China officially Discover Verdicchio and other White Wines! 

It’s been now years since Stesoph brought to China the most wanted  Italian White wine – Verdicchio.
Few years later, also thanks to our instinct and competence of China market last week a Chinese delegation has come to the Marche Region in order to start soon a partnership!
Thanks to Stesoph staff deep knowledge of this territory, a Chinese delegation supported by a SOHU TV came to discover physically this side of Italy. They filmed the lands , homeland of this incredible and unique white wine, famous  all over the World, and consequently,  also sadly  the most copied Italian wine by scammers.
Soon a complete reportage on :
 The hillsides of Marche hold many secrets, among them the complexity and ageability of well-made Verdicchio. That’s why I feel intrigued years ago as I explored the region, says Caroline Sophie Douce, owner of Stesoph.

The Verdicchio grape, grown in the hillsides of north-central and western Marche, is used to produce a variety of wines, from “metodo classic” to “passito” and, in between, some of the longest-lived dry whites found in Italy and not only.

Decanter Italy expert Ian D’Agata, in his book Native Wine Grapes of Italy, asserts that ‘Verdicchio is arguably  Italy’s  greatest  native  white  grape  variety.’  In  its  2015  Italian  wine  guide,  Gambero  Rosso awarded its highest rating of tre bicchieri to 11 examples of Verdicchio – more than any other white in the country. So why is it that you would be hard pressed to find more than one example on wine lists outside of Italy?

Maybe simply because it is difficult to appreciate something that most people in China didn’t know before Stesoph intuition and perseverance through its Italian platform located in Shenzhen. They introduce into China market several top quality original white wine that became in a few years very appreciated and a “must have” mainly by the new generation and high society Chinese women with a sales grow over 10% every year.

This success was possible because of the excellent selections in terms of quality by Stesoph’s partners specialized in production of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi special for a series of factors including soil, climate and elevation. The Castelli di Jesi zone is located in north central Marche closer to the sea side, while Verdicchio  di Matelica is in the western centre of the region, close to the Apennine Mountains where the wineyards grow up to 800m above sea level.

Verdicchino from Broccanera

Read more about Stesoph selection wine on

Place Name: SteSoph Commerce and Trade (shenzhen) Co., Ltd 舍芬商贸(深圳) 有限公司
Place Address :  BaoAn District , Qianjin 2ND road , Taoyunju, Zhihui Chuangxin Centre, Room 605B, Buliding A
Website:  SteSoph Commerce and Trade (shenzhen) Co., Ltd’s Website
Place Phone:  +86 (755) 61809809 / 138 2328 9472


Try Something New At Tycoon Tuesdays At Terrace Bar

I think we’ve all had nights where we just don’t feel like having our usual drink of choice. Perhaps you are seated at the bar and you spot a particularly tempting bottle of single malt on the top shelf that you’ve never had before? Or maybe a group at another table are celebrating with a champagne that you’ve always seen but never tried?

As tempted as we are to step outside of our comfort zones, we are often put off when we check the price list. Why spend that much on something I might not like when I can buy a drink that’s tried and tested, even if it is a little overly familiar.

But with Tycoon Tuesdays at Terrace Bar, you now have the chance to try some of those drinks you’ve always wanted to. The concept is simple and clean in its execution. Every Tuesday, Terrace Bar selects one of its top shelf, premium items from its drinks list and takes the price and cuts it by as much as 50%.

Only one item from the menu is selected, but each time it rotates to something new. One week it could be a bottle of Belvedere Pure Vodka, the next week it could be a fine Ferrari-Carano Chardonnay. Well, they do say variety is the spice of life.

If you are looking to impress a new date or want to treat the wife to a break from the kids, be sure to head down to Terrace when the Josmeyer Fleur de Lotus is on special. Take advantage of the Terrace’s other promotions on a Tuesday too and treat yourself and your date to a steak dinner. For RMB148, you can enjoy an imported Australian Rib-eye Steak and a glass of wine.

After a long day of touring factories or sitting in meetings, bring your clients down for a bottle of Macallan 12 Years while it’s available on promotion. Put business to one side for a couple of hours and unwind over a few tumblers of single malt.

Or perhaps it could be something more on the wild side? Make the most of the Hennessy VSOP when it’s on rotation. Bring down a group of friends and party like there’s no tomorrow, or at least like tomorrow isn’t a Wednesday. Who knows? Before you know it, you could be on the dance floor jumping and singing along with the resident Terrace Bar band, T.A.S.

Something to celebrate? Pick up a bottle or two of the Don Perignon when it’s on offer and cheers to that promotion, birthday, or engagement. Pop open that bubbly and celebrate in style.

With the bottle on offer changing every week, there’s only one way to find out what is the special that week. By following Terrace’s official WeChat account you can be amongst the first to find out what bottle is on offer.

Not only that, you can also keep up to date with all of Terrace’s other great specials such as the great value daily Lunch Specials where you can sample Terrace Bar’s Thai food, or Ladies’ Night on a Wednesday where ladies can make the most of some fantastic drinks specials all night long.

So treat yourself to something different on Tuesday and allow yourself to feel like a Tycoon.

Upcoming Tycoon Tuesdays:

April 3rd – Hennessey VSOP 700ml – Originally 1198RMB, on offer at 599RMB

April 10th – Martel Noblige 700ml – Originally 1298RMB, on offer at 649RMB

April 17th – Remy Martin VSOP 700ml – Originally 1198RMB, on offer at 599RMB

April 24th – Martel Noblige 1.5L – Originally 4998RMB, on offer at 2999RMB

May 1st – Ferrari-Carano Cabernet Sauvignon – Originally 888RMB, on offer at 444RMB

May 15th – Josmeyer Fleur de Lotus – Originally 628RMB, on offer at 314RMB

May 22nd – Cloudy Bay – Originally 668RMB, on offer at 334RMB

May 29th – Ferrari-Carano Chardonnay – Originally 688RMB, on offer at 344RMB

Place Name:  Terrace

Place Phone: (0755) 2682-9105

Official WeChat Account: Terrace Shenzhen


Place Address: Seaworld Square, Shekou (above Starbucks) 深圳市南山区蛇口海上世界广场(星巴克二楼)

Trafalgar New Menu

We serve a delicious range of fine, traditional British food in our pub restaurant, such as Fish & Chips, Yorkshire Pudding and a range of other authentic fare. Our carefully crafted drinks list includes a great selection of premium beers and ales.

SW Food Menu

炸薯皮    35
Potato Skin
(如需菇素,请告知我们) (For vegetarian, please inform our staff to exclude bacon)

酥炸洋葱圈 35
Onion Rings

墨西哥玉米片 62
(另加¥25配辣牛肉酱 )  ( Add chili con carne ¥25 )

英式芝士薯条 45
Engilsh Chunky Chips with Melted Cheese

炸薯角 35
Potato Wedges

蒜蓉包 28
Garlic Bread

迷你汉堡(3个) 58
Mini Burgers

手指鱼条 45
Fish Fingers

香炸鸡柳 45
Chicken Fingers

原只德国咸猪手 108
Pork Knuckle

鸡翅(5只) 45
Chicken Wings (5pcs)

Buffalo, Spicy garlic, Honey mustard


凯撒沙拉 48
Caesar Salad
(另加¥25可加配牛肉, 鸡肉或烟三文鱼) Add grilled beef or grilled chicken or smoked salmon for only ¥25

厨师沙拉 68
Chef Salad

烟三文鱼沙拉 58
Smoked Salmon Salad


是日例汤 45
Soup of the Day

Please refer to our staff

蘑菇浓汤 45
Wild Mushroom Soup


Served with Chips or Mashed Potato

招牌汉堡 118
The Trafalgar Burger


Beef patty, with sautéed mushrooms,  bacon, cheddar cheese, pineapple and egg, served with chips … it’s BIG!

牛肉大虾汉堡 88
Beef & Shrimp Burger

早餐汉堡 78
Bistro Breakfast Burger

辣牛肉芝士蘑菇汉堡 88
Spicy Beef with Mushroom & Swiss Cheese

肉食者汉堡 98
Meat Lover

经典芝士汉堡 78
Classic Cheese Burger

双层芝士汉堡 118
Double Cheese Burger

烤鸡汉堡 68
Grilled Chicken Burger


牛扒三明治 88
Steak Sandwich

火腿芝士三明治 72
Ham and Cheese Sandwich

烤鸡肉三明治 72
Grilled Chicken Sandwich

俱乐部三明治 88
Club Sandwich

牛肉法棍 88
Beef Dip

培根生菜番茄三明治 72 BLT Sandwich


俱乐部肉卷 82
Club Wrap

鸡肉法基塔卷 75
Chicken Fajita Wrap

虾肉卷 88
Shrimp Wrap

炸鱼塔可卷 78
Fish Taco Wrap


Seafood Risotto卡邦尼意粉 72
Spaghetti Carbonara

茄汁肉酱意粉 65
Spaghetti Bolognaise

蕃茄酱海鲜扁意粉 108
Linguine Seafood Marinara

奶油牛肉牛肝菌宽粉 118
Fettuccine in Cream Sauce with Beef and Bolete

鸡肉蔬菜长通粉     72

Chicken & Vegetable Pasta with Cream
or Tomato Sauce

海鲜烩意大利饭 88
Wild Mushroom Risotto

牛肝菌意大利饭 88
Wild Mushroom Risotto


炸鱼薯条 78

Fish & Chips

美式酱烧排骨 118

Finger-Licking BBQ Ribs

香肠土豆泥 88

Bangers and Mash

招牌全日早餐 98
Trafalgar All-day Breakfast

Sausage, egg, bacon, hash brown, mushroom, toast, grilled tomato and baked beans

招牌煎蛋卷 78
Trafalgar Omelette

墨西哥鸡肉薄饼 72
Half Moon Chicken Quesadilla

墨西哥蔬菜薄饼 72
Half Moon Veggie Quesadilla

什锦德国烤香肠 108
German Mixed Sausages

英式牧羊派 88
Cottage Pie


玛格丽特披萨 88
Margherita Pizza

辣肉肠披萨 88
Pepperoni Pizza

鸡肉披萨 88
Chicken & Jalapeño

菠菜飞达芝士披萨 88
Spinach & Feta

芝士四重奏披萨 88
Four Cheeses

肉食者披萨 88
Meat Lover

海鲜披萨 88

芝麻菜帕马火腿披萨 88
Rocket & Parma Ham


Served with Chips or Mashed Potato

新西兰肉眼牛排 138
New Zealand Rib Eye Steak

美国上等肉眼扒 238
U.S Prime Rib Eye

新西兰战斧扒 588
New Zealand Tomahawk

需提早一天预约  One day appointment

三文鱼扒 118
Salmon Fillet

龙俐鱼扒 98
Sole Fillet


澳式烩海鲜 188
Mixed Seafood Gambas

香辣茄汁烩蛤蜊 88
Clam in Spicy Tomato Sauce

白酒烩青口 78
Mussels in White Wine

奶油培根烩青口 78
Mussels in Cream Sauce with Bacon

意式番茄酱烩青口  78
Mussels Marinara


自制巧克力布朗尼配雪糕 38
Homemade Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream

石板街 38
Rocky Road

SW Drink Menu


HH: before 9pm,欢乐时光: 九点前


HH         NH

黄金猎犬皮尔森啤酒        28       33
Golden Mushroom Pilsner 4.9%


伯爵野兔艾尔           35         40
Badger Hopping Hare 4.4%

伯爵鼬鼠琥珀           35       40
Badger Fursty Ferret 4.4%

伯爵金色荣誉艾尔       35       40
Badger Golden Glory 4.5%

桑布鲁克沙俄帝国世涛黑啤 40       46
Sambrook’s Imperial Stout 10.4%

桑布鲁克伦敦艾尔        40       46
Sambrook’s Pale Ale 4.5%

沃德沃思6X艾尔            35       40
Wadworth 6X 4.5%

查尔斯•威尔斯拉格啤酒    35       40
Charlie Wells Dry Hopped Lager 4.7%

查尔斯•威尔斯印度淡艾尔    35       40
Charlie Wells Triple Hopped IPA 5.2%

兰卡斯特金色艾尔         35       40
Lancaster Blonde 4.0%

Theakston Old Peculier 5.6%     38        43

Sambrook’s IPA 6.2%           40        46


兄弟焦糖苹果味酒         38      43
Brothers Toffe Apple Premium
Cider 4.0%

瓶装啤酒· Bottled Beer
HH: before 9pm,欢乐时光: 九点前

伯爵狐狸艾尔 (橙花)         35      40
Badger Firkin Fox 4.6%

伯爵来电者棕艾尔 (橙味)     35      40
Badger First Call 4.0%

伯爵侵略者棕艾尔 (梨香)     35      40
Badger Poachers Choice 5.7%

扑克牌系列 梅花10黑色啤酒 40      46
Belgisch Speciaalbier KlevereTien Zwart & Straf (10)  10.0%

扑克牌系列 黑桃J三料啤酒  40      46
Belgisch Speciaalbier Schuppen Tripel (J) 8.0%

扑克牌系列 紅桃K苦酿啤酒 40      46
Belgisch Speciaalbier HertenHeer Blond & Bitter (K) 6.5%

扑克牌系列 黑桃1琥珀啤酒 40   46
Belgisch Speciaalbier Schuppen Aas (A)  9.0%

洛克星夜琥珀啤酒          40      46
Nuit Etoilee Amber 9.0%

德朗克 XX苦酿啤酒          40      46
Br. Deranke XX Bitter 6.0%

伯汀汉斯三料啤酒          40       46
Bertinchamps Triple Hops 8.0%

伯汀汉斯金啤酒               40   46
Bertinchamps Blonde 6.2%

伯汀汉斯棕啤酒               40   46
Bertinchamps Brune 7.0%

洛克修道院金啤酒           40   46
Abbage des Rocs Blonde (330ml) 7.0%

堪培斯之火三料啤酒           40   46
Kempich Buur Triple 7.5%

堪培斯之火三重料啤酒       40   46
Kempich Buur 3-Double 7.5%

堪培斯之火哈弗世都啤酒       40   46
Kempich Buur Haver Stout 6.5%

罗蔓汉伯森啤酒               40   46
Gentse Strop 6.9%

罗蔓艾纳娒金啤酒           40   46
Ename 6.5%

兰卡斯特琥珀艾尔啤酒       35   40
Lancaster Amber 3.6%

兰卡斯特金色艾尔啤酒       35   40
Lancaster Blonde 4.0%

兰卡斯特黑色世涛啤酒       35      40
Lancaster Black 4.5%

兰卡斯特红色艾尔啤酒       35   40
Lancaster Red 4.8%

维尔斯香蕉面包艾尔啤酒       35   40
Wells Banana Bread Beer 5.2%

阳斯双重巧克力黑啤           35   40
Young’s Double Chocolate Stout 5.2%

HH: before 9pm,欢乐时光: 九点前

兄弟苹果味酒             28     33
Brothers Apple Cider

兄弟草莓味酒             28     33
Brothers Strawberry Cider

兄弟野果味酒             28     33
Brothers Wild Fruit Cider

兄弟焦糖苹果味酒         28     33
Brothers Toffee Apple Cider

艾斯卡柠檬姜味酒         38     43
Alska Lemon & Ginger Cider

艾斯卡梨荔枝味酒         38     43

艾斯卡水蜜桃树莓味酒     38     43
Alska Peach & Raspberry Cider

艾斯卡草莓青柠味酒         38     43
Alska Strawberry & Lime Cider

艾斯卡北欧莓果味酒         38     43
Alska Nordic Berry Cider

国王苹果味酒            28     33
Kings Apple Cider

国王野果味酒            28     33
Kings Wild Berry Cider


Add ¥10,serve with soft drinks 搭配软饮加¥10

HH: before 9pm,欢乐时光: 九点前


独家威士忌           35    40

百富12年           45    51
The Balrenie 12yrs

Glenfiddich 12yrs        38       43


独家波本           35   40
House Bourbon

杰克丹尼田纳西州   40   46
Jack Daniel’s

占边肯塔基纯正       40      46
Jim Beam

美格威              51   58
Maker’s Mark


独家伏特加          35       40
House Vodka

俄罗斯雪树         45       51


独家金酒         35      40
House Gin

孟买蓝宝石         43      49
Bombay Sapphire

哥顿            43      49
Gordon’s Gin

伦敦干味         43      49
Tanqueray London Dry

Hendrick’s Scotch Gin   43    49


Captain Morgan        40       46

独家朗姆          35       40
House Rum

百加得白朗姆      38       43


独家龙舌兰         35        40
House Tequila

Agavales Blanco        40         46

独家白兰地          35         40

House Brandy

万事好              35         40
Raynal & Cie V.S.O.P

必得利              35         40
Bardinet V.S.O.P


百利               35     40
Bailey’s Irish Cream

君度力娇酒           43     49

甘露咖啡力娇       43     49
Kahlua Coffee

马天尼-白威末/干威末/红威末 43 49
Martini – Bianco/ Extra Dry/ Rosso

波士力娇           35      43
Bols Liqueurs

Cocktail 鸡尾酒

HH: before 9pm,欢乐时光: 九点前

杏仁酸酒          35        40
Amaretto SourA

篮球              35        45

恐布玛莉         39        45
Bloody Mary

蓝色拉贡         39        45
Blue Lagoon

蓝色夏威尔         39        45
Blue Hawaiil

黑俄罗斯人         39         45
Black Russian

自由者             39        45

大中国之蓝         39        45
China Blue

台克利             39        45

(with Frozen & Fresh Fruit +15 RMB : strawberry/ blueberry/ pineapple)

冰和鮮: 草莓/蓝莓/菠芕 + 15元

(only Frozen Fruit +$10 RMB) 冰加 10元

冷金酒            39        45
Fizz, Gin

小型侦察机        39        45
Flying Grasshopper

黄金梦            39       45
Golden Dream

蚂蚱            39        45

夏薇华饼屋        39        45
Harvey Wallbanger

热托蒂            39        45
Hot Toddy

爱尔兰咖啡        45       51
Irish Coffee

Irish Car Bomb       51         58

咖啡牛奶        39       45
Kahlua Milk

卡玛卡西        39       45

吉珥            39       45

Kir Royal           45         39

蓝宝坚尼       81      93

长岛冰茶       71      81
Long Island Iced Tea

马丁尼伏特加   41      47
Martini, Vodka

干马丁尼      41        47
Martini, Dry

薄荷宾治      35        45
Mint Punch

迈泰          39        45
Mai Tai

曼哈顿          39        45

玛格烈特      39        45

(with Frozen & Fresh Fruit +12 RMB : strawberry/ blueberry/ pineapple)

冰和鮮 草莓 蓝莓 菠萝 + 12元

莫吉托          39        45

马里布菠萝汁  39         45
Malibu Pineapple

古典热潮       39     45
Old Fashioned

英式开胃酒      39         45
Primm’s No.1

椰汁酒          39         45
Pina Colada

锈钉          39         45
Rusty Nail

雪球          35         45

香格利亚      39         45

醉司机           39     45
Screw Driver

性爱海滩         39     45
Sex on the Beach

性爱小岛滩       39     45
Sex on Long Island Beach

新加坡司令       39     45
Singapore Sling

Sea Breeze         39        45

龙舌兰日出       39     45
Tequila Sunrise

激情           39     45

青柠伏特加       39     45
Vodka Lime

白俄罗斯人       39      45
White Russian

黄雀           39     45
Yellow Bird

僵尸           39     45

Shooters 子弹酒

HH: before 9pm,欢乐时光: 九点前

八点后          35       40

After 8

宝马          35       40

口交          35       40
Blow Job

军炸机          35    40

大脑出血      35     40
Brain Haemorrhage

牛仔煮很烂      35     40
Cocksucking Cowboy

呆傻子       35     40

彩虹         35      40


HH: before 9pm,欢乐时光: 九点前

咖啡 (热/冻)     30     34
Coffee (hot/ iced)

泡沫咖啡     35     40

单一浓缩咖啡 22    25
Single Espresso

双重浓缩     25    29
Double Espresso

拿铁        35   40
Latte (hot/ Iced)

焦糖咖啡    41   47
Caffè Mocha

红茶 (热/冻)      28     32
Tea (hot/ iced)

柠檬茶 (热/冻) 28    32
Lemon Tea (hot/ iced)

英式早茶     36     50
English Breakfast Tea

伯爵茶        36     50
Earl Grey Tea

薄荷茶         36     50
Peppermint Tea

茉梨花         36     50
Jasmine Tea

绿茶         35     40
Green Tea

果汁        30     34
Fruit Juice

(orange 橙汁/ cranberry 紅莓汁/ pineapple 菠萝汁/ tomato 蕃茄汁)

矿泉水        25     29
Mineral Water

(still 无汽/ sparkling有汽)

苏打水       28    32
Soda Water

姜水      28       32
Ginger Ale

可乐      28       32

可乐低糖  28       32
Coke Light

七喜     28      32

汤力  28     32
Tonic Water

红牛 35     40
Red Bull


HH: before 9pm,欢乐时光: 九点前


HH          NH          BOTTLE

独家白葡萄酒                        35         40         218
House White Wine

品塔格拉白葡萄酒(葡萄牙)                                      218
Pinta Negra White Wine (Portugal)

迪腾庄园赛美容长相思白葡萄酒(澳大利亚)                     218
Dee Vine Estate Semillon Sauvignon Blanc(Australia)


独家红葡萄酒                       35         40         218
House Red Wine

品塔格拉红葡萄酒(葡萄牙)                              218
Pinta Negra Red Wine (Portugal)

迪腾庄园设拉子红葡萄酒 (澳大利亚)                             218
Dee Vine Estate Shiraz(Australia)

迪腾庄园赤霞珠红葡萄酒(澳大利亚)                           218
Dee Vine Estate Cabernet Sauvignon(Australia)

黄袋鼠设拉子红葡萄酒(澳大利亚)                             218
Yellow Tail Shiraz(Australia)

黄袋鼠赤霞珠红葡萄酒(澳大利亚)                             218
Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon (Australia)

黄袋鼠梅洛红葡萄酒(澳大利亚)                               218
Yellow Tail Merlot (Australia)

香槟&气泡酒Champagne & Sparkling Wine

独家气泡酒                             46       53        278
House Sparkling Wine

Place Name: The Trafalgar Brewing Company 广场餐厅
Place Address: 97, Shui Wei Qi Jie, Futian District, Shenzhen 深圳市福田区 水围7街97号
Place Phone: +86 (755) 23603770


Find Your Taste With Les 5 Chef’s Miznon Gourmet Street Food

In the time since Les 5 Chef’s opened its doors in Shekou, the fine dining restaurant has built up a reputation for its high quality cuisine at reasonable prices. So when they announced the opening of their new restaurant called Les 5 Chef’s Miznon, naturally it caught the curiosity of many a food lover in the city. Shenzhen Party went to check out the latest culinary endeavor.

At first glance, Les 5 Chef’s Miznon is probably not what most people would have been expecting from the people behind the original Les 5 Chef’s. The interior consists of exposed foundations with bright graffiti and blackboards of food specials. From the Hong Kong style open style bar, hip music plays onto the streets where there are the neighboring hole in the wall restaurants and stores.

One of the restaurant’s partners is Harry, who spent 35 years opening restaurants, hotels and cruise liners before embarking on Les 5 Chef’s. For him, Les 5 Chef’s Miznon has a very clear and distinct concept. “Les 5 Chef’s is international fine dining. Here, at Les 5 Chef’s Miznon, we make gourmet street food. It’s Middle East style. We serve roasted vegetables, chicken, stuffed pita. Its high quality ingredients, high quality taste, for a reasonable price.”

The idea for Miznon came about when Harry kept receiving requests from customers at Les 5 Chef’s. “We have a lot of Israeli customers and they came to me many times, ‘Harry, we love your food, but can you do our food.’ I was many times before in Israel and I know how to make their food so I said, ‘Yes, but we will make a completely different concept to the 5 Chef’s.”

“It took time to find the flavor. Israeli taste is very specific so we adapt the food so that everybody likes it. For example, for the Chinese taste, we will give a little bit of spiciness inside, so the customer can order it spicy if they want to have spicy or not.”

In fact, it is from the restaurant’s Israeli origins that the restaurant takes its name Miznon, which means ‘Canteen’ in Hebrew. Although to refer to Miznon simply as a canteen would be to do a disservice to its extensive and exciting food menu.

Customers can choose from twenty four different pitas including meat, seafood, and vegetable fillings. The Roasted Chicken is one of the stand-out items on the menu, which goes well with any of the ten roasted vegetables dishes. That is all without mentioning any of the soups, salads or noodle dishes.

Harry is asked to pick out some of the most popular dishes. “For me, it is the Lamb Chili Onion Pita. We use only the Lamb Tenderloin so it is very soft. The next one is the Falafel Pita, because we have lots of options for vegan people and vegetarians coming here. There is also the Roasted Cauliflower. First it is cooked, then roasted. We use only Greek or Australian olive oil to roast it. It is one of the best sellers.”

While picking the roasted tomatoes straight from the vine and as you try the roasted cauliflower and ask yourself if cauliflower has always tasted this good, one thing starts to become clear; Les 5  Chef’s Miznon uses only the finest, freshest and healthiest ingredients. “Our beef is coming from Australia. Our vegetables we pick up every two days from a farm four hours from here by driving. The hummus, every day we make fresh three times. We peel the chickpeas. It’s a lot of work, but it’s much smoother this way.”

Another element of the concept at Les 5 Chef’s Miznon is the complimentary sauce station, which customers are encouraged to take advantage of. “We have here 8 sauces. We have for European tastes and Chinese tastes. We give the recommendations, but I really have to say that they find their own taste,” explained Harry.

Yet to say Les 5 Chef’s Miznon is somewhere only to come to enjoy a meal would be only part of the story. It’s as much a place to meet friends to chat over some drinks. The restaurant boasts draft craft beer all the way from Ingolstadt, in the heart of Bavaria. Herrnbrau is available in four different beers and cannot be found anywhere else in China, let alone Shenzhen. At RMB20 for 300ml, it’s most likely the best value you will find around too.

The spirits menu is equally generously priced and well stocked. When you can get yourself a rum or gin for RMB25, it’s no wonder then that many customers end up staying at Les 5 Chef’s Miznon long after they have finished their meal. As Harry says, “What we do is we close when the last customer has left. So sometimes we are open till three or four o’clock.”

Place Name: Les 5 Chef’s Miznon

Place Address: N0.143 Shekou old street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen深圳南山蛇口老街143号

Place Phone: +86 135 2889 0561

See below for more information on Les 5 Chef’s Fondue Festival, which runs from 21st December 2017 to 21st January 2018. There are also some fantastic  lunch specials and drinks offers available at Les 5 Chef’s Miznon.


Giving you one more reason to buy some of the finest Italian wine as chosen by SteSoph


Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 3.44.05 PM.png

This fabulous Castellano wine from the Colli Ripani winery in Central Italy is truly one of the most sought after items in our collection and comes highly recommended.

Promoted by SteSoph’s Italian platform, located in Shenzhen, you are not only buying one of the finest wines from the Colli Ripani winery, but you are also taking part in a worthy cause to support the Marche region recover after the 2016 earthquake, via the crowd funding project on the Suning platform.

Visit the website at


This is truly one of those rare opportunities to take advantage of an unbelievable offer on the Suning platform, where a whole host of fantastic packages are available including the finest wine from the Colli Ripani winery.

Some amazing offers are up for grabs including an once-in-a-lifetime chance to fly to Italy and visit the beautiful Marche region where the Castellano wine originates from.


The breathtaking view from the Vinery Dei Colli Ripani.

After the earthquake that shook Central Italy in 2016, it became part of Stesoph’s mission to support one of their partner and help restore the Marche region, where the winery is located, which was badly damaged by the tragic events.


The Colli Ripani Winery before and after the devastating earthquake.

As the areas rebuilds after the disaster, it is a unique opportunity for true wine lovers to enjoy some of the finest wines at very reasonable prices. While enjoying the Castellano wine, customers can also be in the knowledge that when they buy, they are helping one of the great winemaking regions of Central Italy.

The Castellano wine is the perfect union between the Montepulciano and the Sangiovese grapes, which are lovingly handpicked from the Vinery Dei Colli Ripani. Next follows the long and careful process of macerating the grapes with skins for twenty to twenty five days, the soft pressing, the storage of the barrels, before the all important filtering. The wine spends eighteen months in the big barrel, followed by six months in the smaller barrique, and finally a minimum of six months in the bottle, which allows it to become the most extraordinary of wines and stand apart from its competitors.

WechatIMG55.jpegBottaia (Wine Cellar) of Colli Ripani winery.

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 3.49.33 PM.png

Gymnast Yuri Chechi (‘The Lord of the Rings’), Olympic Gold Medallist and 5 time World Champion, is a supporter of the Colli Ripani winery.

Christmas and New Year are just around the corner so take advantage of this amazing opportunity on the Suning platform to purchase some fantastic packages, which include the multi-award winning Castellano wine.

To become involved in this project, go to or simply scan the QR code.


Besides the Suning platform, you may also purchase wine through Stesoph’s public WeChat account by scanning the QR code or directly in Stesoph office as usual.


For more information, please contact Richard at 13823289472, Steven (Stesoph) at 15989878786, or if you prefer, you can contact Shenzhen Party directly.

It is our pleasure to share this rare opportunity to enjoy some of the finest wines from Italy.