Mission Hills Opens “Chinaflug” Exhibition To Unveil 80-Year-OldHidden Photos

Mission Hills Group has officially opened its “Chinaflug” photography exhibition at the luxury Mission Hills Haikou resort on the tropical Chinese island of Hainan.

The opening ceremony was attended by Dr Andreas Kaufmann, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Leica Camera AG and Owner of the Ernst Leitz Archiv- und Museums gemeinnützige GmbH; Mrs Karin Kaufmann, Art Director of Leica Gallery International and Chairwoman of the Ernst Leitz Archiv- und Museums gemeinnützige GmbH; Mr Tenniel Chu, Mission Hills Group Vice-Chairman; and Cao Yuan Xin, Director of Department of Culture, Radio, Television, Publication and Sports of Hainan Province.

In the mid-1930s, a celebrated German aviator called Wulf-Diether Graf zu Castell-Rüdenhausen flew over China with his Leica camera, recording stunning landscapes, natural features and historical monuments. For more than 80 years his photos have remained undiscovered and unseen – until now.

The Chinaflug (meaning China Flight) exhibition will run for 45 days at Mission Hills Centreville in Haikou. Entry will be free, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Hainan’s status as a province.

On display are several precious and historical photos which have remained unseen to the world for many years. These photographs record incredible images of old China through the power of aerial photography.

Visitors will experience a special exhibition encapsulating the past and blazing a new trail towards a brighter future in photography. They will witness a side to China not seen before as China’s beauty and diversity are displayed for all to see.

Castell has become a legend, not just because of his aerial photography but also because of the precious images he captured. With his Leica camera he was able to capture China through a tumultuous time. He flew over cities, countryside, rolling hills, ports and residential areas including riverbeds and farmlands which were previously undocumented. He was able to encapsulate the spirit of the time with great style and panache and will be remembered as an amazing pioneer both as an aviator and a photographer.

“We are honoured to team up with Mission Hills – like Leica, a family-owned business and a pioneer in its field – to bring these significant photos of China to the Chinese public,” said Chairman of the Supervisory Board Leica Camera AG, Dr Andreas Kaufmann, owner of the Ernst Leitz Archiv- und Museums gemeinnützige GmbH.

“Chinaflug is an example of how Leica captured the past one hundred years of human history. It is also a showcase of the long friendship built between Germany and China,” added Karin Kaufmann, Art Director of Leica Gallery International and Chairwoman of the Ernst Leitz Archiv- und Museums gemeinnützige GmbH.

Mission Hills Haikou, the most visited tourist attraction in Hainan, is delighted to partner with Leica, with more than 100 years of history, to create yet another first for China and for the world,” added Tenniel Chu, Group Vice Chairman of Mission Hills. “As China’s international tourism island, it is befitting that Hainan should be the location to unveil these remarkable aerial photos of China that have remained a secret for so long. It is our gift to the province and its people to celebrate Hainan’s 30th anniversary!”

Cao Yuan Xin, Director of Department of Culture, Radio, Television, Publication and Sports of Hainan Province commented: “Visitors to Hainan continue to grow year on year and the province received more than 67.45 million tourists in 2017, up 12.2 per cent year-on-year, contributing 81 billion yuan in revenue. Mission Hills has been at the forefront of tourism in Haikou for close to a decade and the Chinaflug exhibition will be another hugely popular attraction for visitors to Hainan.”

Photo captions:

Dr. Andreas Kaufmann and Mrs. Karin Kaufmann of Leica Camera AG join Mr. Tenniel Chu, Group Vice-Chairman of Mission Hills and Hainan Government officials to unveil the Chinaflug photography exhibition at Mission Hills Haikou resort in Hainan, China


Leica Camera AG is an internationally operating, premium-segment manufacturer of cameras and sport optics products. The legendary reputation of the Leica brand is founded on a long tradition of excellent quality. In combination with innovative technologies, all Leica products fulfil a common objective: better pictures, wherever perception and visualization matter. Leica Camera AG has its headquarters in Wetzlar, in the state of Hessen in Germany, and a second production site in Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal and operates its own worldwide network of regional organisations and Leica Retail Stores.

Leica is German engineering at its best, and the Leica ideal is an integral part of the culture of seeing. Leica has a long history of focusing on perception and has developed innovative instruments that offer a unique experience. The result is a renowned series of cameras and lenses, and a superb range of sport optics including high-aperture and laser rangefinder binoculars, and spotting scopes.

These products expand the natural limits of perception and open up new dimensions for human vision and insight. Leica quality is in a class by itself – both in analogue and digital capture modes.  Top-quality systems with intuitive controls provide the best picture results and offer unparalleled creative freedom. In this way, Leica helps transform vision into personal creative fulfilment.


Mission Hills Group, owner and operator of Mission Hills resorts in the heart of the Pearl River Delta and on the tropical island of Hainan, is synonymous with leisure, wellness, entertainment and luxury.

Founded in 1992, Mission Hills is recognized as one of the world’s leading golf brands and a pioneer in China’s hospitality, sports and leisure industry. The world-class integrated leisure and wellness resort destinations have hosted more than 100 international tournaments, dating back to the World Cup of Golf in 1995, the first international golf tournament in China. Mission Hills has also been accredited by the Guinness World Records as the “World’s Largest Golf Club” and the “World’s Largest Mineral Springs and Spa Resort”.

Mission Hills’ properties sprawl over 40 square kilometres. They include 22 championship courses designed by renowned players and architects from five continents, five-star resorts, award-winning spas and volcanic mineral springs, international convention centres, state-of-the-art golf academies, a 20-pitch football training base, Asia’s largest basketball school and Asia’s biggest tennis facility. Mission Hills is also the official training headquarters for China’s Tennis, Football and Golf Associations.

The Group’s ‘golf and more’ leisure philosophy has catalysed its tourism-related business expansion into a leisure hub for multi-generational families. Mission Hills Centreville in Shenzhen and Haikou provides integrated shopping, recreational, business, education, entertainment, leisure and cultural experiences, including Bromsgrove School Mission Hills in Shenzhen in collaboration with the historic British boarding school. Mission Hills has also extended its foray into the hospitality industry by partnering with world-renowned hotel brands such as Hard Rock, Renaissance and Ritz-Carlton. These collaborations have seen the opening of Ritz-Carlton’s first golf resort hotel in China and China’s first Hard Rock Hotel in Shenzhen.

Other significant projects include Movie Town in Haikou in partnership with China’s largest film production company, Huayi Brothers Media Corporation and award-winning director, Feng Xiaogang and China’s first Wet’n’Wild water park in collaboration with Australia’s leading entertainment group and largest theme park operator, Village Roadshow Limited.

Mission Hills has also announced ground-breaking partnerships with FC Barcelona and the NBA to bring the world’s most famous football club and the world’s largest professional basketball league to its Haikou resort, making Hainan island a leading hub for football and basketball development in China.

For more information and latest updates, visit www.missionhillschina.com or follow Mission Hills China on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Try Something New At Tycoon Tuesdays At Terrace Bar

I think we’ve all had nights where we just don’t feel like having our usual drink of choice. Perhaps you are seated at the bar and you spot a particularly tempting bottle of single malt on the top shelf that you’ve never had before? Or maybe a group at another table are celebrating with a champagne that you’ve always seen but never tried?

As tempted as we are to step outside of our comfort zones, we are often put off when we check the price list. Why spend that much on something I might not like when I can buy a drink that’s tried and tested, even if it is a little overly familiar.

But with Tycoon Tuesdays at Terrace Bar, you now have the chance to try some of those drinks you’ve always wanted to. The concept is simple and clean in its execution. Every Tuesday, Terrace Bar selects one of its top shelf, premium items from its drinks list and takes the price and cuts it by as much as 50%.

Only one item from the menu is selected, but each time it rotates to something new. One week it could be a bottle of Belvedere Pure Vodka, the next week it could be a fine Ferrari-Carano Chardonnay. Well, they do say variety is the spice of life.

If you are looking to impress a new date or want to treat the wife to a break from the kids, be sure to head down to Terrace when the Josmeyer Fleur de Lotus is on special. Take advantage of the Terrace’s other promotions on a Tuesday too and treat yourself and your date to a steak dinner. For RMB148, you can enjoy an imported Australian Rib-eye Steak and a glass of wine.

After a long day of touring factories or sitting in meetings, bring your clients down for a bottle of Macallan 12 Years while it’s available on promotion. Put business to one side for a couple of hours and unwind over a few tumblers of single malt.

Or perhaps it could be something more on the wild side? Make the most of the Hennessy VSOP when it’s on rotation. Bring down a group of friends and party like there’s no tomorrow, or at least like tomorrow isn’t a Wednesday. Who knows? Before you know it, you could be on the dance floor jumping and singing along with the resident Terrace Bar band, T.A.S.

Something to celebrate? Pick up a bottle or two of the Don Perignon when it’s on offer and cheers to that promotion, birthday, or engagement. Pop open that bubbly and celebrate in style.

With the bottle on offer changing every week, there’s only one way to find out what is the special that week. By following Terrace’s official WeChat account you can be amongst the first to find out what bottle is on offer.

Not only that, you can also keep up to date with all of Terrace’s other great specials such as the great value daily Lunch Specials where you can sample Terrace Bar’s Thai food, or Ladies’ Night on a Wednesday where ladies can make the most of some fantastic drinks specials all night long.

So treat yourself to something different on Tuesday and allow yourself to feel like a Tycoon.

Upcoming Tycoon Tuesdays:

April 3rd – Hennessey VSOP 700ml – Originally 1198RMB, on offer at 599RMB

April 10th – Martel Noblige 700ml – Originally 1298RMB, on offer at 649RMB

April 17th – Remy Martin VSOP 700ml – Originally 1198RMB, on offer at 599RMB

April 24th – Martel Noblige 1.5L – Originally 4998RMB, on offer at 2999RMB

May 1st – Ferrari-Carano Cabernet Sauvignon – Originally 888RMB, on offer at 444RMB

May 15th – Josmeyer Fleur de Lotus – Originally 628RMB, on offer at 314RMB

May 22nd – Cloudy Bay – Originally 668RMB, on offer at 334RMB

May 29th – Ferrari-Carano Chardonnay – Originally 688RMB, on offer at 344RMB

Place Name:  Terrace

Place Phone: (0755) 2682-9105

Official WeChat Account: Terrace Shenzhen

Website: www.theterracechina.com

Place Address: Seaworld Square, Shekou (above Starbucks) 深圳市南山区蛇口海上世界广场(星巴克二楼)

5,000+ Attend First Ever Spartan Race, Shenzhen

The thought of crawling under barbed wire, scaling walls or plunging several feet into muddy waters might seem ridiculous to most of us – the appeal to an Spartan Racer is however, without question.

Over 5,000 fitness and sports enthusiasts from all over the world gathered together to participate in the first ever Spartan Race to hit Shenzhen – and boy oh boy was it spectacular!

Unlike a normal race – this was a 7KM sprint over muddy and treacherous terrain, scattered throughout with 22 military style obstacles, including fire jumping, wall climbing, spear throwing and even a barbed wire crawl.

The Spartan Race is a true test of endurance – 8am, March 24th 2018, the gates opened and the first set of contenders stepped forward to present themselves – signing wavers and registering their place in the first ever Spartan Race, Shenzhen.

“Aroo! Aroo! Aroo!” – By 9am the Spartan war cry could be heard whaling around the Mission Hills Ecological Sports Park in Shenzhen where the race was being held.

The Spartan Race, Shenzhen, consisted of two race timeslots with elite athletes racing in the morning at 9:15am and group races starting from 1:15pm in the afternoon.

The quickest contender around the 7KM circuit would be crowned the race winner which came with it 7500 RMB in prize money but more importantly – the bragging rights as the first Shenzhen Spartan Race winner!

Second and third place winners received 3000RMB and 1500RMB respectively.

Unlike the elite racers who’s sole objective is to win, the group races provide an opportunity for like-minded individuals, co-workers, friends and family to come together in teams to compete, bond and challenge themselves and each other.

“The build up to this event has brought me and my co-works closer together, we’ve been training together, staying healthy together and really bonded as a group.” – commented Faye Gao from WFCN.

After the dust had settled and all the race times were recorded the elite stage winners were as follows; the men’s race winners was Oleksii Melnyk from Ukraine and the women’s race winner was Maggie from Switzerland.

The first Spartan Race event was held in 2010 in Vermont, USA where roughly 500 competitors competed to be crowned the ultimate Spartan warrior. Since then, the Spartan Race has grown to be the world’s largest obstacle race holding over 200 events in more than 30 countries worldwide.

The Spartan Race, Shenzhen, is set to be back next year. Think you’ve got what it takes? Start training and get involved! “Aroo!”

Article written by Mark Anthony Photography by Mark Anthony Website

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Shenzhen American International School Middle School Scholarship Program

Shenzhen American International School Middle School Scholarship Program

SAIS(Shenzhen American International School) is the first and finest project-based learning school in Shenzhen.  SAIS students not only show strong growth on standardized tests such as the MAP test; they also learn creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking through in-depth project-based learning.  SAIS is now providing scholarships to newly enrolled students who show strong academic performance in English and Mathematics.

Application Requirements

  • Students not currently enrolled at SAIS, nor enrolled at SAIS for the previous academic year
  • Students entering grades 6 through 8
  • Students holding a foreign passport or ID
  • Students with high English proficiency  

Award Amount

  • 40% tuition discount for an exceptional application (see selection criteria)
  • 25% tuition discount for a strong application (see selection criteria)
  • The award is for tuition only.  Other fees, such as the application fee, capital fund fee, and optional transportation fee apply in full.  

Application Instructions

  • Submit the following documents to the SAIS admissions office:
    • A letter of introduction in English, no more than 2 pages, explaining why you want to attend SAIS and how you will be a positive addition to our school.
    • 2 years of school records in English
    • 1 letter of recommendation from an English or Mathematics teacher
    • Copies of the student and parent passports or residency permits
    • The standard SAIS application form, completed in English
      • Available at the admissions office or at http://www.szsais.org/index.php/admiss/show/id/20.html.
      • The school is located at 80 Gongyuan Road in Shekou, just north of Gongye 7 Road.
      • (fees will not apply until the student decides to enroll)
      • Email the above documents to admissions@szsais.org, or deliver them to the admissions office in person.
      • Finalists will be contacted to visit SAIS to interview with the admissions director and sit for the MAP tests with the principal.

 Important Dates 

  • March 12-April 30 – applications accepted at the SAIS admissions office
  • May 9 (evening), May 12 (afternoon), or by special appointment – students visit SAIS for interview and testing
  • On or before May 18 – candidates will be notified about the status of their scholarship application
  • On or before June 1 – students enroll at SAIS

Selection Criteria 

SAIS is offering this scholarship to provide financial assistance to new middle school students with strong skills in English, Mathematics, and social character.  All elements of the process will be considered, including the school records, teacher recommendation, on-campus interview, and MAP test scores.  Students must test above grade level on the MAP test to be considered.  The number of scholarships will vary, depending on available seats and the number of qualified students.  Students who do not receive a scholarship are still welcome to enroll at SAIS for full tuition.  The scholarship decision is final and may not be appealed.

Length of Scholarship 

The scholarship extends through the 8th grade year.  Therefore, a 6th grade student would have 3 years of scholarship, a 7th grade student would have 2 years of scholarship, and an 8th grade student would have 1 year of scholarship.

The scholarship must begin the following school year.  Families may not defer the scholarship.

Loss of Scholarship

A student may lose their scholarship for the following years for academic or behavior problems.  Students who are not maintaining a high academic standard, or who are having behavior problems, will be notified and put on probation.  Failure to improve academics or behavior could result in loss of scholarship for the following years.

If a student withdraws from SAIS, the scholarship is immediately forfeit, and no cash refund is available for the remaining value of the scholarship.

Chinese Name: 


Place Address: 

Shenzhen American International School, No.80, Shekou, Nanshan district, Shenzhen

Place Phone:  

+86 (755) 86316699

[Review] The Lantern Festival Event

As the first important festival after Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival is celebrated throughout China. Last Saturday, we also held an event to celebrate this lovely festival. Many students and friends joined our event. They learned how to make the sweet dumplings (tāng yuán) from our teachers. Sweet dumpling is one kind of very traditional food, which is normally hand-made. We experienced the whole process of making sweet dumplings and everyone enjoyed it very much!


We will have more new events coming up. Welcome to join us next time!!


Know more about us:


Place Name:  Hanlin Language Center 汉林
Place Address:  706, 7F, Building A, Li’an Business Tower, Wanghai Road, Shekou (Dongjiao tou station Exit A)
Place Phone: 0755 21616006
Email:  hanlinmandarin@163.com

KOOZA of Cirque Du Soleil Debuts

KOOZA, one of the most classic shows of Cirque Du Soleil, will unveil its mystery tonight at the public square of Longgang Radio and Television Center, Shenzhen Media Group. 

The media were invited to visit the Big Top of the Cirque Du Soleil on March 1st and witnessed the preparation of the whole team.


KOOZA has embarked on a tour of six cities in China and Shenzhen is the first station of its 2018’s tour in the country.The show in Shenzhen will last from March 1st to April 1st.  Cirque Du Soleil, from Montreal, has performed in 450 cities in 60 countries.Get ticket now! 

拨开黄蓝色的大帐篷,恍如穿越到一个奇幻世界。KOOZA秀的圆形舞台一览无余,提供了260度的绝佳视野,在灯光效果的作用下,简单的圆形舞台也似乎“动”起来了。 关于太阳马戏和《KOOZA》秀太阳马戏于1984年在加拿大创立,KOOZA是太阳马戏巡演类剧目中最原汁原味的特色表演之一。演出把马戏艺术与街头娱乐戏剧性组合,将音乐、灯光、舞蹈、即兴喜剧等艺术形式融为一体,创造出专属于太阳马戏的表演模式。

《KOOZA》秀是太阳马戏回归经典之作,再现了马戏表演的两大精髓:人体特技和小丑艺术。本剧表现了在人生不同阶段的不同欲望,通过绚丽多彩的混合表演,为观众呈现出一场大胆,诙谐的舞台幽默剧。“《KOOZA》秀表现的是人与人之间的交流,世界的双面性—好与坏,黑与白。但是它要做到以一种有趣和直白的方式去呈现,而并非严肃,更多的是想法的传递。故事的线索在于探索,探索恐惧,身份,赞誉和权力”《KOOZA》秀的剧作家及监制David Shiner如是说。

KOOZA 演出的环球帐篷占地面积约 1.7万平米,所有的帆布和整体支架轨道重达 11500磅,帐篷高达 19 米,直径为51米。现场搭建的几十名技术人员,将地面上的100多根柱子手动撑起,瞬间“黄蓝相间的巨大城堡”在城市中一跃而起,是中国罕见的帐篷剧场。

[Winner Announcement] Sonar Hong Kong 2018

ShenzhenParty.com is very proud to hold a contest for [Ticket Giveaway] Sonar Hong Kong 2018 ticket giveaway.  We are pleased to announce that the winner of the contest is as below. Congratulations!!


Marius Peter  



Congratulations to the winners above!! :) Also thanks to everyone who attended the contest. We look forward to seeing you all at our next contest in the future. Be prepared, you just might be the next winner!! 

Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen Inspires Guests to Play Hard and Purify Harder Through Rock Om® Yoga Program


Encouraging guests to play hard and purify harder, Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen is participating in the Sound Body wellness program with the brand launch of Rock Om®, an in-room yoga experience, energizing the body and soul through the power of music. Working in collaboration with Manduka, the world’s most respected yoga equipment and apparel brand endorsed by 4,000 yoga studios, teachers and practitioners worldwide, Rock Om® provides guests with top-of-the-line yoga equipment to utilize during their stay. Rock Om® also offers guests a Hard Rock spin on in-room yoga classes, combining original tracks by DJ Drez fused with his wife, yogi Marti Nikko’s, dynamic instruction on the easily-accessible Video On-Demand television channel.


Rock Om® will raise the volume on guests’ fitness levels through DJ Drez, a renowned producer, musical director and sound ambassador, who has worked with top artists ranging from the Black Eyed Peas and Eminem, to Macy Gray and Project Blowed. The program will redefine the ordinary yoga session, providing a fresh take on a timeless tradition by fusing together the ancient serenity of yoga with the beat of music.

RockOm4_Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen

“We are thrilled to team up with powerhouses like Manduka and DJ Drez to offer guests the highest quality of yoga experience,” said Dale Hipsh, senior vice president of Hard Rock Hotels. “Rock Om® is set to fan the flames for innovative hotel wellness experiences, and we couldn’t be more proud to launch the program to all of our brand fans.”

Available at Hard Rock Hotel XX and all Hard Rock Hotels worldwide, as well as upcoming properties, the program is designed to deliver a customized yoga experience, allowing guests to refresh, rejuvenate and re-energize the mind, body and spirit through the power of music. Rock Om® consists of three individual in-room yoga videos that will play on Hard Rock Hotel XX’s television system, in addition to the Rock Om® landing page where guests and non-guests can follow along and flow.

  • “Zenith”helps guests unwind through calming meditation and tranquil breathing exercises.
  • Zepplin”encourages guests to strike a pose and break a sweat to the beats and rhythm of high-energy Vinyasa flow.
  • “Zen”allows guests to recharge their bodies and minds with the traditional movements of classic flow.

“It’s so exciting to see Manduka translated through the eyes and ears of the Hard Rock brand,” said Cathy Quain, president of Manduka. “The Rock Om® program is the perfect blend of our trusted premium yoga equipment and the graphic, modern design aesthetic for which Hard Rock is known. This collaboration inspires Hard Rock guests to practice yoga – safely and stylishly – anywhere their travels take them.”

Additionally, as part of the program, guests can order an in-room yoga kit, which can be ordered either prior to arrival, at check-in or during stays. The yoga kits will include a regionally-inspired Yogitoes towel created by Manduka specifically for Hard Rock Hotels, a Manduka PROlite yoga mat and a Manduka Go Play carrier bag, all exclusive to the Rock Om® program and available for purchase in the Rock Shop.

“As a yoga practitioner who also travels for a living, I am thrilled to provide a new wellness option to our guests, especially those who might not be able to hit the hotel gym, but still want to get a workout before going about their day,” said Nora Swire, senior director of marketing for Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos. “We look forward to leveraging the brand’s connection to music, vibe and energy, creating a differentiated, one-of-a-kind fitness experience for travelers across the globe.”

Appealing to the modern business or leisure traveler, the elements of Rock Om® aim to create an unparalleled wellness experience for guests. For more information or to book a stay at Hard Rock Hotel XX, please visit INSERT HOTEL SITE. For more information on Hard Rock International visit www.hardrockhotels.com. To engage on social media, use the official hashtags: #RockOm, #HardRockHotel, #Manduka and #DJDrez.

About Hard Rock International

With venues in 75 countries, including 180 cafes, 24 hotels and 11 casinos, Hard Rock International (HRI) is one of the most globally recognized companies. Beginning with an Eric Clapton guitar, Hard Rock owns the world’s greatest collection of music memorabilia, which is displayed at its locations around the globe. Hard Rock is also known for its collectible fashion and music-related merchandise, Hard Rock Live performance venues and an award-winning website. HRI owns the global trademark for all Hard Rock brands. The company owns, operates and franchises Cafes in iconic cities including London, New York, San Francisco, Sydney and Dubai. HRI also owns, licenses and/or manages hotel/casino properties worldwide. Destinations include the company’s two most successful Hotel and Casino properties in Tampa and Hollywood, FL., both owned and operated by HRI parent company The Seminole Tribe of Florida, as well as other exciting locations including Bali, Cancun, Ibiza, Las Vegas, and San Diego. Upcoming new Hard Rock Cafe locations include St.Petersburg, Cairo, Wroclaw and Chengdu. New Hard Rock hotel, casino or hotel-casino projects include Atlanta, Atlantic City, Berlin, Budapest, London, Los Cabos, Maldives, New York City, Ottawa, Dalian and Haikou in China. For more information on Hard Rock International, visit www.hardrock.com.

About Manduka

For more than 20 years, Manduka has built a reputation as the world’s most respected yoga brand. Known for its legendary PRO Mat, Manduka creates high performance yoga mats, yoga towels, bags, props, and men’s and women’s fitness apparel. Designed by yogis and trusted by teachers worldwide, carefully selected and sustainable materials are paired with thoughtful design to create innovative products that allow a community of 4,000+ yoga studios, 700+ yoga ambassadors and over 2 million customers across the globe to deepen their practice. For more information on Manduka, visit www.Manduka.com.

Place Name: Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen 深圳硬石酒店
Place Address: NO.9 Mission Hills Road, Shenzhen 深圳市龙华新区观澜高尔夫大道9号
Place Phone: +86 (755) 3395 2888

How Shenzhen is Outsmarting the West

When Silicon Valley veteran Scotty Allen first came to the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen a few years ago as part of an organized tour for American tech geeks, and witnessed the city’s noisy hardware and electronics markets, its buzzing tech startup scene and countless glittering skyscrapers, his spontaneous reaction was not: “Wow, this is cool.” It was: “Wow, we are screwed”.

Coming to Shenzhen is like visiting the future. But it’s this crazy Blade Runner-esque future”, says Allen, his bearded, somewhat wild-looking face beaming in a broad smile. “There’s this incredible energy here. There’s a sort of feeling that like all boats are rising. People are just really smart and really innovative and really creative.”

These are the opening lines of a new book I wrote about Chinese innovation and startups, titled “Shenzhen Superstars – How China’s smartest city is challenging Silicon Valley”.

And Scotty Allen is apparently not the only one fascinated by the city. The book almost immediately became the number 1 bestseller on Amazon’s China section and among the most popular on its section for Innovation.

Reviews and readers comments have been very positive. Typically they highlight the notion that Shenzhen’s tech firms are in many ways outsmarting the West – just look at at Tencent’s WeChat. But also that most people in the West still are unaware of what’s going on in China.

This is how South China Morning Posted opened its review:

Imagine a tech start­-up venture capital­ist who hasn’t heard of Google or Silicon Valley. For Hong Kong-based journalist Johan Nylander, that’s the order of absurdity he encounters when it comes to global awareness of Shenzhen and the giant technology companies that the Chinese city has spawned.”

The book is available as both e-book and paperback on Amazon.

You can also contact me and I send you a copy. I’m on WeChat johanhej

About the author: Johan Nylander is an award-winning author and freelancing China and Asia correspondent. He’s frequently published by CNN, Forbes and Sweden’s leading business daily Dagens Industri. His latest book “Shenzhen Superstars – How China’s smartest city is challenging Silicon Valley” became an Amazon bestseller, and is the first in a series of Chinese startups and innovation.

HarMoniCare Schedule on Chinese Spring Festival 深圳和美医院春节放假安排

1Dear Members ,


Last year has come to an end ,thank you for all the support and trust you have given us during the year. We are looking forward to a year that brings new challenges and opportunities .


Based on the national holiday plan ,the working hours in Shenzhen HarMoniCare Women& Children’s Hospital will be as follows.


Normal Working Hours

Pediatrics Department,Internal Medicine,Obstetrics (OB)Department,Gynecology Department,Clinical Laboratory,Ultrasonography Department,Pharmacy etc.For more information ,please contact our International Department Team .


International Department Service



Kindly arrange your time accordingly,sorry for any inconvenience caused.Wish everyone the the best of luck in 2018 and a happy new year ahead !

请您合理安排就诊时间,如有不便敬请谅解, 预祝大家新年身体健康、阖家欢乐!

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Place Name: Shenzhen HarMoniCare Women & Children’s Hospital深圳和美妇儿科医院
Place Address: Nantou Ancient City, No.12018, Shennan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 深圳市南山区深南大道12018号南头古城旁
Place Phone:  English:(0755) 3391 9139 / Japanese/Korean: (0755) 3391 9125/ For emergency: 18025381584 / For cooperation: Cosmo , (0755) 3391 9136

HYPOXI Introduces Effective Weight Loss Spa at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Luohu

In a big city like Shenzhen, it is noticeable that many fads come and go rather like in the food, shared bike or even hotel industry. Some trends stay for good, whilst the next best thing is slowly replacing others. One trend, however, that seems to be developing very well in Shenzhen is the fitness trend. With a growing awareness of staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle in such a work driven city like Shenzhen, sometimes the biggest frustration can be the lack of time to really focus on a dedicated daily routine.

For professionals, staying fit is definitely something that’s needed but not always a possibility due to time constraints. Furthermore, if your really trying to exercise and see fast results – it takes even more dedication than usual to get the figure you’re trying to achieve which many don’t have the time to give. This is because normal exercise will typically burn fat that the body can easily access, not necessarily fat that you want to focus on removing. For this reason, many people will diet and/or exercise and find that the weight they are losing is coming off other areas of their body such as their arms but not the areas that count such as their stomach or hips. I know for me personally, this was an issue I had quite a bit when I was trying to lose weight myself. I didn’t have a lot of time to focus on exercise but the time I did put into exercise didn’t seem to do much for the areas I was wanting to target.

Fortunately, a company has arrived in the Shenzhen that’s answering these issues by offering gym equipment that focuses on specific problematic areas while offering a light workout that doesn’t take an exaggerated amount of dedication. This company is HYPOXI and their Spa is located at the Grand Hyatt in Luohu. HYPOXI’s exercise equipment focuses on targeting stubborn fat deposits, reducing cellulite, tightening/toning the skin and improved complexion.


When talking about stubborn fat deposits, fat burns more readily in areas where there is good circulation. This is why many people find it difficult to eliminate cellulite and fat in certain areas. A good test is to touch your skin around the legs, buttocks, hips, and stomach after a 30-minute exercise. The areas that are still hot have good circulation while the cold areas have very bad circulation.  The cooler the surface of the skin – the less circulation it has. This is what makes the HYPOXI machines so effective.  By using a unique technology known as the “HYPOXI-Method,” they are able to create a fat burning exercise that uses vacuum and compression therapy to maximize fat and cellulite loss in the right areas.

The vacuum therapy used in HYPOXI stimulates targeted areas of the body through a unique combination of alternating pressure therapy and moderate fat burning activity. This saves you a lot of time and energy that would otherwise be spent on non-effective methods to lose fat and firm the skin. For example, one thirty-minute workout using the HYPOXI bike is equal to three workouts on a regular bike and targets the right areas. Because of this, the gyms and spas that supply the HYPOXI-Method offer an effective exercise as opposed to a hard workout and will give you faster results.


At the Grand Hyatt in Luohu, guests have the option to enjoy effective workouts using the HYPOXI-Method. My colleague and I were lucky enough to give this method a try on our last visit and fell in love with using this technology in our workout.  The first machine used was the HYPOXI Trainer S120. This machine focuses on the lower body by providing a light workout of biking to help activate blood flow in your lower body area. During this exercise, the lower half of your body is enclosed in a tight vacuum alternating pressure chamber.

This pressurizes the right areas while you are working out and helps to stimulate circulation in the problem areas. I could definitely feel the difference during the workout as my lower body became extremely hot. Also, I noticed the pressure around my stomach and waist would alternate and give those areas quite a workout while I was biking. After a session was over, I noticed the lower part of my body had sweated a lot more than the upper part and could feel like I just did a rigorous workout – even though that was definitely not the case.

Later on, I went to the gym wearing the HYPOXI Vacunaut. This suit targets pressure around the stomach and waist giving the result of a flat stomach without the use of sit-ups.   It only takes a simple workout such as walking or jogging and really enhances the experience by providing alternating high and low pressure to the stomach; thus, giving more than just a cardio exercise. Trying this out, I could definitely feel the pressure and knew that it was doing its job well. After only half a session, I was definitely feeling the heat as the pressure suit applied pressure to my waist and stomach area. This made a workout that usually would be simple for me quite difficult and it showed in the amount of sweat that my body was producing while just doing a light jog. If you are looking at losing fat in the stomach or hip region, you definitely need to give this technology a try.


My college Wendy gave the HYPOXI Dermology a try and loved the therapeutic feeling it gave. In order to remain elastic and smooth your skin also needs to be exercised. This technology does just that by using integrated chambers within a pressure suit (HD-Pressure Suit) to apply high and low pressure to the skin around problem areas. There are many bubble-like indentions in this suit that seem to massage you while the low and high pressure circulates. This gently stretches and compresses the skin tissue in a similar way that muscles are trained. Wendy loved the feeling and found it to be very relaxing. It’s comforting to know that you can reduce cellulite and enhance your complexion in just a relaxing twenty-minute session.

Shenzhen is lucky to have an HYPOXI Spa located at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Luohu. Here an extensively trained HYPOXI coach who all has a wealth of knowledge in fields such as sports training and nutrition will closely supervise you. With HYPOXI, only two to three short sessions per week are more than enough to have fast visible results. Currently, at the Grand Hyatt there is a special opening price with 30% off the regular rate of HYPOXI Spa treatments. 

For more information be sure to check out their website at WWW.HYPOXI-CHINA.COM

Check-up Package for Pregnancy 和美高端女性孕检套餐



 Soft Reminder  温馨提示:

1.You may choose to add or deduct some certain items based on your needs. 客户可根据实际需求在套餐内自行增减项目,费用将对应计算。

2.Special offer for VIP membership card – 30% off applicable for the pre-pregnant check-up package and the prenatal check-up package. For more information,please contact our customer service team. 购买会员卡,支付孕前检查套餐和产检套餐的客户可享有7折优惠,更多详情请联系我们的客服团队。

3.This package only applys to Shenzhen HarMoniCare Women & Children’s Hospital. HarMoniCare Shenzhen reserves the right of final interpretation and changes to this package. 本套餐仅适用于深圳和美妇儿科医院,深圳和美保留对本套餐的最终解释权和变更权。


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Place Name: Shenzhen HarMoniCare Women & Children’s Hospital 深圳和美妇儿科医院
Place Address: Nantou Ancient City, No.12018, Shennan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 深圳市南山区深南大道12018号南头古城旁
Place Phone:  English:(0755) 3391 9139 / Japanese/Korean: (0755) 3391 9125/ For emergency: 18025381584 / For cooperation: Cosmo , (0755) 3391 9136

Review – Visit Nantou Old Town


HLC arranged a study tour last Sunday. We visited Nantou old town with our students and friends.

Let’s check some photos for the happy moments:

Please check this vocabulary list for this event:

hěn duō rén dōu shuō shēn zhèn shì yí gè méi yǒu lì shǐ de chéng shì zhè shì zhēn de ma

很 多 人 都 说,    圳 是 一个 没 有历史的 城 市。 这 是 真 的 吗?

rú guǒ nǐ xiǎng zhī dào shēn zhèn de lì shǐ nǐ kě yǐ qù nán tóu gǔ chéng kàn kàn

如果你 想    道 深  圳的 历史,你可以去 南 头古 城 看 看。

guān jiàn cí


深圳通        shēn zhèn tōng         Shenzhen Metro Card

集合            jí hé                             gather

参观           cān guān                     to visit (place)

博物馆       bó wù guǎn                Museum

历史           lì shǐ                            History

传统          chuán tǒng                 Tradition

建筑          jiàn zhù                      architecture

关帝庙      guān dì miào             Guan Di Temple

桃园三结义    táo yuán sān jié yì      Taking Oath in the Peach Garden 

城门          chéng mén                 City Gates

衙门          yá mén                        yamen, government office in feudal China

书吧          shū bā                         Book bar

市场          shì chǎng                   Market

烟馆          yān guǎn                   opium house

小吃          xiǎo chī                      Street food

煎饼          jiān bǐng                     Pancake

凉茶          liáng chá                    Herbal tea

糖水          táng shuǐ                    Desserts

zhè gè xīng qī tiān wǒ hé péng yǒu yì qǐ qù cān guān nán tóu gǔ chéng

这 个 星 期 天 我 和  朋 友 一 起去 参 观    头 古 城。

wǒ men xià wǔ yī diǎn zài dì tiě zhàn jí hé

我 们  下 午 一 点  在 地铁 站 集 合。

nán tóu gǔ chéng yǐ jīng yǒu 1700 nián de lì shǐ le

南 头 古    已 经  1700   的历史了。

guān dì shì shéi


nǐ zhī dào táo yuán sān jié yì de gù shì ma

你知  道 桃    三 结义的 故 事吗?

wǒ men cān guān le hěn duō dì fāng bǐ rú shuō guān dì miào bó wù guǎn

yān guǎn hé yá mén děng děng


gǔ chéng lǐ yǒu hěn duō xiǎo chī yòu pián yí yòu hǎo chī

  城 里 有 很 多     吃,  又 便  宜又 好 吃。

liáng chá tài kǔ le táng shuǐ hěn hǎo chī

  茶 太 苦了, 糖  水 很  好 吃。

Welcome to join us next time!! Please follow our public Wechat for more info:

Marketing Consulting and Training in China

SEO Consulting & Training in China

The company GetGoogleSeo provides SEO/SEM promotion services and consulting services in China (Shenzhen, Foshan, Guangzhou, Beijing)

Marketing consulting in Internet business in China

By ordering consulting for your website and business you can get:

  • Detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the site, evaluation of obstacles preventing its active promotion;
  • A set of clear step-by-step instructions for improving the performance of your site, advertising activity and business;
  • Independent evaluation of the actions of employees or contractor companies responsible for the promotion of your site;
  • Transparent, convenient and understandable scheme for planning and reporting on the promotion of the project;
  • Development of the site development strategy and its implementation with full support.

Why is Internet marketing consulting highly effective?

  • The market for Internet advertising services and website promotion is oversaturated with scammers who speculate fake portfolios and reviews that deceive customers who do not understand the specifics of website promotion.
  • The business owner often does not know the segmentation of the target audience of the business, and does not know how to present the goods to their customers in the best possible light.
  • Each business has unique conditions that should be taken into account – target audiences, product quality, region of distribution, goals and ambitions of owners, availability of resources, competitive advantages.
  • There are a lot of different tools of Internet advertising. For each business it is necessary to form, test and determine its own set of methods for attracting customers.
  • Placing on the site of certain information and functionality leads to an increase in the number of calls and orders, without additional investment.
  • A competently designed website brings the best result in the promotion process, because it is user-friendly, like users, easily solves problems and answers customer questions.

Webpage audit

The analysis of the web-resource should contain an assessment of the convenience and marketing properties of the site (usability, design, content), SEO site history (search for problems), technical analysis (search for code errors). To work on site audit can attract: marketer, SEO specialist, programmer, copywriter, designer, analyst. The result of the work will be a list of problems found and recommended ways to eliminate them, as well as a list of recommendations for the development of the site and its promotion. The cost of site audit from 1,300 yuan, depends on the volume and complexity of the work. The cost of implementing changes based on the audit results is estimated additionally, at the request of the customer.

Independent audit of advertising activities

You can order our expert opinion – an assessment of the actions of an employee, freelancer or advertising agency to promote your site. The object of audit can be:

  • Advertising campaigns in Yandex Direct and Google Adwords
  • History SEO website promotion in the search for given keywords
  • Quality of traffic (stream of visitors) of the site – as far as it’s targeted clients or simply threaded bots, analysis of the link mass of the site
  • Advertising campaigns in social networks
  • Efficiency of alternative ways to attract customers to the site

We will study the reports of the performers, compare the declared and actually achieved results, find the mistakes made by the performers, which led to the negative phenomena, we note the positive results. Also our report will contain a list of recommendations for correcting erroneous actions and improving the settings of advertising, adjusting the promotion strategy.

Individual consultations by WeChat

If you have specific questions on the promotion of your site, or you simply do not know where to start, then we can discuss these issues with a personal meeting on WeChat.  The cost of an individual consultation is 550 yuan / hour *

If you need a series of consultations, discounts are discussed individually.

Individual consultations by Skype

If you have specific questions on the promotion of your site, or you simply do not know where to start, then we can discuss these issues by a personal meeting on Skype. We will do our best to answer the question fully, however we might need additional research or discussion with the team of specialists. Therefore, we recommend that you pre-form the list of questions in writing and send them to us by the mail. Also, if some questions remain unanswered during the consultation, we will find a qualified answer to them later, and we will send it to you by mail or Skype. The cost of an individual consultation is 600 yuan / hour *

If you need a series of consultations, discounts are discussed individually.Development of an individual strategy for the development of the site, online store.

If you have already launched a ready-made commercial Internet project, and you plan to start its promotion or are already promoting in on your own or outsourcing, we will help increase the efficiency of investments in the site. Based on the experience of our team, and, if necessary, involving relevant specialists in related areas, we will develop a clear step-by-step strategy for your business.

More: Here

Is Hong Kong Right For Your Amazon FBA Business?


This article is originally found: here

Are you currently selling on Amazon, in your personal name? Or maybe you have a company in your home country for your Amazon business?

Sales are taking off and you want to start looking global for the right jurisdiction to establish a proper corporate entity.

Then look no further! Today we’ll discuss why Hong Kong is a great place for you to headquarter your Amazon FBA business. Start selling on Amazon US and other global markets from HK and Asia direct.

Note: This is more on the corporate setup side for a HK company and Amazon sales. Check out our how to guide on how to get started selling on Amazon FBA internationally for the business side of it.

Getting Started Selling on Amazon

There are massive courses written on how to sell on Amazon. This guide is focused on setting up your account from Hong Kong, but we also give some general tips on Amazon FBA selling in general to start.

It consists of two parts, 1) Finding a good product and 2) optimizing your Amazon listing once its listed.

Here are a few tools many Amazon sellers use, here are a couple our readers discuss:

  • Jungle Scout – One of the first and most diverse collection of Amazon seller tools out there.
  • AmaChete – a newer, more affordable tool for Amazon sellers.

Try out one that works best for you – to dig through the massive amounts of data to find products that have a good opportunity for you.

Easy To Buy From Chinese Factories

Hong Kong is where everyone setups up their business for their import and export business. It is right next door to Mainland China, without the complexities and headaches that you’d get in the PRC.

So your Chinese factories, many of them, will already have a HK company and a Hong Kong bank account, most likely HSBC HK. You can pay them immediately, no fee, and they will receive the funds almost at the same time.

You can envision one of those drug deals in the movies, or hostage situations. One side brings the “goods” (drugs, hostage, etc) and the buyer brings the cash. Well, in more modern action movies, it’s not a suitcase of cash anymore. Instead its a laptop or a code that sends the funds to their bank account with the press of a button.

Not to correlate drug dealing and buying from factories, but you can be inside their factory for the deal. You finish doing a quality inspection, and whip out your HSBC Hong Kong online banking afterwards. Show them you transferred the funds (spin the laptop around and show the screen). Also you’ll have a reference number on the spot. They can check that same instant. They confirm the funds received, and they let the container ship leave the factory dock.

If you do this from an overseas bank, it would at least be 24 hours or so, and much higher fees. Are you buying from many factories and doing a lot of factories transactions often? You can save a ton of time, fees, and headaches by having a HSBC HK bank account.

Low or Zero Percent Tax

The corporate tax rate in Hong Kong is 16.5%, which is low already in the global index. On top of that, if you can prove you’re an offshore business, you can get a 0% exemption on the earnings you make outside of Hong Kong.

If you’re selling in Amazon USA, then, that isn’t Hong Kong right? Enjoy this offshore tax while also being in a great jurisdiction like Hong Kong. This way you can enjoy the legal protection and corporate image. Best of both worlds.

Amazon Has Overseas Sellers Programs That Make It Easy

Amazon allows sellers from around the world to sell in the Amazon USA marketplace. And now that you can piggyback off their fulfillment operations via FBA (fulfillment by Amazon). No longer do you need the headaches of a warehouse and logistics center in USA.

Buy your products from the factory in China, pay from your HSBC HK bank account, and ship them direct to the Amazon FBA warehouse in America.

Once the sales start to come in, Amazon pays out the sales proceeds every two weeks. Get an account with Payoneer and have the funds sent direct to Hong Kong. Nice and smooth.

Don’t get left behind with others who have more complex business operations. Take it from me, e-commerce was a lot, LOT harder ten years ago. Nowadays, you don’t even need a website, just load up in Amazon and get the sales payments twice a month.

Credit Card + Phone Verification

We have gotten a lot of attention from Amazon entrepreneurs going through the HK setup process, and a good question we received is below:

A problem I see is they’re asking for an international credit card (which my HK company does not have- just UnionPay). How did you do it? some of their support articles and comments from people on the internet seem to indicate they need to verify that you have a phone number in HK too.Alvaro

This is why we suggest people to apply for a credit card at the bank – the same time they go in for a new account opening.

Phone number, people use online numbers like Skype in.

Can Grow Into More Business Opportunities Later

Selling on Amazon is a great business. Lots of people are making good monthly income from. But maybe once you get the sales coming in and the business running, you want to try something else.

No problem, you can leverage the power of this Hong Kong company for your new venture too! You can apply for the many merchant account options and get that connected direct to your Hong Kong business bank account. Open your own shopping cart and pay direct via Shopify or another cloud based shopping cart.

Can You Sell on Amazon USA with a Hong Kong company?

Yes, this is possible. You register your Amazon seller account with your Hong Kong business registration certificate. It will ask you a million and one times if you are American or not. You need to be a non-American to do this – legally. But for those non-USA citizens, this is a great way to connect your Amazon USA sales to your Hong Kong business.

You can then have Amazon send money to your Payoneer or World First account and then receive the funds in your Hong Kong bank directly. With the funds in Hong Kong, you can then directly wire money to your Chinese factory. Often times they have a Hong Kong bank account, such as HSBC, so there are no fees and the transfer happens within seconds.

Talk about fast and efficient! This is pretty close to F2C (Factory to Consumer) – you can also read up a blog post where we discuss F2C

Will I Receive USD or HKD (Hong Kong dollars) from Amazon payments?

The next most popular question is what funds you will receive. Most think they must receive Hong Kong dollars and get hit on the foreign exchange (FX) fees. But there are other options. We discuss this a lot in our member’s forum for client.

Here’s an interesting answer from one of our clients:

There are a couple of companies that can keep your money in USD and have way lower fees than Payoneer. We are looking at OFX right now and also World First. OFX has an office in HK. Looks like that is what we will do. And then link to Hk bank account once we have itGFA Client

Many of our clients have also been using Remitsy as a way to get money into China successfully while banking is pending.

Of course, these policies and fees are always changing, so best to ask these service providers.

Connecting HSBC HK to Amazon

While there have been people saying that Amazon won’t wire to Hong Kong – I have had readers (as of October 2016) tell me that they can add their HSBC Hong Kong business bank account to their account directly.

No 9 digit routing — and few people online say dont use first 3 of the 12 number of your account (say 1st 3 numbers are bank not account number)

After a lot of chats with Amazon seller support, my contact was able to connect his HSBC Hong Kong bank directly, simply by choosing Hong Kong and then using the above trick to get the account number to fit. Others please help update me.

Doing Your Amazon FBA Bookkeeping

So once people get the Hong Kong company setup for their Amazon business, they then ask how do they best balance their accounting books? While there is no difference in bookkeeping for an e-commerce business as there is for any business, there is a setup that many sellers have been using.

This is called A2X Accounting – it is a plugin on top of Xero software that connects automatically to FBA’s database and imports all your sales numbers in. This way you can save time from data entry as well as worrying about “fat fingers” and other issues with humans.

What Do You Think? Ready to Leverage Hong Kong for your Amazon FBA Business?

So I know how stressful it is when structuring your corporation. Or even more stressful it is to restructure and close down a company and move funds and assets to another. But that is the only way we grow and stay competitive.

I’d love to hear any and all comments. Maybe you don’t agree – please share! You should be at a certain level to maintain the upkeep costs of an international business. And also able to come to Hong Kong at least once for the bank account opening. We offer services for Amazon sellers and online business owners who aren’t in Hong Kong to make the process as simple and smooth.

If you like this article and blog, we’d be ecstatic if you’d consider our HKVIP Hong Kong registration package. We will take care of everything from A to Z. We work with a lot of Amazon sellers and will give you pointers and tips we have seen along the way.

Even one of those tips during the setup process could save and make you thousands of dollars, so we hope to see you soon!

Related: Check our full Amazon FBA library for more guides and tools.

Welcome Dr.Xu,TCM & Acupuncture Master to Join HarMoniCare SZ

Twenty years ago, with a piece of silver needle, she stepped into United States of America as an ambassador for Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, where she had made exceptional efforts to promote Chinese culture and TCM to the people from all over the world.
20年前,一个柔弱的女子,拿起了银针,在异国他乡大洋彼岸弘扬中医精神,在美国宣传中医针灸,并逐步改变了许多美国人对中医,尤其是针灸的印象, 使很多美国人和来自世界各地的朋友热爱上了中医文化。



Acupuncture, hailed as Magical Needle of the East, marks the tide of TCM. As the quintessence of China, it has been gaining a great influence and popularity around the world and creating many medical miracles .
针灸被誉为“ 东方神针”, “ 指尖芭蕾 ”, 针灸是中医的最高境界。自古以来针灸创造了数不清的医学奇迹,针灸是国粹,现已申遗成功,现在全世界越来越多的人喜欢运用针灸治疗和养生。GQQRN4CSIZ_)02(_)}H694V.png
With full passion for TCM,Dr. Xu has been engaged in TCM and acupuncture for over 30 years. As the apprentice of He Puren, the Chinese Guru of acupuncture, she systematically mastered the clinical application of ‘He Shi San Tong Therapy’. Besides, she also perfectly captures the spirit of “Tung’s Extra Points” after learning from Yang Weijie, a leading authority of acupuncture in Taiwan.
During the 10 years in USA, Dr.Xu successfully treated many complicated cases of all races. She even won the awards of ‘Recommended Doctor’ by Mayor in Redondo, California and ‘Honorary Citizen’ by Mayor in Monterey Park. Her story had been reported by a series of American media.
After coming back to China, she served as the director in Oriental Institute of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and devoted herself to clinical teaching with foreign postgraduate students. She is active in TV shows and lectures.


Dr.Xu excels in Gynecology(ovary,uterus and mammary gland, menstruation, infertility, prenatal and postpartum recovery); Pediatrics(hyperactive child syndrome,cerebral palsy, infantile convulsion and malnutrition ); Some pain diseases(paralytic stroke, facial paralysis, allergic rhinitis, obstinate insomnia, vertigo and sub-health conditioning). With rich clinical experiences and the effectiveness in treatment, Dr.Xu is well received by patients from home and abroad .

Nowadays, Dr.Xu joined Shenzhen HarMoniCare Women & Children’s Hospital, the first international hospital with JCI in Shenzhen. As the head of the TCM department, she shared that an international TCM club will be set up soon to offer a platform for friends from different countries to communicate regularly.




Place Name: Shenzhen HarMoniCare Women & Children’s Hospital 深圳和美妇儿科医院
Place Address: Nantou Ancient City, No.12018, Shennan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 深圳市南山区深南大道12018号南头古城旁
Place Phone: English:(0755) 3391 9139 / Japanese/Korean: (0755) 3391 9125/ For emergency: 18025381584 / For cooperation: Cosmo , (0755) 3391 9136

Find Your Taste With Les 5 Chef’s Miznon Gourmet Street Food

In the time since Les 5 Chef’s opened its doors in Shekou, the fine dining restaurant has built up a reputation for its high quality cuisine at reasonable prices. So when they announced the opening of their new restaurant called Les 5 Chef’s Miznon, naturally it caught the curiosity of many a food lover in the city. Shenzhen Party went to check out the latest culinary endeavor.

At first glance, Les 5 Chef’s Miznon is probably not what most people would have been expecting from the people behind the original Les 5 Chef’s. The interior consists of exposed foundations with bright graffiti and blackboards of food specials. From the Hong Kong style open style bar, hip music plays onto the streets where there are the neighboring hole in the wall restaurants and stores.

One of the restaurant’s partners is Harry, who spent 35 years opening restaurants, hotels and cruise liners before embarking on Les 5 Chef’s. For him, Les 5 Chef’s Miznon has a very clear and distinct concept. “Les 5 Chef’s is international fine dining. Here, at Les 5 Chef’s Miznon, we make gourmet street food. It’s Middle East style. We serve roasted vegetables, chicken, stuffed pita. Its high quality ingredients, high quality taste, for a reasonable price.”

The idea for Miznon came about when Harry kept receiving requests from customers at Les 5 Chef’s. “We have a lot of Israeli customers and they came to me many times, ‘Harry, we love your food, but can you do our food.’ I was many times before in Israel and I know how to make their food so I said, ‘Yes, but we will make a completely different concept to the 5 Chef’s.”

“It took time to find the flavor. Israeli taste is very specific so we adapt the food so that everybody likes it. For example, for the Chinese taste, we will give a little bit of spiciness inside, so the customer can order it spicy if they want to have spicy or not.”

In fact, it is from the restaurant’s Israeli origins that the restaurant takes its name Miznon, which means ‘Canteen’ in Hebrew. Although to refer to Miznon simply as a canteen would be to do a disservice to its extensive and exciting food menu.

Customers can choose from twenty four different pitas including meat, seafood, and vegetable fillings. The Roasted Chicken is one of the stand-out items on the menu, which goes well with any of the ten roasted vegetables dishes. That is all without mentioning any of the soups, salads or noodle dishes.

Harry is asked to pick out some of the most popular dishes. “For me, it is the Lamb Chili Onion Pita. We use only the Lamb Tenderloin so it is very soft. The next one is the Falafel Pita, because we have lots of options for vegan people and vegetarians coming here. There is also the Roasted Cauliflower. First it is cooked, then roasted. We use only Greek or Australian olive oil to roast it. It is one of the best sellers.”

While picking the roasted tomatoes straight from the vine and as you try the roasted cauliflower and ask yourself if cauliflower has always tasted this good, one thing starts to become clear; Les 5  Chef’s Miznon uses only the finest, freshest and healthiest ingredients. “Our beef is coming from Australia. Our vegetables we pick up every two days from a farm four hours from here by driving. The hummus, every day we make fresh three times. We peel the chickpeas. It’s a lot of work, but it’s much smoother this way.”

Another element of the concept at Les 5 Chef’s Miznon is the complimentary sauce station, which customers are encouraged to take advantage of. “We have here 8 sauces. We have for European tastes and Chinese tastes. We give the recommendations, but I really have to say that they find their own taste,” explained Harry.

Yet to say Les 5 Chef’s Miznon is somewhere only to come to enjoy a meal would be only part of the story. It’s as much a place to meet friends to chat over some drinks. The restaurant boasts draft craft beer all the way from Ingolstadt, in the heart of Bavaria. Herrnbrau is available in four different beers and cannot be found anywhere else in China, let alone Shenzhen. At RMB20 for 300ml, it’s most likely the best value you will find around too.

The spirits menu is equally generously priced and well stocked. When you can get yourself a rum or gin for RMB25, it’s no wonder then that many customers end up staying at Les 5 Chef’s Miznon long after they have finished their meal. As Harry says, “What we do is we close when the last customer has left. So sometimes we are open till three or four o’clock.”

Place Name: Les 5 Chef’s Miznon

Place Address: N0.143 Shekou old street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen深圳南山蛇口老街143号

Place Phone: +86 135 2889 0561

See below for more information on Les 5 Chef’s Fondue Festival, which runs from 21st December 2017 to 21st January 2018. There are also some fantastic  lunch specials and drinks offers available at Les 5 Chef’s Miznon.


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