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Tangtang Kungfu International Club

唐堂国际功夫馆】继承中国武术的悠久传统,唐堂国际功夫馆是国内少有的大型高端武术训练基地。场馆面积330平米,针对不同年龄段学员创造趣味性、专业性与个人化的学习计划与环境。我们秉承着积极提高成人及儿童身体硬实力的教学理念,对成年学员及中小学生进行高效、高质量的武术训练,并培养学生的课外兴趣与知识。唐堂运用快乐陪伴的方式引导学员增强自信与体格,从而活泼、健康、快乐的成长与生活.. Inheriting a long tradition of martial arts, Tang Tang International kung Fu Center is one of the most professional martial arts & boxing training facilities in China.The venue takes 630 square meters, creating fun, specialized environments and personal training lessons for students of different ages. We focus on improving students’ physical strength, body shape and develop children’s extra curricular interests and knowledge. Tang Tang is also happy to guide students to enhance self-confidence and to maintain a healthy and highly active lifestyle. videos: […]