Family videos

Shenzhen-Based YouTube Series ‘Our Chinese Life’ Take an Amusing Trip to Zhuhai

This week saw the latest episode of ‘Our Chinese Life’ debut on Youtube, in which the Kay family take a weekend trip to the coastal city of Zhuhai in search of some rural peace and quiet. The web-based series – which combines 1980s home-movie aesthetics, light-hearted comedy and vignettes of expat life in China – […]

business videos

Video Presentation Release of 2020 White Paper & Special Reports

Get the latest information, hot off the press and straight from the mouth of hundreds of companies which participated in the Study! 获悉华南美国商会对过百家名企会员进行的华南地区经济环境最新年度调查报告结果! Get more information of the latest economic trends in South China after the coronavirus outbreak 获取疫情爆发后华南地区最新经济走向信息 Get advises on the development strategy for 2020 2020年发展策略的建议 We cordially invite you to watch the […]


Watch how traditional Chinese crafts are made

Liziqi has a mesmerizing YouTube channel that takes you back to nature. She finds traditional crafts and cooking methods showing from beginning to end the process to make them. There is very little explanation so it is almost meditative to view her working. Watch how bamboo furniture is made from beginning to end including chopping […]