A Closer Look at the Yantian Port Free Trade Zone

Harry Fozzard   |   August 31, 2021

The Shenzhen Special Economic zone is a free trade zone where specialized economic regulations and policies are exercised. It consists of four development zones such as the Yantian Port Free Trade Zone, the Futian Free Trade Zone, the Shatoujiao Free Trade Zone, and the Yantian Port Bonded Logistic Park. This zone is located in the province of Guangdong making it one of the largest contributors to the economic growth of China. They are close enough to Hong Kong so it makes travelling as well as exporting more convenient.

The Yantian Port Free Trade Zone is one of the zones in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. This zone was established on the 27th of September, year 1996. It was established due to the approval granted by the State Council. It is divided into two parts: the north and south parts. The north part has ongoing projects to level the mountains and fill up some parts of the sea to make more space available for facilities and investing enterprises. The south part contains facilities already qualified by The Customs General Administration in 1999.

The zone’s name was based on its location, the Yantian Port, where it has constructed a passageway made especially to create a direct access towards the quay operation area. The Yantian Port is one of the largest container terminals in all of China. It has already opened 46 international routes via sea that connected them to Europe, Asia, as well as the Pacific Regions. The port of Yantian was able to attain 2.75 million TEUs in the year 2001 and ever since that year, their annual rate has been growing at a rate of 50%.

The Yantian Port also boasts of its 24 kilometer railway called Pinghu-Yantian. It is connected to the Beijing-Guangzhou as well as the Beijing-Kowloon Railways. Because of its wide scope and connections, the train at the Pinghu-Yantian Railway is able to access almost all the places within China. The Free trade zone of the Yantian Port is surrounded by the Yan-Ba Expressway, the Huizhou-Yantian Expressway, as well as the Yantian Port Boulevard among others. All these highways, seas, and railways contribute to making the communication and transportation network in Yantian Port fast and convenient.

Some industries and enterprises that can be found in the Free Trade Zone of Yantian are Sui Jun International Ltd., the Shenzhen Kerry Yantian Port Logistics Co. Ltd., the Shenzhen Yantian Port Group Company Ltd which develops and manages the free trade zone, and the Shenzhen Yantian Port Holdings Company Ltd which operates the free trade zone in Yantian Port.

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