Looking back on the last decade of Shenzhen Media

David Ho   |   June 8, 2020

Took a look back at the stats for the last decade plus of ShenzhenParty.com. Over the last 15 years of data* the business has touched 6.7 million people’s lives, helping users find jobs, apartments and friends. Google Analytics was launched on November 14th 2005 and we are one of the few websites in Guangdong that has data going back from November 16th 2005 so we can see the data from all the way back then to present date.

Our humble servers have served over 110 million page views connecting thousands of advertising partners with our fans. Considering there are 13 million people in Shenzhen, did we really reach half of them? Actually we did reach a lot of business travelers and tourists coming to Shenzhen as well.

We have been very fortunate that Guangdong has been the nexus of business in China and so we have Chinese that have studied abroad and want to find expat recommended restaurants and resources, local Chinese with a high level of English that want to work in foreign companies and Chinese that want to learn English. Then if we zoom out, the English speaking population of Guangdong all passes through Shenzhen at some point for business or just a weekend in Hong Kong. On the Hong Kong and Macau side of the equation there are millions of English speakers and hundreds of thousands expats that cross the border for business or weekend trips in Shenzhen. All of them are finding our English Shenzhen resources. After over a decade these people move around China and due to the dedicated daily updates by my team, these China nomads spread the word in cities like Beijing and Shanghai and soon anyone on a business trip from China and the rest of the world are also using ShenzhenParty.com. By striving to serve a broader geography now called The Greater Bay Area we have built a brand that is recognized and recommended.

Now we have expanded the brands verticals to their own sites in order to capture even more market share:

ShenzhenParty.com remains the door to all Shenzhen related content.

Initial results of our survey

We sent out a survey on all our channels to understand our readers better. From it we calculated our Net Promoter Score (NPS). This takes at 0-10 ranking of our promoters and detractors and calculates a score that you can compare across businesses and industries. Our NPS score so far is 45. Many of our users recommend our sites to their friends.

Initial results of our Net Promoter Score


Though the business climate is difficult at this time we are positioning ourselves to come through the virus outbreak. More on that in future posts.

Bonus Screen Shot

Below is an early screen shot of our Shenzhen site when we had a collab with Mini Cooper.

An early screenshot of our Shenzhen, China site.

* ShenzhenParty.com was actually founded in 2001 however data doesn’t go back that far.