Searching for the best Avocado ???? toast ???? in Shenzhen

David Ho   |   June 15, 2020

Morse Coffee is an option for Avocado toast

Had a craving for Avo toast and tried to find a place that had it. After asking in my WeChat moments where to find the best Avocado toast in Shenzhen and not getting a satisfactory answer I tried searching Dianping and Found Morse Café. After two subway lines and a cab ride later, I was ordering Avocado Toast at the counter along with a Mint Mojito. No this was not a boozy brunch but their specialty cold brew coffee cocktail.

Mint Mojito cold brew coffee cocktail
Mint Mojito cold brew coffee cocktail / Courtesy Brent Deverman
Avocado toast with smeared Avocado. Not the most Avocado but inexpensive breakfast
Avocado smeared on toast. Not the most Avocado but inexpensive breakfast / Courtesy Brent Deverman

Okay, so maybe I didn’t find the best avocado toast in Shenzhen but the coffee shop still has some redeeming qualities, so see below.

Housemade Bagel Cafe Shop in Shenzhen

Pulled Pork Bagel Sandwich
Pulled Pork Bagel Sandwich / Courtesy Brent Deverman
Morse Cafe Bagel Overview
Bagel Overview / Courtesy Brent Deverman
he staff know what they are doing and keep things clean
The staff know what they are doing and keep things clean / Courtesy Brent Deverman
Long welcoming counter
Long welcoming counter / Courtesy Brent Deverman

Morse Coffee is located in the A8 Performance Art Theatre. It only about 15 minutes walk from Coastal city. To produce fresh coffee beans of superior quality, Morse Coffee uses GIESEN, an internationally renowned roaster brand from the Netherland. The GIESEN roaster maximizes each coffee bean’s individual flavor to bring out intricate, complex tastes in each cup of coffee in Shenzhen. Coupled with Morse Coffee’s strict adherence to only serve coffee roasted within 72 hours, the GIESEN roaster ensures our customers receive only the very best.

Tony Chen is the Co-Founder, Chief Roster, and Chief Barista of Morse Coffee. He graduated from Yale University with a degree in Biochemistry and has been certified by the Coffee Quality Institute as a Q-Grader and by the internationally credible Specialty Coffee Association. He can distinguish the 36 different tastes of coffee and is excited to share his experience and love for coffee with each and every person.

Address & Contact

  • Chinese Name: 莫思咖啡
  • Address:  1F, A8, Binhai Dadao, Nanshan, Shenzhen 深圳市南山区滨海大道A8音乐大厦1层
  • Phone: +86 (755) 2640 8196

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