IKEA Shenzhen Opens, Get Ready to Redecorate your Apartments

Now Shenzhen   |   August 31, 2021

When arriving at IKEA (宜家家居), it is just monstrous and I could tell I was going to end up spending the whole morning there. As I walked into the store I heard the sounds of Abba in the background. With most IKEA stores there is no direct route if you know what you want. I scaled the escalator and meandered through the sample rooms on the second floor. If you have been to Ikea in Hong Kong this will be familiar but much much bigger. The selection of products is overwhelming at first. It will take a couple trips to really get an idea of what my apartment needs and what will fit best.

The sample rooms, more like sample houses, are on the second floor. You move past the cafeteria and back down to the first floor to browse all the product bins. I think you will have a hard time finding something out of stock. There are hundreds to thousands of every kind of product.

I am looking forward to a more convenient shopping life in Shenzhen.

Sample Shopping List
Personally I’m not much into home decoration so my shopping list looks like I went to the grocery store:

Swedish Black Cheese – 27.50RMB for 500 grams
Old Gold Swedish Beer – 9.90RMB per bottle
White Candles (Qty 4) – 14.90RMB per bottle
Designer Napkins – 19.90RMB
The restaurant in this IKEA is huge (660 seats) and has the standard Swedish Meatballs and Salmon typical of IKEA stores. It is cafeteria style so you really can load up and offers free refills on soda pop and coffee. After the check out on the first floor is where you will find the hot dogs and other groceries you can take home. Below is my meal and prices:

Swedish Meat Balls – 10.00RMB (10 Meat balls, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce)
Small Salad – 5.50RMB
IKEA Shenzhen Details
At the beginning of business it may not be so easy to get a taxi back so you might want to rent a private car. IKEA is part of the European City so you can stop at Metro for groceries, B&Q for further home supplies and soon Decathlon for sporting goods.

Hours of Operation: 10:00am to 22:00pm
Tel: (0755) 8602 2345
Address (English): No. 8188 Beihuan Dadao Nanshan District, Shenzhen (Off of Shahedong Rd. in the European City)
Address (Chinese): 宜家家居 深圳市南山区北环大道8188号 (沙河东路北环大道交界西北角欧洲城内)

Scroll down below for a map how how to get to IKEA Shenzhen.

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Pictures below of Sample IKEA Furniture, Signature Swedish Meatballs and Swedish Beer & Cheese.