InterNations: The Perfect Shortcut To Settling In & Making Friends In Shenzhen

Cian   |   July 15, 2019

Moving to a new city can be intimidating; going through the process of making friends, building your work network up, working out how to do day-to-day things. Thankfully, then, there is a shortcut for all called InterNations.

InterNations is a community in Shenzhen where expats can network, make new friends, and share advice about living in the city. The group holds events twice a month, usually by partnering with a popular local bar or restaurant where members can usually enjoy a nice meal and some drinks. They also have WeChat group chats where members can ask questions and share useful information.

There are two types of membership. With the free membership, you can still access the groups and attend the events, but with the premium Albatross membership, you receive a discount at events among other benefits.

What makes InterNations special, is that it is a worldwide organization with more than 400 communities. Once you join, you are not just joining one of these communities, you are joining all of them. If you are moving cities or simply going away for a weekend break, you can log into the website and change your location and chat with their members and join their events too.

The thing about InterNations is that there is no typical member. Members come from all over the world. Old and young alike are welcome and membership is pretty evenly split between men and women. Anyone, no matter their background, can come along and feel like they fit in. What’s even better is that because everyone is coming to network and make new friends, there are no cliques. Everyone is up for a chat and you won’t feel like an outsider looking in. If you go to an event, the only advice is to not sit down. Keep moving and keep talking to new people.

So, if you would like to in join InterNations, or even if you are a business that is interested in partnering together for an event, then get in touch via the contact information below.

Contact Details

WeChat: felixo7


Email: [email protected]