How to help Shenzhen’s largest foreign-run animal shelter

Even an animal rescue operation as robust and vibrant as Shenzhen’s Karuna Rescue – which sends a dozen or more dogs to forever homes in China and abroad each month – is only made possible by volunteer power.

Week after week since 2017, Karuna Rescue founders Sachin Patel and Jenny Coulson step in to rewrite the stories of dogs and cats that have seen the worst abuse in China through working with a network of other rescuers and vets. This includes regularly taking in dogs in horrific condition from the illegal dog meat trade. The half-way point between rescue and a new home for many of these cases is their shelter in Shenzhen, presently accommodating 48 dogs.

Now, Karuna need extra hands and hearts to further the animals’ care and safety. Here’s how anyone can help:

Volunteer: Karuna Rescue needs kind hearts to regularly visit the dogs at their shelter in Xili. This is instrumental to helping the dogs, many of whom are not accustomed to human companionship, become socialized with people. Ideal volunteers are those who love to just hang out, interact, and play with dogs!

Donate: In addition to the continuous costs of rent, food, and standard hygiene supplies, Karuna Rescue also handles cases requiring extensive care for severe injuries and medical conditions. Join the group chats to keep up to date, or make a donation to a current case below:

Become a flight volunteer: Dogs are only able to get to their forever homes abroad through flight volunteers. As a flight volunteer, you simply agree to allow an animal be added to your cargo; Karuna does all the rest. Contact Karuna via the QR code below to see if your next flight can accommodate a dog’s journey home.

Foster: Not the right time to adopt? The Karuna Rescue Foster Caregiver Program is for those who would like to help a dog become accustomed to living with humans temporarily. Scan the QR code to apply and get paired with a foster dog.

Adopt: While at any given time many dogs under Karuna’s care will have already been claimed by a family, there are always more who need homes. Contact Karuna below to apply to adopt a Karuna dog.

Keeping up-to-date on local animal welfare news is a great way to be supportive. If you would like to know more, please contact Pam on WeChat at 17724601244 to get added into animal rescue WeChat groups.

About Pam:

Pam has lived and worked in Shenzhen since 2016. Most recently she works as a copy editor for a local newspaper. In her spare time, Pam is an active member of the animal rescue community and avid long-distance runner.