the pitch the entire match playing offense and defense until they are taken out of the game. Once a player is substituted he cannot rejoin the match.



Football is 11 per side. Players are specialized and play only certain plays, can come in and out every play. 


Rugby players run forward and pass backwards to advance the ball. No blocking or running out of bounds is allowed.

Football players can run forward or pass over the defense to advance the ball. Blocking assists the runner and running out of bounds allows the offense to retain possession of the ball.



Rugby players can kick as an attack and retain possession.

Football players usually kick to surrender possession.

Rugby is nonstop with quick restarts.

Football is full of stoppages, timeouts, and long breaks for quarters and injuries.



英式橄榄球通常开赛后赛程紧凑,没有计时暂停,而美式则有很多暂停, 超时,或者四分之一赛时后和有受伤时都将暂停比赛计时。

Scoring by touching the ball down in the end zone in rugby is 5 points followed by a 2 point kick.

Scoring by crossing the goal line of the end zone in football is 6 points followed by a 1 point kick.



A rugby penalty kick is 3 points and a drop goal taken during the play is also 3 points. Any player can kick.

An American football field goal is 3 points and is taken by the kicking specialist who usually does nothing else but this.


Rugby tackles turn into rucks and play continues.

Football tackles end the play and everyone has a chance to reset before the next play.


Rugby offers the defense many chances to win back the ball. After every tackle a ruck is formed where both teams try to force each other backwards to win the ball. Scrums and lineouts restart the match when the a foul has been committed or the ball has gone out of bounds. These both also allow the defense a chance to win the ball back. 


Play is restarted in American football by snapping the ball to the quarterback. Referees reset the ball after each play.


Rugby players run around for 80 mins, tackle, kick, pass, and run. This means all sorts of body types are needed- tall skinny players, short round players, light quick players, etc. There is a position for everyone.

Football positions are specialized. A player who catches almost never will be asked to tackle. A passer will never have to kick, etc. There are positions that rarely have to run and most defenders never have to run with the ball, pass, catch, or kick.



Rugby games are 80 mins long with a short halftime and a running clock.

Football games are 60 mins long with breaks for each quarter. The clock stops for numerous reasons and each team can call time outs.



Overall, rugby is for all-around athletes where teamwork and on-field decision making win or lose games.

Football is more of a chess match between two coaches who call plays executed by specialized players good at their positions.



Come experience rugby in person here in Shenzhen. For more information please subscribe Shenzhen Dragons Rugby Club Wechat. 


Place Phone:

+86 13823544352

5,000 Spartans Soar in Shenzhen as World’s Largest Obstacle Race Makes It’s Debut at Mission Hills

More than 5,000 athletes pushed their bodies to the limit today when the globally-renown Spartan Race made its debut at Mission Hills Resort in Shenzhen.

The world’s largest obstacle race and endurance brand teamed up with the world’s largest golf facility to provide Spartans with the ultimate test over six kilometres and 20 obstacles through the Mission Hills Sport and Eco Park, located within the 22-square-kilometre luxury Shenzhen resort.

“With 200 events in more than 30 countries worldwide, and more than one million global participants, the Spartan Race is officially the world’s largest obstacle race and endurance brand,” said Tenniel Chu, Group Vice Chairman of Mission Hills. “Therefore we are delighted to bring the Spartan Race to the world’s largest golf facility and to Shenzhen for the first time.  Mission Hills has always strived to lead the way in bringing China to the world and the world to China and this was another truly exciting world-class spectacle for the Chinese people.”

The Spartan event at Mission Hills Shenzhen featured a “Sprint” race over six kilometres with 20 obstacles, with participants aged from 14 years old up to 50 and beyond.

Photos — Mission Hills Group Vice-Chairman Tenniel Chu attends the Spartan Sprint Race at Mission Hills Sport and Eco Park in Shenzhen, China

About Mission Hills Group

Mission Hills Group, owner and operator of Mission Hills resorts in the heart of the Pearl River Delta and on the tropical island of Hainan, is synonymous with leisure, wellness, entertainment and luxury.

Founded in 1992, Mission Hills is recognized as one of the world’s leading golf brands and a pioneer in China’s hospitality, sports and leisure industry. The world-class integrated leisure and wellness resort destinations have hosted more than 100 international tournaments, dating back to the World Cup of Golf in 1995, the first international golf tournament in China. Mission Hills has also been accredited by the Guinness World Records as the “World’s Largest Golf Club” and the “World’s Largest Mineral Springs and Spa Resort”.

Mission Hills’ properties sprawl over 40km2. They include 22 championship courses designed by renowned players and architects from five continents, five-star resorts, award-winning spas and volcanic mineral springs, international convention centers, state-of-the-art golf academies, a 20-pitch football training base, Asia’s largest basketball school and Asia’s biggest tennis facility. Mission Hills is also the official training headquarters for China’s Tennis, Football and Golf Associations.

The Group’s ‘golf and more’ leisure philosophy has catalyzed its tourism-related business expansion into a leisure hub for multi-generational families. Mission Hills Centreville in Shenzhen and Haikou provides integrated shopping, recreational, business, education, entertainment, leisure and cultural experiences, including Bromsgrove School Mission Hills in Shenzhen in collaboration with the historic British boarding school. Mission Hills has also extended its foray into the hospitality industry by partnering with world-renowned hotel brands such as Hard Rock, Renaissance and Ritz-Carlton.  These collaborations have seen the opening of Ritz-Carlton’s first golf resort hotel in China and China’s first Hard Rock Hotel in Shenzhen.

Other significant projects include Movie Town in Haikou in partnership with China’s largest film production company, Huayi Brothers Media Corporation and award-winning director, Feng Xiaogang and China’s first Wet’n’Wild water park in collaboration with Australia’s leading entertainment group and largest theme park operator, Village Roadshow Limited.

Mission Hills has also announced ground-breaking partnerships with FC Barcelona and the NBA to bring the world’s most famous football club and the world’s largest professional basketball league to its Haikou resort, making Hainan island a leading hub for football and basketball development in China.

For more information and latest updates, visit us at or follow Mission Hills China on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Major League Baseball to open flagship store in Hong Kong

Just saw that in Hong Kong’s Central area, Major League Baseball (“MLB”) will be opening a flagship store. Guess this is to complement their baseball academies in China. In our quick search we could not find any details about the opening online. Will it actually sees baseball sports equipment or just team fashion?

Where to play baseball in Shenzhen?

Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre as the Official Hotel of Shenzhen Open 2018

Shenzhen Open 2018 starts on December 30, 2017, with Simona Halep, Maria Sharapova, Jelena Ostapenko and Chinese player Wang Qiang starting the season. Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre, which has been the official hotel for six consecutive years since 2013, will welcome the world-class event with thorough preparation. By bringing the “One Step Ahead” Crowne Plaza services, the hotel provides accommodation and catering service for players during the tournament. Before the event, Katerina Siniakova and Chinese player Han Xinyun attended a traditional Chinese Sweet Dumpling making class at the hotel Portofino restaurant, and had a wonderful time together with the hotel staff. As the Chinese Spring Festival approaching, Mr. Jit Kiang Tan, the hotel General Manager presented clay figurine gifts and wished them every success at the Shenzhen Open.

深圳龙岗珠江皇岗假日酒店助力深圳公开赛 – WTA 国际赛

2018 深圳公开赛于20171230日在深圳市龙岗区体育中心拉开帷幕,WTA世界排名第一的西蒙娜·哈勒普、人气女王、五项大满贯单打头衔获得者玛利亚·莎拉波娃、2017年法网单打冠军叶莲娜·奥斯塔彭科以及世界前五十中最年轻的中国选手王蔷等四位顶尖球员将齐聚鹏城领衔开战,龙岗星光熠熠。自2013年第一届深圳公开赛以来,深圳龙岗珠江皇冠假日酒店连续六年为深圳公开赛提供赛事接待及餐饮服务。秉承着用心服务,先行一步的服务理念为球员们提供舒适的住宿环境,营养美味的饮食,保障球员具备良好的比赛状态。近日,本届WTA著名捷克球员斯尼亚科娃和中国选手韩馨蕴与酒店大厨互动学习中国传统的汤圆制作,他们表示非常开心能够有机会亲自体验纯正中国文化,并表示非常中国文化。中国新年将近,酒店总经理陈日江先生代表酒店送给两位球员极具中国传统的泥塑作为礼物,祝愿他们深圳公开赛一切顺利。

Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre 深圳龙岗珠江皇冠假日酒店
Place Address: 9009 Longxiang Avenue, Longgang City Centre, Longgang District, Shenzhen 深圳市龙岗区龙岗中心城龙翔大道9009号
Place Phone: + 86 755 3318 1888


[Shenzhen, China – 24 November 2017] Mission Hills Group in China led the way at the 2017 Asian Golf Awards in Danang, Vietnam, collecting a host of awards including Best Golf Resort in Asia Pacific for Mission Hills Haikou, a title the facility has held since 2012. AsianGolf AwardsTP
Brothers Ken and Tenniel Chu – Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Mission Hills Group – were recognized for topping the Most Powerful People in Asian Golf list for the sixth successive year.  Tenniel Chu also received the inaugural Asia Pacific Leadership Award for his contributions to junior golf development.AsianGolfAwards2.jpgMission Hills Haikou – which with ten public golf courses is the world’s largest public golf facility – has been in the headlines again in 2017 following ground-breaking announcements with FC Barcelona and the NBA.  Strategic partnerships have been established between Mission Hills and two of sport’s most famous brands which will further establish the Haikou resort as a centre of excellence not just for golf but also football and basketball.

The 22-square-kilometer Mission Hills Haikou resort on the international tourism island of Hainan also received Best Clubhouse in Asia Pacific and Best Pro Shop in Asia Pacific while its flagship Blackstone Course was first runner-up in the categories of Best Championship Course in Asia Pacific and Best Course in China.

Ken and Tenniel Chu continue to dominate the category of Most Powerful People in Asian Golf, having topped the list since it was first published in 2012.  Tenniel Chu’s Leadership Award for junior golf development came in a year which has seen more than 25,000 junior golfers enter through the doors of its two properties: Mission Hills Shenzhen and Dongguan in southern China – which with 12 golf courses is the largest golf club in the world – and Mission Hills Haikou in Hainan.
About Mission Hills Group

Mission Hills Group, owner and operator of Mission Hills resorts in the heart of the Pearl River Delta and on the tropical island of Hainan, is synonymous with leisure, wellness, entertainment and luxury. 

Founded in 1992, Mission Hills is recognized as one of the world’s leading golf brands and a pioneer in China’s hospitality, sports and leisure industry.  The world-class integrated leisure and wellness resort destinations have hosted more than 100 international tournaments, dating back to the World Cup of Golf in 1995, the first international golf tournament in China.  Mission Hills has also been accredited by the Guinness World Records as the “World’s Largest Golf Club” and the “World’s Largest Mineral Springs and Spa Resort”. 

Mission Hills’ properties sprawl over 40km2. They include 22 championship courses designed by renowned players and architects from five continents, five-star resorts, award-winning spas and volcanic mineral springs, international convention centers, state-of-the-art golf academies, a 20-pitch football training base, Asia’s largest basketball school and Asia’s biggest tennis facility. Mission Hills is also the official training headquarters for China’s Tennis, Football and Golf Associations. 

The Group’s ‘golf and more’ leisure philosophy has catalyzed its tourism-related business expansion into a leisure hub for multi-generational families.  Mission Hills Centreville in Shenzhen and Haikou provides integrated shopping, recreational, business, education, entertainment, leisure and cultural experiences, including Bromsgrove School Mission Hills in Shenzhen in collaboration with the historic British boarding school.  Mission Hills has also extended its foray into the hospitality industry by partnering with world-renowned hotel brands such as Hard Rock, Renaissance and Ritz-Carlton.  These collaborations have seen the opening of Ritz-Carlton’s first golf resort hotel in China and China’s first Hard Rock Hotel in Shenzhen. 
Other significant projects include Movie Town in Haikou in partnership with China’s largest film production company, Huayi Brothers Media Corporation and award-winning director, Feng Xiaogang and China’s first Wet’n’Wild water park in collaboration with Australia’s leading entertainment group and largest theme park operator, Village Roadshow Limited.

Mission Hills has also announced ground-breaking partnerships with FC Barcelona and the NBA to bring the world’s most famous football club and the world’s largest professional basketball league to its Haikou resort, making Hainan island a leading hub for football and basketball development in China.

For more information and latest updates, visit us at or follow Mission Hills China on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.