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Joe Macpherson   |   May 26, 2020

Where Can I get a good haircut?  That’s one of the things I asked when I arrived in Shenzhen, and I still see this asked almost every day in one WeChat group or another.  And it’s an important question! People take their hair very seriously; they want to make sure they don’t leave the barbers with a cut that they instantly dislike and regret. 

Many of the neighborhood barbers have no experience cutting foreign hair, and while they do an adequate job and can follow a picture, it just never quite ends up being as you want it, at least not in my experience

Joker Barbershop is the solution to this problem. With 3 locations in Shenzhen, Nanshan, Futian and Longhua, getting here is quite convenient by metro. With an English speaker running the WeChat it is easy to get directions and make appointments.  The barbershops are comfortable and cool, a good place to wait should you arrive early for your appointment, and the barbers themselves are also very cool and have experience with hairstyles and types from all locations.

Image courtesy of Joker Barbershop

While the barbers themselves are not able to speak English very well, there is someone on hand who can, and can translate and explain the hairstyle and cut the customer wants.  The barbers specialize in shaves, blade work, fades, and razor styles, but are adaptive and can do most requests.  They are very thorough and professional and hygienic. Overall a great experience.

Image courtesy of Joker Barbershop
Image courtesy of Joker Barbershop
Image courtesy of Joker Barbershop

The cost of a cut with a fade and shave is around 180-200 RMB depending on which barber you go to, as the more experienced ones cost more money. Appointments are necessary as they are quite popular especially for English speaking as it needs to be communicated and coordinated.  You can book through the WeChat here.

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Image courtesy of Joker Barbershop


  • JOKER barbershop 小丑男士理发店 Lianhua North (line 4)
  • exit A1. head over the overpass and into this building. It’s on the 24th floor 广东省深圳市福田区中康路8号雕塑家园24楼2438
This building. 24th floor. Room 2438 / Image courtesy of Joker Barbershop
Cross over here / Image courtesy of Joker Barbershop

All images are provided by Joker Barbershop and used with permission

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