How to create stylish and easy-to-cook meals?

Easy — you only need a handful of quality ingredients from Sam’s Club and use recipes from our Master Chefs!

What do we suggest for your stylish meal? 

Steak with cauliflower rice.

Here’s how to cook your beef.

Voila! It’s ready.

Why cauliflower rice and not the usual potatoes or some other green veg?

Well, cauliflower is one of the superfoods that we all need to eat more of. And just as importantly, it’s so easy to prepare and tastes fantastic!

To perk up your cauliflower rice a little, add a touch of your favourite spice, e.g., turmeric, dried garlic, chilly flakes …. Anything that turns you on!

And finish your stylish and easy-to-cook meal with seasonal fresh fruit.

To make it easier to get all the ingredients for your stylish meal, Sam’s Club will deliver it straight to your doorstep in just one hour!