Support Animals In Need in November

NowShenzhen   |   November 28, 2019

Regular Shenzhen residents have moved mountains to rescue and rehome animals who would have otherwise had very uncertain fates – it is impossible to number how many dogs and cats in this city have had their worlds turned around by an individual who chose to take them off the street and see their journey to a forever home through. But if those last stops – fosters and a forever home – are not found soon, many rescued animals languish in cages in vet clinics day in and day out. Rescuers and the animals they support are only able to restore these animals to a good quality of life with the help of a supportive, compassionate community at large.

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The top four ways to lend a hand in helping the rescued dogs in this article is by fostering, adopting, donating, and sharing. Fostering entails allowing a rescuer’s animal to temporarily live in your home, helping to provide it with food, shelter, and basic necessities. Adoption entails adding an animal companion as a permanent part of your family and requires filling out an application. Donating is straight forward – provide financial support to help the rescuer cover veterinary bills. Lastly, perhaps the most effective thing one can do to help find an animal’s forever home is simply share their case on social media.

At the end of the day, when an animal is finally safe and sound with their forever family, every effort is worth it for all involved. Below is a list of featured dogs in needs of support! Scan the corresponding QR codes to get in touch with rescuers to foster, adopt, donate or share.

Sony is sweet 7-month-old boy who is great with other dogs. He needs to be adopted! Sony can be adopted in either Guangzhou or Shenzhen.

Haylie is an smart, gentle, easy-going 2 year old girl who was abandoned at a dog park. She is still looking for her forever family!

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Angel was found stranded in the rain on Sept. 3. She is a diva with a spunky personality! She is ready for adoption!

Kid has made an amazing transformation! When he was found as a stray he had a horrible skin condition but has now been restored to his normal sleek self !

Dora is under 2 years old and an absolute sweetheart saved from the Changzhi dog meat festival by Karuna Rescue. She is looking for her forever home!

Ping An is an 8-10 year old senior dog who was found outside by a kind heart on Christmas Eve and been in the clinic ever since. He needs a forever home!

Wangwang is a 5-year-old boy who has been in a cage far too long. This sunny boy is ready for adoption!

Dage and Xiaoqi are sweet babies who need to get out of cages into forever homes. Dage is an 8-year-old man, and Xiaoqi is about 1 years old.

Mia and Pepper were adopted and are now living abroad with their new families. Thank you everyone for your effort for sharing their cases until they found their homes!

This is just a snippet of all the animals in Shenzhen who are up for adoption and need support. Keeping up-to-date on their stories is a great way to be supportive. If you would like to know more, please contact Pam on WeChat at 17724601244 to get added into animal rescue WeChat groups.

About Pam:

Pam has lived and worked in China since 2015. Most recently she works as a copy editor for a local newspaper. In her spare time, Pam is an active member of the animal rescue community and avid long-distance runner.